Netspend, Meta Bank, All Access Prepaid Visa BAD BAD BAD Don’t even think of going with them unless you want to PAY$$$$ Austin Texas

*Consumer Comment: Netspend has an A+ BBB Rating – Look it up! [*Please note that lately META BANK Representatives posing as META BANK customers are writing in response to consumer’s complaints. The purpose is to denigrate the customer and their complaint so that META BANK can just keep doing what they want to do to get rich. This is another form of fraud.]

 [Please note that NEWS has discovered that A+ ratings can and are bought, but they don’t actually represent the quality of the business. This makes the BBB useless to consumers.]

Terrible customer service, good luck getting someone who speaks or even understands english. They are rude and could care less, Hold times outrageous and notes on account never correct.

I wanted the fee advantage and I signed up on the 30th of last month, come to find out netspend has charged me over 50.00 for the month and then they claim i had it signed up for next month.

I will no longer advocate them and as soon as I can I will be withdrawing, also BBB will be receiving a complaint and I URGE you to send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, they are actually fooling consumers into thinking they are so great


Hammond, Indiana


This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 6/26/2007 11:15:20 AM and is a permanent record located here:

Who creates and pays for this Rippoff Report? It may well be META BANK Itself.

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Updates & Rebuttals    [A Rebuttal from another customer to another customer? What is the motivating factor for a genuine customer to write this kind of a response?]

#1 Ex-Employee

are you sure? [This is pushing blame back off onto the customer. Why would another customer ask this kind of question?]

AUTHOR: Kathy – Tulsa (U.S.A.)

SUBMITTED: Friday, July 06, 2007

Are you sure you chose the right date? [ Note that this person asks the customer to check if they have the right date in mind? Doesn’t META BANK give out reports someplace? Perhaps the source of the problem is stupidity within META BANK compounded by greed?]

I have seen this happened lots of times, for example …a customer opened an account on the 5th and they sign up for the Fee Advantage to be charged on the 1st of every month, because the 1st day of that month has passed the service wont be effective until the 1st day of the next month! and the customer thought they had it since the 1st but that is incorrect because the account was opened on the 5th!

i can understand the confussion [“CONFUSSION”??? Talk about Freuding slips, this is one of them!!!!    FUSSING is definitely implied in the spelling of this comment.]

Best Regards

[This comment sounds once again like the writer has some inside information. Real information would have directed the customer to the documents they were given to show them where the dates are written….. Yes this is some “CONFUSSION”!!!!  The opening question above made by this commenter  follows META BANK’s internal practices that consumers have observed for years and complained about for years.Said “KATHY” from Tulsa, OK wrote, “ Are you sure you chose the right date?” This begins by discounting the experience of the META BANK customer and is pushing the blame off onto the customer which is a form of “NON-PROBLEM SOLVING TACTICS” that has frustrated abused META BANK customers for years. Although the tone sounds syrupy sweet, the message over all is still condescending to the META BANK CUSTOMER who can’t get any satisfaction through META BANK’s normal channels.]

What’s this?

#2 Consumer Suggestion

We have 4 and LOVE it!

AUTHOR: Blakk Roze – My Town (U.S.A.)

SUBMITTED: Friday, January 04, 2008

My wife, myself and both our companies have the Netspend VISA and a Master Card and we LOVE it! You just have to make sure to READ what you sign and what you are agreeing to carefully. This is a GREAT way to buy, sell, accept FREE Direct Deposit of your monies and they offer a FREE 5% yield Savings Account as well. How can you go wrong?????

[This post by “Blakk Roze” reads like an advertisement for META BANK. It sounds like a META BANK employee wrote this entry. A normal person would perhaps read a complaint and not feel compelled to make any comment if the situation they had experienced was positive. On the other hand, this kind of a response includes a lot of banking terms and a very glowing account of their experience using META BANK. The average person wouldn’t have written this way. Once again the commenter is saying to the disgruntled META BANK customer that the customer must read carefully. This is pushing the blame for any and all problems off onto the customer. META BANK likes to push blame off onto their customers. Why would another consumer write in response to someone who is suffering to explain that they aren’t suffering because they have understood all of the pertinent facts while the complainant hasn’t? Blow one from META BANK and Blow Two from a so-called other META BANK Customer who knows and understands everything from what they have written. It isn’t being kind.]

