Problems using METABANK’s Pre-paid card for consumers

Contact information:
Meta Bank

United States
Recently my roommate got a Freedom card prepaid Mastercard from Meta Bank.
He then loaded $1, 500 on it for an upcoming vacation.
Well what they didn’t tell him is they limit you to 10 transactions a month before you can’t use it anymore for that period.
Then instead of him paying me the rent he offered to just use the checking account part of the account which you can use unlimitedly to pay my months bills online for me.
Well big surprise today when I log onto my accounts and see returned payment fees and late charges.
He called their support line who said they put a stop payment on all transactions because of suspicious activity that could be related to terrorism.
How they got that from paying off a Walmart and Target and JC Penney credit card I’ll never know.
They told him his account was being sent to their security division for review which would take up to 14 days.
They said his funds would be unavailable for that time, unless he wished to close his account which would result in a $5.00 charge for every transaction he made with the card since getting it.
Freedom card my eye!
They gave the lame excuse that since 9/11 any large deposit on a card and usage is red flagged by them as suspicious.
Now they can clearly see what the funds are being used for( credit card payments, grocery shopping, restaurant bills).
So all the bills we paid with the card have now been returned along with late fees and returned payment fees.
These people are just looking for any way they can squeeze extra money from you DO NOT apply for one of these cards from Meta Bank. All it has given us is headaches and loss of money.


This complaint is very similar to many other complaints about problems that consumers have found using METABANK prepaid card. When the METABANK prepaid card is attached to a personal checking account, this only gives METABANK even greater control over the consumer’s money assets. 

All METABANK PREPAID CARDS must be loaded with cash money. Consumer’s are basically giving an interest free loan to a very greedy bank in Storm Lake, Iowa.


We are a group of consumers who have been scammed by METABANK in the past. This blog was created  with the hope that we could prevent others from being scammed in the future by METABANK. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any obvious improvement in the METABANK PREPAID CARD PROGRAM. Unfortunately, we have seen that PREPAID CARDS are being offered in every place all over the country. There is nothing beneficial about these cards for consumers.

Gift cards are PREPAID CARDS and METABANK is the largest processing company. METABANK operates like a collections agency and not as a conventional bank. Please be warned/forewarned to avoid using any product that may in any way be related to METABANK’s PREPAID CARDS. Please note that METABANK operates using many different names; you may already be using one of METABANK’s prepaid cards without knowing it. METABANK gets a partner company to sell their product. The product is always the same problem for customers, but a great money maker for METABANK.

Potential Partner Companies should know that you may lose your customer base in the long run once you have partnered with METABANK.

The whole concept of METABANK is unscrupulous in practice. In their publicity, METABANK promises all sorts of solutions, but in reality, METABANK only has one product and that is collections.

METABANK lied to us for why we couldn’t access our  own money. Their need to lie to us sent up lots of “RED FLAGS” indicating that METABANK is the problem itself.

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