Scammed By Meta Bank? I was – Please help to stop predatory banks like Meta Bank

Write to your  State Attorney General’s Office

Then write to the:

Office of Thrift Supervision,

Department of the Treasury,

Consumer Affairs Division,

1700 G Street, NW;

Washington, DC 20552

The write to your US Senator and your US Legislator.

If only one person writes, very little change will happen. Oh, Meta Bank will continue to find ways to scam people, and ways to target more people. Advertisements will focus on a broader cross section of the American population. More and more people will be scammed. Meta Bank is part of a very strong and powerful lobby in DC trying very hard to broaden the things they can do to the American public. Only the American people can work to get them stopped. Write asking for laws to protect the consumers, us,  the consumers, meaning the American People and not this money hungry bank.

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