“The other complaint is my funds keep disappearing.” METABANK PREPAID CARD HOLDER

Paypower Paypower or Metabank is a ripoff.

They rip consumers off a little at a time or very unnoticed, per charge and monthly transactions.

Decline –

November 5, 2011, Anonymous

United States

I am hoping this issue is resolved so no one else has to experience the same experience that I have.

This company declines many transactions and then the transactions still appear on my statement.

This is an online company so you really are at the mercy of the bank itself which is called Meta Bank.

This company holds many of the reload visas for consumers who wish to give a gift or want to use for transactions that require payment by Visa.

The other complaint is my funds keep disappearing.

The company will charge for the reloadable card and per transaction and charge a montly service fee.

If I have any funds at all left on my card and dont use the card.

This is why America is having so many issues; from companies that continually scam consumers.

Respectfully, Unaware


This was our experience too

Consumers are advised to stop doing business with METABANK or any financial institution offering the prepaid cards.

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