That Slippery Slope: “Serving” the Unbanked is often the beginning of a downward spiral of even more opportunities for consumers to be scammed

Once a bank devises a plan to become a “Thrift Bank,” one that “serves” the “unbanked” or the “underbanked,” it appears that from there it is far too easy for that bank and its employees to fall even further downwards.

Please note that these “Thrift Banks” have been prone to boast about the fact that they “SERVE” the “UNBANKED” or “UNDERBANKED” but what these “Thrift Banks” do isn’t altruism, it is a way to scam the most financially and economically vulnerable people . Because these people are working from pay check to pay check, these people are in such a position that life circumstances do not allow them to defend themselves from predators and predatory banking practices who only take on these customers because these “Thrift Banks” believe that it is right to charge their “unbanked”/”Underbanked” customers outrageous interest fees…. The “Thrift Bank” by design will win out every time. “The underbanked”/ “The unbanked” customers in this relationship will have created for themselves a state of being in perpetual economic and financial servitude to “The Thrift Bank”.

In cities across America, “These Thrift Banks” place themselves into neighborhoods so that they can physically appear to be the only option to people who have little access to transportation that will allow them to even be able to consider other genuine opportunities.

It is in the design itself:

        • Most likely the people who are hired as employees also basically live from pay check to pay check.
        • If the employees buy into the major scam being practiced by the bank itself, they will feel equally free to scam using components already present in the “Thrift Bank’s” design
        • It may seem like an opportunity that a desperate person, employed by a “bank” simply can’t resist to tap into what is nothing more than a scam of the most financially vulnerable people. Then they use what is already in place for their own purposes.
        • Banks do internal audits because they are handling other people’s money for them.
            • They have a fiduciary responsibility to protect their depositors or this is how it has been. Things have changed and the change was brought about by METABANK who claims to be the largest provider of the PREPAID CARDS and who boasts about having begun as a “Thrift Bank” set up to scam the most financially vulnerable people but promoting this as a service to the community, a community that has been distracted by false publicity and by the media, that part of the media which has been purposefully designed to basically brain wash those who could have and who should have stepped up to the plate to protect the most vulnerable among us.
            • META BANK should have picked up on embezzlement, if that existed within their bank, through their own internal audit system and the woman who was accused and convicted of embezzlement …only after other banks complained about the CD Fraud they had encountered within META BANK, but which META BANK chose to take on as if there was no internal problem at their bank…. The real problem within META BANK has been created, set up and put into operation by META BANK by their CEO’s, those people with the fancy college degrees who know exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it. META BANK is the source of their own on-going, same old, prepaid bank card fraud.


That Slippery Slope: “If everyone else is doing it, why can’t I?” mentality

that has completely destroyed our confidence in the banking system as it

has made itself in recent years simply opens the door to the

opportunistic con-artists and provides the unscrupulous with their own

pre-formatted way to create their own scam:


Cash advance worker charged with

stealing customer identities

A woman who worked at a cash advance store in (the USA) was arrested Tuesday for allegedly stealing the identities of former customers and using them to take out loans for herself.

(The female employee), 30, stole the identities of 13 customers at “(The CASH ADVANCE -THRIFT BANK FORMAT),” according to a County arrest warrant. The warrant said  (The female employee) got 11 fraudulent loans during an 11-day period beginning Nov. 27, 2012.

The loans totaled $6,400. They were discovered after one of the customers came in for a loan and it was discovered there was already a $500 loan out in that person’s name, the warrant said.

(The female employee)  is charged with 13 counts each of identity theft and criminal possession of a forged instrument along with one count of theft by cold check.


This is such a sad day in America.

Political and religious polarization have prevented citizen from being able to carry-on any kind of civil discourse. As citizens, we are being distracted from the real tasks at hand. Our focus has been diverted away from the real issues off onto “meaningless” but apparently emotionally charged issues… That is a topic for another blog, by another person… However, this is the smoke screen that has been placed in front of our eyes so that we can’t see
#1 Banks which have been improperly regulated, both internally and externally, have designed all of the rules and forms of governance pertaining to how they do business, and all of the rules are written very much in their favor, but at the great expense of the citizens
#2  Citizens are so polarized that civil discourse isn’t happening. I blame this on corporate media and large corporations in general who as big moneyed and politically powerful entities have put their best interests first to keep themselves in a position of power. Ordinary people are being fed a constant repetitive form of what amounts to being nothing but a form of propaganda that inspires in them fear, a generalized form of fear, it would appear that prevents them from looking outside of the box and from examining issues for themselves….. The media has been able to push buttons that inspire fear. A form of “hate radio” spews garbage talk that is by design created to tap into our achilles tendons.
#3 METABANK, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS has also designed their publicity so that it focuses on our achilles tendon. META BANK offers PRE-PAID BANK CARDS that appear designed to meet the needs of many people. What is really happening is that the METABANK publicity is designed to find and to tap into everyone’s achilles tendon. It appears from their publicity that METABANK offers may unique cards, but in reality, METABANK only has one card and one design for their PREPAID BANK CARDS, which they use to scam ordinary citizens.
#4 Better Bank Regulation is needed along with a far better form of enforcing banking rules. METABANK operates using their own rules, apparently with any real or genuine oversight. They selected the OTS to regulate them knowing that the OTS was far too lenient on banks and that customers would be scammed….. Did you see all of those customer complaints over a period of many years about how they had been abused by META BANK…. All of those CASH ADVANCE/PAYDAY LOANS are also designed to take advantage of the most financially fragile citizenry. Those CASH ADVANCE/PAYDAY LOAN places, I have been told, were created by banks where many of us may be banking already, but in a place with a different name. Underneath their surfaces, at this time, many banks feel that it is “acceptable” and “perhaps even proper banking policy” to basically take advantage of their customer base. METABANK has been sharing their format and “TEACHING” other banks their practices as if what they were doing is acceptable and proper. WHAT META BANK DOES IS AN ABUSE OF THEIR CUSTOMER BASE!!!! This is nothing to be emulated nor to be copied by any other bank. METABANK teaches their practices only in an effort to legitimize what they do.
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