Electronic Payments and Meta Bank join forces: CASH [www.BankMeta.com]

Meta Bank now becomes ubiquitous. Did we need ubiquitous?

Definition of UBIQUITOUS

: existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread <a ubiquitous fashion>
— ubiq·ui·tous·ly adverb
— ubiq·ui·tous·ness noun

Examples of UBIQUITOUS

  1. The company’s advertisements are ubiquitous.
  2. <by that time cell phones had become ubiquitous, and people had long ceased to be impressed by the sight of one>


(see ubiquity)

First Known Use: 1830


Meta Bank wants to be routine and daily in your lives. Better and improved customer service has nothing to do with this joining of forces. Meta Bank plans to be existing or being everywhere at the same time; they don’t share any plans for improving customer relations. Why would anyone knowingly bank with this bank? It is all about their success and not yours as a consumer or customer of Meta Bank. This blog is to warn you!!!!
So don’t expect any kind of extraordinary improvements from Meta Bank per their own statement:

NACHA Welcomes MetaBank as Direct Financial Institution Member

Top 50 Originator and Receiver Joins Industry Leaders as New Member


Colleen Morrison                                                            Lisa Binder
NACHA                                                                              MetaBank
703-561-3925                                                                  712-749-7535
cmorrison@nacha.org                                                   lbinder@metacash.com

HERNDON, Va., July 14, 2010 – NACHA — The Electronic Payments Association announced today that MetaBank, a federally-chartered savings bank headquartered in the Midwest and one of the nation’s top originators and receivers, has joined the organization as a direct financial institution member.one of the nation’s top originators and receivers, but does this say that customer service is important? No it doesn’t show any kind of a focus on the consumer.]

Meta Payment Systems (MPS), a division of MetaBank, is a recognized leader in the prepaid card industry, providing innovative payment solutions nationally in collaboration with market-leading partners. [This is from Meta Bank’s own publicity and promotion. Don’t bank with Meta Bank if you want to safe guard your money. Now, I must say, don’t work with NACHA either since they will be one in the same.]

“As a leader in the payment service industry, we are excited to partner with NACHA to further support our business partners,” says Bob Nelson, vice president of MPS financial operations.  “We look forward to taking an active role in shaping the future landscape of the financial services industry through membership.” [ Meta Bank is still at their same old practices. Nothing is new other than the fact that they are constantly in the act of kicking up a notch their same old and offensive practices. Meta Bank is out to make a big buck quickly, then to move on when they get caught, if they get caught. Meta Bank simply doesn’t get what it will take to move us into the future without creating a major civil war.]

Members realize significant benefits, including opportunities to vote on the NACHA Operating Rules, nominate individuals for the NACHA Board of Directors, and take a leadership role on NACHA task forces, committees, and work groups. Direct financial institution members of NACHA gain up-to-date information on strategic industry issues and increase their financial institution’s visibility and exposure in the highly competitive electronic payments market. [ Strategy and Competitive Electronic Payments Market!!!! Not consumer oriented. Not service oriented. This is clearly spelled out as what is their driving motivator.]

Members expand their market relationships as they engage in a collaborative approach to understand and address the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today. [ Not consumer oriented; not service oriented: How plainly do they need to state this? When will Meta Bank collaborate with their customer base?]

“NACHA membership helps to position financial institutions for the future by keeping them abreast of critical advances and innovation that will shape tomorrow’s industry,” said Janet O. Estep, NACHA president and CEO. [Posturing and positioning for greater financial gain for the bank; the consumer has been left out of this equation. This is a failure of META BANK and NACHA to understand that their survival depends on the success and being able to meet the best interests of any potential consumer.]

“Membership gives financial institutions the tools and information they need to manage accelerating change and stay ahead of the curve in today’s evolving payments landscape. On behalf of all our members, I welcome MetaBank to the NACHA family.”[ Problems with MetaBank has seemed to be related to their desire to keep changing the rules applied to their customer’s bank related accounts with them. Staying ahead of the curve means more to Meta Bank than their suffering neighbors.]

NACHA now has 44 direct members, consisting of 26 financial institutions and 18 regional payment associations. In addition to MetaBank, direct member financial institutions include

      1. American Express Centurion Bank,
      2. The Bancorp Bank,
      3. Bank of America,
      4. BB&T,
      5. BMO Capital Huntington National Bank Markets,
      6. BNY Mellon,
      7. Capital One,
      8. Citibank N.A.,
      9. Discover Financial Services, Inc.,
      10. Fifth Third Bank,
      11. First PREMIER Bank,
      12. J.P. Morgan,
      13. KeyBank,
      14. Navy Federal Credit Union,
      15. PNC Bank, RBS —Citizens Bank,
      16. Regions Bank,
      17. SunTrust,
      18. Synovus Financial Corporation,
      19. TCF National Bank,
      20. TD Bank,
      21. U.S. Bank,
      22. Wells Fargo, and
      23. Zions Bancorporation.
[This list includes every “BIG BANK” that drove the USA into financial ruin. Why aren’t those bank’s CEOs in jail for what they did?]


NACHA—The Electronic Payments Association
NACHA supports the growth of the ACH Network by managing its development, administration, and governance. The ACH Network facilitates global commerce by serving as a safe, efficient, ubiquitous, and high-quality electronic payment system. NACHA represents nearly 11,000 financial institutions through 18 regional payments associations and direct membership.

Through its industry councils and forums, NACHA brings together payments system stakeholder organizations to encourage the efficient utilization of the ACH Network and develop new ways to use the Network to benefit its diverse set of participants. To learn more, visit www.nacha.org, www.electronicpayments.organd www.payitgreen.org.

MetaBank is a federally-chartered savings bank with four market areas: Brookings, Central Iowa, Northwest Iowa and Sioux Empire. The Meta Payment Systems (MPS) division supports clients internationally and manages four primary business lines that contribute to revenue and deposits: prepaid cards, credit products, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) sponsorship and Automated Clearing House (ACH) origination. Twelve bank offices and two MPS offices support MetaBank customers MPS partners and consumers. Meta Trust provides professional trust services. Meta Financial Group is traded on the NASDAQ Global Market®: CASH. For more information visit http://www.bankmeta.com.

[Global Market does describe Meta Bank’s focus, but they have far too much control to be a positive force for the re-building of the American and Global Economic Network. This is because Meta Bank cannot see “the forest because of all the trees.” Meta Bank’s only goal is to make lots of money for themselves. This thinking brought down the US Economy. Unfortunately, it is the monied huge corporate entities and banks who control all of our assets and our government, especially the party of “NO” that has become increasingly out of tune with their voter base.]

[Only you can put an end to this system which may be fine, except that it has been exploited. The exploitation for their own monetary gain to the detriment of the American people is what is at state at this time. 99% suffer while that top 1% gets stinking rich and then richer because they set up all the rules.]

[I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of this sham and scam in how we are being treated. Please contact your elected officials in DC and ask them to remember that you vote. You need bank regulations that will help to protect the 99% – what has been going on in the banking industry and corporate America needs to be stopped. Change is needed.]

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