[META BANK’s pages and pages of terms and conditions are so lengthy that they are incomprehensible. This is by design. There is no way that any META BANK customer can be sure of what the product will be like until they experience META BANK’s propensity to change the rules without warning and to hold onto the customer’s money so that the customer can’t access their own cash money.]

[Here is another online response to complaints that had been made about one of META BANK’s many product names. The similarity again highlights that the source for commenter “KERRI” that Kerri is also a representative of META BANK itself…. There is no logical reason for one person to brag to another who is suffering about they don’t have problems with their META BANK CARD. Once again, the said “KERRI” a META BANK customer begins to recite data about how the UPside card works. It is as if “KERRI” thinks that “KERRI’s” superior ability sets Kerri apart from anyone who complains about the problems they have had with META BANK….. This is a form of blaming the victim, if this is actually a real customer of UPside META BANK …. There is no place for this in the area of problem solving… “KERRI” the said META BANK customer says that “KERRI” had problems with other banks. Where are those complaints elsewhere on this website for the UPside META BANK, and why feel so compelled to write in to belittle the problems that another human being had with META BANK….. This indicates that there is a very strong possibility that said “KERRI” the customer is actually a representative of META BANK… It is other wise not logical for a genuine customer of the same bank to write in such a way. Furthermore, all of said customer comments resemble each other in formatting and their message]

2. Written by Kerri on September 22, 2011

I just would like to say that I have had an Upside card for over a year now, and I have NEVER had an issue. [When did META BANK begin to use the UPside Card? Why would any one who had a problem with META BANK want to read this letter?!!!] Every other pre-paid card i have had charges AT LEAST $9.95/mo monthly fee EVEN with over $500/mo direct deposit. [Meta Bank also charges these amounts. ] With Upside, they charge me $0.99/mo and with 2 or 3 more direct deposit that little fee will disappear (this is new, after you accumlate 15,000 pts, which you earn with every card load or direct deposit). [This sounds like an advertisement for the UPside Card by META BANK] After i acheive this goal, i can also contact a live CSR w/o a fee. I will say one thing though … do not purchase mobile pins for pre-paid cell service through the Upside site. I am still waiting for my 10 bucks back on that one … pin didnt work said it was expired. [Really??? So the UPside Card is a scam then after all?] But seriously, after a year very good service and NO PROBS prior to above mentioned … I LOVE THIS CARD. I had real bad experiences with 2 WELL KNOWN Banks[Really??? so now this writer knows and understands all.] and started with AccountNow pre-paid (also METABANK). When i found upside, and realized i’d be saving almost $9/mo by switching cards, i am *** near jumping for joy! Thanks for the posts and to this site. I will definitely be back ESPECIALLY if i have any Upside issues that leave me PISSED OFF!

[What on earth would prompt “KERRI” to write such a thing as a customer to another customer that brags about how “Kerri” doesn’t have problems? This is down right mean!!!!

“KERRI” says that “KERRI” has been using META BANK for one year. If “KERRI” is a real customer we would like to hear from “KERRI” in a few years. META BANK keeps changing the name for their products though.  

However, “KERRI” sounds so much like a META BANK Advertisement filled with data that has no bearing on the customer’s actual complaint. Once again, blame is being pushed off onto  the victim while META BANK CEO’s are getting richer and richer while others suffer due to META BANK’s misleading practices. . . . This is not the American Dream that META BANK is pushing off onto the general public, but rather a form of greed that depends on the creation of a class of vassals, economic vassals.]


[META BANK is posting a form of advertisement rebuttal on complaint sites. They look more like publicity than real human experiences. KERRI doesn’t write like a genuine customer would write. Why would a customer be so inspired to write such a glowing account of how they like META BANK’s services. Has “KERRI” no empathy for another customer? This is the way that META BANK treats their customer base without empathy, but they push the limits of having no empathy to the absurd. META BANK lies to the customer, puts the customer on hold, passes the customer from person to person within the bank, pushes blame for whatever problem may exist back off onto the customer base…. This has become a pattern with in META BANK;  META BANK was designed to make money for themselves and not to provide a quality product for their consumers, and this practice represents a change in the banking mentality that has become all too pervasive in the USA.   … It is this kind of corporate entity that has driven the US economy into the ground. Note to what political campaigns META BANK has donated prior to December 2011. “JAKE” below doesn’t sound like the letter of a real customer; JAKE’s post sounds like META BANK]


