META BANK and Identity Guard Monitoring Offer

MetaBank Free ID ProtectAll

[This is a bogus offer made by META BANK.

It is misleading and only a way to hook you in as a


Simply don’t bank with META BANK in any capacity

to protect your best interests.]

Free ID ProtectALL(SM)

You Know Who You Are…Make Sure The Guy Who Would Like To Use Your Identity To Buy That $200,000 RV Doesn’t

Most banks are content to just talk or send you statement stuffers about identity theft – maybe even sell you identity theft protection for a fee. [ This is what META BANK says here, but read all the way to the bottom of their offer. It isn’t free after all; it is a promotional offer. But you have to read all the way down the page to find that it is a promotional offer. The reason you would sign up is that META BANK says that they offer this service free unlike other banks…. This is a form of lying unlike other banks…. the fact that META BANK indicates that this offer is different from all those other banks should be your first big tip off that something is very wrong.]

At MetaBank, we feel you should expect us to help protect your identity, not charge you for doing it.[ This in practice is the scam that META BANK plans to play on you as their customer. They will be the ones who keep you from being able to access your own money. This is a big publicity stunt…. There is a fee attached to this service. The reason why you want this account is because this service, as it reads here is free, but they highlight the word “free” and omit using promotionally free for a brief period of time. WHY? If META BANK gave you a real and clear image of their internal practices, you wouldn’t open this account in the first place…..what this amounts to is an empty and/or misleading promise for which META BANK has no intention of continuing once you sign on the line…. Now this part is typical of how META BANK works!!!!!]

EVERY MetaBank checking customer who registers is covered by the following ID ProtectALL(SM)benefits – FREE of charge. That’s great peace-of-mind. [ Except in practice, it is META BANK who will be the one that scams the customer. This is publicity that is playing on your fears as a consumer. You don’t know META BANK employees by sight. Only bank with someone you actually know and who lives in your hometown.]

Payment Card Protection

  • We’ll give you a form to register your debit, credit, retail and other important card information
  • Report lost or stolen cards with one toll-free call to 1-877-227-3123
  • No frantic phone number searches, calls – your card issuers are notified for you [Card issuers???? Isn’t this a META BANK product? To whom will META BANK actually be contacting on your behalf so that you don’t have to do anything?] — even if they’re not our cards  [ This is about as clear as mud. This is a form of double talk. It makes no sense. However, you have already read the first lines and “it is free protection not offered by other banks” but even that isn’t true. If META BANK Lies so openly on its own publicity, how well do you really think they will treat you once they have full control of your money on a prepaid card. META BANK scams their customers for their own gain.]

[I hadn’t reported my card as being stolen so META BANK representatives told me that they couldn’t load it because it may have been stolen. I told them that I had never reported it as being stolen and asked then why they make that assumption just after I gave them $5,000 in cash to reload my card. They didn’t have a response for that lie they had been instructed to push off onto consumers… However, this didn’t stop them from continuing to lie to me. I would like to protect others from experiencing what I did with META BANK]

Personal Identity Protection

  • Reimbursement of selected identity recovery costs
  • Identity theft prevention tips and resources
  • Identity theft victim guide & worksheet

[ What does this really mean? How is it going to be put into practice? So many customers have complained about META BANK’s practices which is quite different from the experience any potential consumer may read about on their website. Meaningless promises? It sure looks that way. BIG EMPTY WORDS???? It sure looks that way. Pushing the paranoia button??? It is definitely that because it will  META BANK themselves who will scam the customer.]

Identity Recovery & Restoration

  • Assistance with placing a fraud alert on your name and social security number, pulling a credit report, and initiating credit monitoring for one year through one credit bureau
  • Full ID Theft document preparation, including limited Power of Attorney and letters to regulatory agencies
  • Upon request, we’ll refer you to an ID Protect Financial Counselor and/or Attorney for initial consultation at no charge
[But in practice, how much will META BANK actually help you with a real problem that comes up? Lots of rather easy to access research on META BANK’s customer service shows that customers are complaining about META BANK itself. If anything this is just a bogus issue to get the consumer off guard for what will be the real problem that they will encounter with using META BANK.]

Six Months Free Identity Guard® Monitoring Service

We’ve partnered with Identity Guard® to provide six months of credit monitoring service absolutely free!

  • Daily monitoring of your credit bureau file to detect fraudulent activity [ Many former META BANK customers have complained about how META BANK has decided to cut off their access to their own money using the statement that they saw what looked like fraudulent activity on their cards. META BANK simply used this as the ruse for holding the customer’s money with interest free income for the bank as long as they could, perhaps to cover themselves elsewhere?]
  • Email alerts notifying you of changes in your file [If META BANK can’t track my home address with it on a canceled check in their files, how will META BANK do any better at keeping track of an email?]
  • Unlimited toll-free customer service [We just read that the numbers given to customers are connected to a machine that wishes them a happy day. In other words, customers are given a dead line by design. This would be an empty promise based on META BANK’s previous customers reports about how they have been mistreated.]

There’s no catch, no automatic continuation and no surprise fees. After six months you can choose to continue Identity Guard® for as little as $4.99 per month – a small price for big loss prevention. Sign up today to begin your service!

[So there will be a fee and this free service described in the first paragraph isn’t really free at all.It is a promotional offer that is temporary. How will you be able to choose to continue or not with this service isn’t explained. This may be saying that there are no FDIC insurance policies covering your PREPAID DEBIT CARD: it sure looks that way to me as a former customer of META BANK who was horribly scammed by META BANK.]

[My experience was that META BANK lied to me, even telling me absolutely ridiculous lies, and for what? To be able to hold onto $5,000 and to use that money for an extended period of time earning interest from my  money for themselves. Does META BANK give out interest free loans, with the situation turned around? Absolutely not. Customers have been charged outrageous fees  by META BANK for the loans they have been given.]

[I have often wondered how much of the original debt Boesen had paid back already and how much more it was that he owed in interest? I feel that a great injustice has been done to Boesen’s widow and children by META BANK who is extending the final date of  ending for getting Boesen’s will probated and over with. META BANK asked for a continuance to get every red cent, they could find. ….Personally, I find META BANK to be immoral in how they treat their customers. META BANK, the way they do business needs to be stopped.]

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