Meta Bank opens USA up to future terrorist retaliation

“Suspects in ‘hit’ got credit cards via fraud, Meta says”

What concrete plans has Meta Bank put into place so that terrorists will not be able to get these prepaid bank cards in the future?

All of the national and international news reports indicated that the terrorists were carrying an American prepaid bank card from an Iowa bank.

Violent acts of this kind will only bring about further violent acts in response. The fact remains that whoever that man was who was assassinated in Dubai never got the benefit of a fair and impartial trial. Meta Bank’s prepaid cards facilitated and expedited that assassination.

The family and friends of the man who was assassinated most likely will not be satisfied with the response given by Meta Bank. Since newspapers around the world pointed at Storm Lake, Iowa, and Iowa in general as the source for the funding of these cards that made the “hit” possible, has Meta Bank opened up the possibility for the retaliation to be more likely to occur in the United States and now in Iowa?

Given the history of Israel and Palestine, I feel certain that there will be a response in kind or escalated in some way now including the American people.

To keep Americans safe, Meta Bank needs to make a very public statement about their plans for preventing this from happening in the future. Meta Bank needs to make a very broad apology to the world indicating that we do not support terroristic activity of any kind. Meta Bank needs to do this just to keep Americans safe on our own soil, but any American carrying a Meta Bank prepaid card while overseas will now and forever be held suspect no matter which of Meta Bank’s 550 or more brand name cards they are carrying.

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