METABANK is still scamming the general public; Please Be Warned; Consumers must ally with each other to be able to put a stop to this once and for all so that no other person must suffer due to the way that METABANK does their business

In response to an Alexandria, VA email:

I didn’t have any luck with the BBB of Des Moines; they seemed to be right in the back pocket of METABANK. METABANK Lied to them too, and they bought it. BBB has “no teeth” or so it seemed to me because they couldn’t help me. All that I wanted to do was to be sure that no other person had the same experience that I did.

I am so sorry for the problems you encountered; I know what it feels like because I had a really bad problem with METABANK too. I also got the runaround from them; they lied to me. They put me on hold for a long time. They complained that I had the branch manager phone through to another line…( say what? Yes!!!)  This left me with no alternative but to complain everywhere and to everyone that I could think of in order to get the problem resolved. If other people are still experiencing the same thing then the problem has not yet been resolved.

It was bad for me, but I discovered that METABANK was taking advantage of so many other people, people who most likely were/are living from pay check to pay check. Some wrote in about how METABANK had taken advantage of their children… I only want them to behave in a professional and compassionate way to their client base.

In the past, no business could survive by taking advantage of the good will of the people who would be their customer base. METABANK took the reverse approach and purposefully takes advantage of their customer base.

The Prepaid Bank Card, they claim to have originated it and to be the main supplier of all the network branded pre-paid cards. They formed a non-profit NPBCA organization to promote and to advocate their card, a real money maker for them to our elected officials in D.C. through Rupli. Rupli has done well financially just as the CEO’s of METABANK have done very well. The prepaid bank cards are a real money maker for METABANK and now Rupli.

METABANK takes cash from their client base and then earns free interest from that money. Small businesses have to pay fees to get their money from items they sold by people using plastic; this makes it pretty impossible for small businesses to get a start. Big corporate entities must get some kind of a package deal. Small businesses pay per each sale some kind of a fee.

And you know the kind of interest rates that METABANK charges are outrageous. METABANK is making money on both ends. The merchants pay them to get their money and the customer base gets no interest on money that is just sitting on a plastic card. This is the biggest scam to hit the general public in history.

Putting our money on the prepaid bank cards only keeps us from having access to our own hard earned money. METABANK’s advertising implies and actually states that their card will help people to improve their credit history if they have their paycheck or government check directly deposited. All that really happens is that METABANK gets full use and control of that person’s money. I find this to be very upsetting and predatory.

Good luck to you!!! Please follow through and write those letters. The idea is to make it so that the bad things that happened to you will never again happen to another person.

I don’t see METABANK all of a sudden changing their ways on their own because their way of doing business has been so lucrative for them. Also, I believe that they have spent a great deal of time and energy into seeking ways around any barriers to what they want. It is a game for them, and they are playing with our lives.

They forced me to live in a state of homelessness for one month in a foreign country because they wouldn’t allow me to access my own money. I had worked all those years saving money and then I just handed it over to an unscrupulous bank like METABANK.

I had given them cash the week before, and a week later they wouldn’t let me use any of it. Then the lies started; METABANK lied to me one lie on top of the other. It was as if I had met a brick wall. I figure that their entry level employees are hired to do their dirty work, and they don’t fully grasp what it is that they are doing. Perhaps later on, those entry level employees will get it, but not at first. I don’t believe that the majority of the entry level employees would knowingly seek to harm others.

Good luck to you!!!


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