Some Additional Thoughts on this topic



MetaBank Complaint by Fuming Consumer

I would strongly advise against purchasing pre-paid cards issued by this institution.. I purchased a pre-paid debit card?. And while using the card for an online purchase, I typed in the wrong address and submitted the charge for payment,. After the payment was declined, I re-entered the correct information.. The payment was then accepted, but Metabank placed a 3-day hold the card for funds equal to the amount of the original purchase,. So, essentially, the card was charged twice for the same transaction:. I called the merchant, who then told me they would request that the hold be lifted over a 3-way call with the bank/. We placed a 3-way call to Metabank, but Metabank refused to lift the hold on the funds – despite the fact that the merchant verified that the second charge to the card was invalid!. This service sucks hard, and I would strongly advise against purchasing their pre-paid products! 20a5977 [ This complaint sounds realistic.]




This is a META BANK gimmick


Comments (2)

1. Written by Fuming Consumer on March 14, 2011

The retailer spoke directly to the bank’s customer service reps. and agreed to immediately cancel the transaction, but the customer service rep, from Metabank, told the retailer that they could not assist and that the funds must remain on hold for 3 business days [The customer attempts to clarify the problem.]

2. Written by Jake on March 14, 2011 [Someone named “JAKE” responds, but sounds like they are from META BANK itself]

This issue is a retailer issue not the bank issue. The retailer needs to cancel the transaction through their system and have it post through the processor to the bank.


[Typical of META BANK is to push the blame off onto someone else. That is also what Jake and the first responder in the comments section.

What is the reason that Jake and the First Commenter decided that they should criticize the META BANK Customer?

The only reasonable response is that they must be working for META BANK some place.

META BANK should help their customer

with the retailer if that in fact is

what META BANK genuinely believes is the underlying problem.

The customer is looking for a solution, and feels like they are

getting the run around from META BANK…. because they are:

The customer of META BANK indicated, “The payment was then accepted, but

Metabank placed a 3-day hold the card for funds equal to the amount of the original

purchase. So, essentially, the card was charged twice for the same transaction:. I called the merchant, who then told me they would request that the hold be lifted over a 3-way call with the bank/. We placed a 3-way call to Metabank, but Metabank refused to lift the hold on the funds –

– – – “ A Three Day hold that keeps their customer from accessing their own money amounts to being a scam being done to the general public; META BANK has devised a system where META BANK gets an interest free loan and then charges fees on top of that plus META BANK is rude.


At this time anyone who banks with META BANK is basically

giving up all control of their own assets and income to a total stranger.

What is needed?

META BANK is not a customer service oriented bank. 

META BANK has repeatedly failed to meet their own promises and changes the rules to suit their needs.

The underlying guiding principles that META BANK uses are problematic.

Until META BANK changes their approach to how they will do business, and until META BANK decides that it is in everyone’s mutual interest, meaning both META BANK and their customer base to revise the way that they operate, there will not be any kind of changes in dealing with META BANK as a customer.

Please stay away from doing business with META BANK to protect yourselves and those you love. 

Customers, please be advised that META BANK has no sound ethical principles other than for them to make themselves rich and then richer.

Look at the annual income for META BANK’s CEO’s; this will confirm for customers that you mean nothing to META BANK.

Your welfare is nothing to META BANK, a sub-prime lender.

Be forewarned and advised simply not to bank with META BANK or any other bank that does business in the same way.

Making responses to online complaints

pretending to be yet another consumer is form of fraud.

Internal Reforms are needed within META BANK

along with a complete overhaul of their philosophy.

Will META BANK ever be able to understand

this to be able to survive?????]

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  1. Sharon

     /  July 20, 2012

    Metabank also “lets AccountNow” use their routing number. This is what they told me when I called them about Account Now stealing my money. They closed my account with over 4000.00 in it. I am still trying to get my money back a year later. Apparently it is ok for these people to rip off the public. Do not get a prepaid card with Account Now or any other card that is affiliated with MetaBank. They will steal your money

    • I am so sorry that you had a very similar experience to mine. I began this blog to help this from happening to others. Please contact your US Elected Congressmen, Senators and the Office of Thrift Supervision in D.C.

