META BANK style practices taught and spread to many areas of our economy causing the economic slump that we are in at present.

Protesters want Obama to look

into banks’ role in financial crisis

[Meta Bank has lead seminars on how to bank for other banks. In this way META BANK has spread one awful policy and terrible banking practices through training programs and their own self-back patting to other areas of the country. It has also been said that META BANK has promoted their products to state governments.

META BANK is basically a collections agency

designed to make the customer fail.

META BANK controls all of their customer banking client’s money and sets up the scene for failure.

This has become the real reason why we, as citizens have not been able to get our financial crisis resolved.

This is the same reason that other third world countries have stayed underdeveloped and the international monetary fund has gotten rich off of their misery.

IMF is doing business in the same way as META BANK. META BANK created an image of themselves as being an innovative leader, but this is not the kind of leader who will help the people of the world. META BANK is only out to make a quick buck for itself and not to provide customer service.]

January 19, 2012

After a motorcycle accident, one American citizen ( name withheld for this site because the problem is wide spread and not just local) got behind in the mortgage payments for his home. Foreclosure followed, and he spent about four years battling his lender — eventually prevailing.

The experience prodded him into taking a greater interest in what he’s deemed sinister practices by the banking industry, which is why he was at a protest Thursday demanding that President Barack Obama investigate banks’ role in the financial crisis.

“People are dispossessed with the largest asset they’ll ever own, and it’s based on fraudulent behavior,” (Name withheld for the site) charged.

Eight people showed up at the protest, with signs reading “Yes you can investigate Wall Street” and “President Obama: Investigate my bank.” They didn’t chant, but instead discussed the role they believe lenders played in the financial crisis.

It wasn’t a hostile demonstration, said the regional organizer for, which organized the protest.

Instead, the protesters wanted Obama to reject any settlement between government and the banks — such as those that have been negotiated between banks and states attorneys general — that would give the banks and their executives immunity from prosecution or halt investigation into their lending practices,the local representative said.

And he said the protesters want Obama to launch such an investigation.

“What else have they done?” he asked.

Among their charges, the protesters argued that banks pushed risky mortgages and launched faulty foreclosures. And they said Obama hasn’t done enough to hold those responsible accountable.

The local leader also turned in to the party headquarters 2,348 online signatures from people in this state on a petition urging Obama to investigate the banks’ role in the financial crisis.

It was 39 degrees, and the protesters were allowed to move indoors, meeting in a conference room in the Democratic headquarters.

The chairman of the local County Democratic Party, said he didn’t know what the demonstration was intended to do and didn’t much discuss their concerns with them before he left the office. He said he couldn’t comment without more information.

“It was just cold so I said, ‘Let them come in,’ ” he said.

One woman said she believes Obama would order an investigation of banks and mortgage lenders if he were aware that Americans supported it.

And that’s why she showed up.

“It’s time to stand up to the powerful people and say we’re not going to put up with it anymore,” said one woman, who said she did not vote for Obama in 2008 but supported him now.

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