META BANK UPside BANK CARD mixes publicity in as a comment to customer complaints – META BANK is just trying to get in the last word.


Rating: [ The rating includes the responses made by META BANK to any complaints; it is unreliable]


9 complaints [ total, not all included in this post]

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Metabank was started in 1954 by Stanley Haahr in Storm Lake, Iowa. Originally it was Storm Lake Savings and Loan Association with a starting capital of 10000USD. In 2005 all bank divisions united under the name of MetaBank. The bank provides the following services long- and short- term loans, mortgages, accepts different types of payment. Meta Payment System is considered to be a pioneering financial institution in the sphere of down-payments. Today the central office of Metabank operates numerous branches across the Midwest. Please try to contact MetaBank Customer Service directly prior to posting any complaints on this site.


[Is this an ad for META BANK on the complaint site….It looks that way] 

Comments (2) [Both appear to have been made by META BANK itself because they follow META BANK’s practices]


1. Written by laurie on November 12, 2011


I use walmart money card. Three dollars a month does not charge if you have direct deposit. Three dollars to reload. Easy least .This is the title of the complaint


2. Written by Kerri on September 22, 2011


I just would like to say that I have had an Upside card for over a year now, and I have NEVER had an issue. Every other pre-paid card i have had charges AT LEAST $9.95/mo monthly fee EVEN with over $500/mo direct deposit. With Upside, they charge me $0.99/mo and with 2 or 3 more direct deposit that little fee will disappear (this is new, after you accumlate 15,000 pts, which you earn with every card load or direct deposit). After i acheive this goal, i can also contact a live CSR w/o a fee. I will say one thing though … do not purchase mobile pins for pre-paid cell service through the Upside site. I am still waiting for my 10 bucks back on that one … pin didnt work said it was expired. But seriously, after a year very good service and NO PROBS prior to above mentioned … I LOVE THIS CARD. I had real bad experiences with 2 WELL KNOWN Banks and started with AccountNow pre-paid (also METABANK). When i found upside, and realized i’d be saving almost $9/mo by switching cards, i am *** near jumping for joy! Thanks for the posts and to this site. I will definitely be back ESPECIALLY if i have any Upside issues that leave me PISSED OFF!



META BANK is posting a form of advertisement rebuttal on complaint sites. They look more like publicity than real human experiences. Above is the statement by a META BANK Employee




MetaBank Complaint by Fuming Consumer  [Here is the customer’s complaint:]


I would strongly advise against purchasing pre-paid cards issued by this institution.. I purchased a pre-paid debit card?. And while using the card for an online purchase, I typed in the wrong address and submitted the charge for payment,. After the payment was declined, I re-entered the correct information.. The payment was then accepted, but Metabank placed a 3-day hold the card for funds equal to the amount of the original purchase,. So, essentially, the card was charged twice for the same transaction:. I called the merchant, who then told me they would request that the hold be lifted over a 3-way call with the bank/. We placed a 3-way call to Metabank, but Metabank refused to lift the hold on the funds – despite the fact that the merchant verified that the second charge to the card was invalid!. This service sucks hard, and I would strongly advise against purchasing their pre-paid products! 20a5977



This is a META BANK gimmick below, but it follows the actual pattern of customer service that customers will find at META BANK… that is no solution will be found. Blame will be pushed around


Comments (2)


1. Written by Fuming Consumer on March 14, 2011


The retailer spoke directly to the bank’s customer service reps. and agreed to immediately cancel the transaction, but the customer service rep, from Metabank, told the retailer that they could not assist and that the funds must remain on hold for 3 business days.


2. Written by Jake on March 14, 2011


This issue is a retailer issue not the bank issue. The retailer needs to cancel the transaction through their system and have it post through the processor to the bank.


Typical of META BANK is to push the blame off onto someone else.

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  1. mss wilson

     /  February 1, 2012

    upside is not a good card & has very poor customer service, thank u upside i.ll never u pre paid caed again for nothin

    • You are very wise to stop using an form of a PRE-PAID CARD. The Bank, in this case, META BANK gets all of your money upfront and META BANK then has full use and full control of your money… META BANK maybe had a good idea, but they are corrupt.

      Notice how they award themselves all kinds of awards which they themselves have created. It is nothing but a publicity scam to get investors.


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