      Thank you for letting us know that this is a universal problem with the way that METABANK operates that needs to be stopped. It is a criminal act in my opinion to take people’s money from them without their consent. METABANK has devised a way to get large interest free loans while charging huge interest fees for loans they make. METABANK’s practices create human misery while promising to be the solution. METABANK isn’t the solution; it is the source of the problem.

      Please follow up with this so that laws can be put in place that can be enforced to protect consumers. This is the only real economic reform that I think is actually needed that will do any real good.

      With all best wishes

  2. stacy johntry

     /  January 29, 2014

    plz help me ………

    • We are just a group of consumers, ordinary people like you, who have been scammed by METABANK. We are seeking to warn others so they will avoid using PREPAID CARDS, but the prepaid cards are now being used to give tax refunds so you are now being forced into using prepaid cards. Please contact every elected official to ask for their help in getting better bank regulations in place. Also please alert your local tv stations, radio programs and newspapers about your experience. This shouldn’t have happened to you. Had someone else spoken up first and had we been able to get METABANK actually stopped from continuing this scam, we wouldn’t have felt the need to warn others about our horrible experience using META BANK.

      Our sympathy is with you. We know that this has been an ordeal. We were grossly abused by METABANK also. Together perhaps we can get in place the necessary reforms that are needed.

  3. stacy johntry

     /  January 29, 2014

    I have filed suit against metabank for thieft….I had my insurance company on a thrid way call and they said awful things about my insurance agent and it was all recorded….. all that had to do was give me what was deposited in my account .they say they see the money but will not release… there for that is thieft

    • We also got the run around from META BANK phone receptionists. It is clear that the employees who answer the METABANK phone have been given a list of lies to read when consumers call in because META BANK only wants access to the hard earned income of other people. What happened to you is by design; META BANK wanted access to your money. It would be an interest free loan for META BANK. Please let your elected US senator and representative in DC know about your experience. METABANK often gets a partner company to promote their prepaid bank cards. METABANK apparently wines and dines the partner company’s CEOs in an effort to get that partner company to give them access to that partner company’s client’s names. METABANK’s product may work well for the partner company, who cannot believe that their customers are being treated so shabbily. The problem that we have uncovered is that META BANK also helped to create the NBPCA – The Network Branded Prepaid Card Association which is a non-profit established to promote and to encourage the concept of using prepaid cards. They paid Rupli Lobbyists huge sums of money to get the NBPCA prepaid cards to be sold everywhere you turn now. Also the NBPCA, formed essentially by Brad Hansen of META BANK, uses the NBPCA to “educate” other financial institutions. Educate is a most dubious term because what NBPCA and META BANK are really trying to do is to normalize prepaid cards. The prepaid cards are an interest free loan to a very wealthy anonymous banking center made by the most economically disadvantaged and financially vulnerable citizens. What NBPCA and META BANK have created in these prepaid bank cards is one the biggest scams of all times. What these prepaid cards do in reality is a crime, an abomination against humanity. METABANK made up a bunch of lies and tried to push the blame for the problems we encountered using their product back off onto to us as the consumers. As consumers, we must try to protect each other. Once METABANK has your money on the prepaid card, they have full control of your money and you don’t!!!!! They can therefore lie and get away for it because they already have taken control of your assets. Please tell as many people as possible about your experience and then please contact all of your elected officials to ask for consumer protections that work and that will be enforced so that META BANK and any other bank acting like it will be stopped.

      I am glad that the horrible customer treatment was recorded. META BANK has as their top CEO an attorney who inherited this bank from his father. As the in-house legal counsel for METABANK, Haahr basically finds loop holes so that he can perpetrate this scam. META BANK has the financial resources to carry out a long legal battle. We have seen META BANK go after every penny after one of their former clients committed suicide. The widow was left with less money than what one year of college costs as her assets, all of her remaining assets. This was already horrible, but then META Bank went back again after Boesen’s widow to get even more money. When META BANK got caught in a CD fraud, then META BANK said they had one employee who was doing the scam. We believe that METABANK made their former employee bear the brunt of the scam they had instructed the employee to do. She went to prison while the META BANK CEOs kept making huge annual incomes, and that is just the public information. You will need the help of every elected official and the media. Please share your experience with your local TV stations and newspapers. This should never happen again to another person.

    • Keeping your money from you is theft.
      Best wishes! Keep after those thieves and may no one else ever again have to experience what you have.


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