Took money and never applied to prepaid debit card

Consumer Complaint about PrePaid Bank Cards

I bought a reload-it pack in order to put money on my pre paid debit card. The money was NEVER posted to the card. Called the card company NUMEROUS times i was ALWAYS given the run around.

They wanted me to fax my store reciepts which was no problem but after the first time i faxed it i thought the issue would be resolved.


Upon calling them back i was told they never got it and that i needed to fax it again to a different number.

This went on for two more times after the inital fax until i told them this is a scam.

Still w/o MY money the call center (or someones house because you can hear kids in the back) is a FRAUD.

I mean seriously when i asked the rep for the corporate number he said they only have an e-mail.


They need to realize what they are doing is ILLEGAL taking someones money and not doing what you were contracted to is a CRIME.


This blog was created because in 2009, we also encountered the exact same problem using a METABANK PREPAID CARD.

We wanted to protect other consumers from having to experience what we had experienced by using METABANK so we began this blog to warn others.

It is now 2013, and we read that what METABANK did to us: Take our cash money in 2009 and hold it, keeping us from having any kind of access to our own money, has been done to yet another consumer. This experience made us very vulnerable in so many ways.

Why is this still going on?????

This is a bank scam that keeps going on and on. When will this stop?????

How can we let this kind of banking practices continue to take advantage of people so that the already rich can just get richer off of our hard earned money????

METABANK lied to me when I asked them about what and why this had happened.

Why lie????  METABANK got an interest free loan using our money while putting us in a dangerous position. There is nothing moral or just in what METABANK did to us and yet METABANK has shared their practices and promoted them to other banks as if their solutions were excellent and admirable.

Most honest business practices will try to correct problems once they have been brought to their attention. METABANK revels in the pain that they inflict on consumers. Please see pages where METABANK seeks employees to do their dirty work. At the same time, bank tellers in Storm Lake are paid below the poverty level. Desperate employees who also may have been promised an income are also being taken advantage of by METABANK. It is the CEOs of METABANK who expect these entry level, underpaid employees to do the lying for them.

The reality is that how METABANK, and now other banks, operate, are criminal and immoral banking practices designed to take advantage of all consumers.

Only consumers can get these unjust banking practices changed. Do more that write a complaint on line. Many of those sites have been created by METABANK, itself, and banks like it where consumers can let off steam, but nothing more actually happens after that. It is what you do with the facts that you have personally experienced, and with whom you share the facts of your experience with Banks like METABANK, NETSPEND and TURBO TAX. Ask for laws that protect consumers.

This will also protect the economy.

Latin America had a system of very poor people and very rich people with no middle class. The USA has prided itself on its strong middle class. The Middle Class Economic Bracket in the USA is being eroded. The poor are being taken advantage of over and over again. We can not allow our USA to become like Latin America; Latin America was plagued by revolution after revolution. Quite frankly, the military industrial complex in the USA that Eisenhower warned us to not create a Military Industrial Complex, but the USA did anyway because this would drain our resources…. This is what has put the USA into debt. We can’t afford to be in debt. The lenders, by the way, for the most part are American based banks.

This may be the control that the banks  are using to exercise their strength in the US Senate and the US House of Representatives… This is our opinion .

All those years of being in a state of war have cost the American people so much but in far more ways than we ever could imagine. Now the American Middle Class is basically under attack by how banks operate, and our elected officials may have their hands tied, so to speak because of the debt that the USA owes our own banks for loans taken out to wage war after war…. Again, this is our opinion.

However, given the number of complaints about METABANK, NETSPEND and TURBO TAX, consumers need some better legal protections than what we currently have at present.

Contact your elected officials and tell them the facts of your experience using PREPAID CARDS and ask for laws that will actually protect you and everyone else from ever having to be in this same kind of situation again.

Taking money and never applying it to your prepaid card is theft. This is a crime. It was done to us in 2009. Why haven’t consumers been protected yet??????? It is now May 1, 2013 !!!!!


I just read an ad posted by another bank, but one that basically uses the METABANK prepaid bank card formula:

Banks may promise you that their card will work whereas other bank prepaid cards have failed. They explain in their publicity basically the same thing that METABANK does and then at the very bottom of the page, if you have scrolled down far enough, you will see that you will be charged $4.95 per month so that the bank can get an interest free loan from you because you must give them cash money upfront……

Why not simply pay in cash??? Of course, you would have to leave your home, but you may encounter real people as you go to pay your bills. Who wants to be alone all day? Who doesn’t find it enjoyable to talk to real people face to face?

The prepaid bank card is a major scam…. You as a consumer must act to put an end to this bank scam. Together, we can get the proper changes in the laws that will protect all of us.

METABANK CEOs are making +/- $700,000.00 per year to scam you. They will be the ones who will complain the most, but they are over-consuming while others suffer due to their policies and practices.

Please act to prevent others from being scammed as we have been scammed by METABANK and other banks using the METABANK formula.

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