METABANK Employees find Roxanne’s Program to be Demeaning

“USED to be an awesome place to work”

 Current Customer Service Representative  in Des Moines, IA – Reviewed  Mar 9, 2012

Pros – The people that work there are mostly friendly. It has that small bank appeal. They usually do some nice things for their employees every year. (METABANK gives prepaid gift cards as employee incentives. While this may seem like doing some nice things for their employees each year. It is the METABANK CEOs who earn the interest from any money placed on those gift cards. This may seem like a gift, but it has strings attached to it.)

Cons – I HATE the new program they are doing. They do mystery shops, and you lose all sense of individuality and personal identity. (Mystery Shops???? What is that? They do this with adult employees. THis sounds like game playing and a form of brain washing.)

They try and make you sound like fake robots, and it does not help gain any new customers. It is frustrating, and I absolutely HATE it. You also get paid way less than most other people doing your same job at another bank.(We had observed previously that METABANK's employees make below the national standards for a living wage, i.e. METABANK employees live in a state of poverty while METABANK CEOs make huge amounts of money.)

Advice to Senior Management – Don't waste your money on the stupid Roxanne Emmerich program, it does not help attract more customers and just makes the employees look stupid and lose their personal identities. (ROXANNE EMMERICH program??? Is this a form of brainwashing? What is this?)

One METABANK Employee finds the Roxanne Emmerich Program to be offensive

Here is what Roxanne Emmerich is all about:

Meet Roxanne Emmerich®, CSP, CMC, CPAE

Roxanne Emmerich®Roxanne Emmerich® is America’s most sought-after workplace transformation expert. She is listed by Sales and Marketing Management magazine as one of the 12 most requested speakers in the country for her ability to transform negative workplace performance and environments into “bring it on” results-oriented cultures. ( This sounds like more self-praise to us as consumer readers.)

Roxanne’s new book Thank God It’s Monday!® reached and maintained its position as #1 on Amazon’s business bestseller list and made theWall Street Journal’s best seller list—all in the first week of its release. As President and CEO of The Emmerich Group, Inc.® she has consulted and spoken to most of the financial institutions in the top one percent of performance, as well as clients like Merck, Pfizer, Allianz, Lockheed Martin and hundreds of other leaders in almost every industry. Roxanne was inducted into the National Speaker Hall of Fame for her impact and quantifiable effectiveness. ( There are more names to add to your list of places where not to do business!!)

She has also published hundreds of articles in leading publications on such topics as

  • leadership for results,
  • employee engagement for bottom AND top-line improvement,
  • profit-rich growth strategies,
  • and a multitude of other workplace breakthrough issues. (And the METABANK Employee found her program to be offensive and dehumanizing!!!)
Roxanne Emmerich® received the Philanthropist of the Year AwardRoxanne Emmerich® received the 2010
NSA Philanthropist of the Year Award   (And who created the NSA and then their Philanthropist of the Year Award??? Take a guess!!! This is publicity!!!)

three-time Entrepreneur of the Year, Roxanne served Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson as a key advisor on reinventing state government and serves as Editor-In-Chief ofExtraordinary Banker® magazine. ( Look carefully at the way that Wisconsin has been treating state employees recently.)

She is in demand for interviews by CNN, NPR, CBS, and other media outlets nationwide for her proven ability to help workplaces get unstuck and achieve radically improved results quickly.

Roxanne’s experience includes:

Roxanne Emmerich®, CSP, CMC, CPAE
Roxanne Emmerich®, CSP, CMC, CPAE     (This is not a work outfit. What is she selling? )
  • Founder, CEO and President of Emmerich Financial, the leading culture transformation consulting firm for community banks
  • Founder and co-owner of two bank holding companies
  • Developer of the Permission to Be Extraordinary® Summit® for high-performing CEOs and top execs (“High performing” is a marketing tool; this is publicity using flatery.)
  • Starting one of the fastest-to-profit community banks in the country (Get Rich Quick Scheme???)
  • Singled out as the 2003 University of Wisconsin Distinguished Alumna
  • Developer of the most popular seminar for high performing bankers, Marketing and Sales Management Boot Camp™, attended by thousands of bank executives-with 99 percent saying they’d recommend to a friend!
  • Editor-In-Chief of Extraordinary Banker® magazine, circulated to 25,000 financial industry executives
 (This list seems inflated and self-congratulatory)

Meta Bank employees report her program to be offensive. She has registered her name. Is that also required for METABANK customers too?



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