Consumers: NETWORK BRANDED PREPAID BANK CARDS: Train Yourselves to Be Able to Recognize Publicity and Gimmicks; Consumer Alert Included

Consumer Corner

[ This isn’t actual input from consumers. Certainly it should include the pros and cons, but everything is so perfect and so phony.]

Welcome.[ Oh sweet!!! and very phony.]  This area is dedicated to helping you find information and answers about prepaid card programs. See what consumers think of their cards [ these aren’t real, they are only publicity created by the NBPCA and METABANK] , ask our experts[ sales representatives]  your most pressing prepaid questions or read our tips on how to have the best experience possible with your card. [ Compare their tips with the supposed testimonials printed below; they are only created testimonials and the same as publicity]  Finally, leave us your feedback about your own prepaid experience. [ My experience was horrible so I created this blog to warn others, to protect others. May what happened to me and others never happen to another person again.]

Consumer Testimonials

[Idealized and not authentic testimonials. This is what also appears on their advertisements.] 

I always get branded gift cards for my nieces and nephews. They are easy to pick up at the store and I can never go wrong. I would be embarrassed if they had to go through the hassle of returning something.

 [This is publicity]

Gift Card

Any product that reduces the need for paperwork is a winner in my book. Having my flexible spending account on a prepaid card is so much easier than having to fork over my money first, fill out paper forms and wait weeks to be reimbursed for healthcare expenses. There is no waiting. I can use it right away at the doctor’s office or drugstore for qualified purchases. It is a real time saver!

[This is publicity] 

Health Card

Cashing my check every week used to cost me a lot in fees and charges and I wasted a lot of time waiting in line. Now my pay is automatically deposited on a prepaid card. I get free purchases and free cash back, free bill pay and I don’t have to stand in line anymore. It means freedom to me and I have a card that looks and works just like my friends who have checking account debit cards.

 [The automatic deposit on a prepaid card is the aspect of the card that has been most abused by METABANK and other banks. Never connect any thing to a prepaid card. “Keeping up appearances” as indicated above doesn’t bring about real solutions; you are only living a lie]
Payroll Card

I rarely head to the bank anymore so getting a branded rebate card is a much easier way to get to my money.  I just pop it out at the grocery store or use it immediately online for purchases. Those rebate checks expire quickly! The prepaid card does not expire for a year and it’s already in my wallet so I remember to spend it.

[The banks created the rebate cards as well. This is like creating a bogus competitor that really isn’t the same thing.]
Rebate Card

I love using my reloadable prepaid card because it’s convenient, safe and allows me to spend only the money that’s on the card. I use it to buy everything from gas and groceries, and even pay bills for phone or utilities. When I go out to dinner with friends and we split the bill, I can use my prepaid card just like a bank debit card or credit card.

 [The card isn’t safe for consumers at all. You are only giving some anonymous banking institution free use of your money for which in return you will only get major problems as their customer. You are making the bank rich off your labor.]
Reloadable Card

My daughter is 15 and I want to teach her how to manage money. Instead of a giving her cash or a debit card, I give her a reloadable prepaid card, which I can reload with her allowance and other money received from babysitting or as gifts. Knowing her card is protected if it lost or stolen gives me piece of mind. I also like the fact that she can’t overspend.

 [This page is presented as if it was a series of real personal testimonies, but it is only publicity. METABANK took far too much control of student’s money. There is nothing genuine about this page; it is only publicity.]
General Purpose Reloadable Card for Teens

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