Pre-Paid (Bank) Debit Cards are a Scam

When is it publicity and when is it facts?

You Can Count on Green Dot 

[Actually, in real life, you cannot count on any Prepaid Bank Card ….. including GreenDot]

Green Dot is a leading provider of prepaid debit cards. With millions of customers and growing, you can get a card online

[Only go to a bank where you can walk in the door in your own local neighborhood, and talk to a real person face to face] 

or find our products in the prepaid section at tens of thousands of major retail locations in the U.S. For more information about Green Dot Corporation, visit

With Green Dot, You Pay As You Go!

No credit check. No bank account required. 

[ The credit check is to your advantage as a form of protection for you as a consumer. Bank account? You need a savings account, but you do not need a Pre-Paid Bank Card. The Green Dot card is not the answer to your financial issues.]

• It’s a Debit MasterCard® or Visa® debit card personalized with your name. 

[ Publicity…. pay using cash instead so that you can keep control of your own money. Your name on the card is no guarantee of your financial security using this kind of a prepaid bank card. The use of the words Mastercard and Visa make this sound legitimate; you won’t be dealing with Mastercard or Visa. You will be dealing with the bank who issued the prepaid bank card….. This is the biggest scam on the American Consumer that has come along in recent years!!!!]

Use it Everywhere MasterCard or Visa debit cards are accepted. Shop online, pay bills and get cash at ATMs.1  

[#1 means that further details are elsewhere that may limit what you perceive to be factual information. I know that the #1 is barely visible, but it is there. No link accompanies it.

This claim by Green Dot is publicity. The more that you use the card, the greater the likelihood that you will forget if you have some money left on the card. Every time you re-load the card, you are giving an anonymous bank full control of your own money. Why do this to yourself?

Another little known fact is that the issuer of these cards also charges the places where you use the card another fee simply for accepting the card. If you paid in cash, you would be saving that small business owner unnecessary fees…. if you knew the real facts that is.]


• No Overdraft Fees. No penalty charges and no minimum balance.

[However, the provider limits the purchases you can make using the card. You give up control of your own money so that someone else, a complete stranger can earn interest from your hard earned cash money…if you understood this why would you get such a prepaid bank card through Green Dot or any other provider??]

Pay as You Go! You load it, you control it.  

[You can add money.  You don’t have any control over your money once it has been loaded onto a prepaid bank card. The bank has full control, but you will become frustrated by the ever changing rules governing this account and regulated by the bank itself….. They will take your money, but you may not have access to your own money in the same way you would if you were to pay using cash currency… Using a Pre-Paid Bank Card takes the control of your money out of your own hands and control . By using a prepaid bank card your control of your own money is completely taken over by a completely anonymous bank. Your money is taken from your hands  to be held by a total stranger….. This statement is publicity, but it is also misleading and a lie.]

• Safer Than Cash. Your money is protected if your Personalized Card is lost or stolen.2

[#2; it is there in very small and faint print. “2” indicates that further information is given some where else in the fine print on some other page. No link is given; no foot note is shown. This first page tells you that your money by being on a prepaid bank card is safer than cash….


…It is just the opposite. You will be handing over all of your readily available cash money to a stranger who historically and regularly keeps you from having full and complete access to your own cash money.


If customers understood this fact, they wouldn’t get a prepaid bank card. 


Most complaints have been that the provider has with held customers money for a variety of bogus reasons at the point when they needed their money the most. Prepaid Bank Cards are NOT safer than cash…. the biggest problem that people have complained about has to do with the bank that holds your money as an interest free loan while preventing you from being able to access your own money, that is your own cash money!!!]

• It’s Reloadable. Add money to your Card at any participating retailer or direct deposit your payroll or government benefits.3


[#3…. it is there in teeny, tiny print… see it? Once again you are being given a hint that further details exist in the fine print at some other location. Good Luck finding that other page and any real clear information!!!!  Re-loadable means that the provider of the card will continue to take your money. They really do want your payroll or government check directly deposited because that gives them full control over all of your money. You have no recourse because the bank provider of the card also does their own bookkeeping. It is a no-win situation for the consumer. This is publicity and misleading information]


Be aware of scams that ask you to provide a MoneyPak or Green Dot Card number. To protect yourself:

• Never give your prepaid card number or your bank account information to anyone unless you are 100% sure you know exactly who you are dealing with and it’s for a legitimate transaction. If anyone asks you to buy a Green Dot Card and then give them the card number, it is a scam.

• Do not give your MoneyPak Number to anyone and only use it with approved MoneyPak partners. If anyone else asks for your MoneyPak number or information from your receipt, it is a scam.

For more information regarding scams and how to protect yourself from fraud, visit

[This statement gives customers the impression that this anonymous institution is concerned and cares about their welfare. It will be the financial institution that will do you the most damage, as their customer. They will prevent you from getting access to your own cash money after they take it from you. Their goal is simply to get your money and to hold onto it so they can earn interest free income with your money. Then they will lie to you and put you on hold…. This is the biggest scam ever pushed off on the American public.]


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