A Big Mistake Led Us to become a Corporate Partner of Meta Bank

Overview of Meta Payment Systems (MetaBank)

Meta Payment Systems is more than a bank; we are an innovative payments provider.

[Note the use of the term “INNOVATIVE PAYMENTS PROVIDER.”  MetaBank is not a bank but a collections agency. Every product is designed to become a form of a collections product which may not make sense until to actual experience this scam for yourselves.]

Meta enables partners to grow their businesses and build more profitable customer relationships by creating, delivering and sponsoring payment solutions that bring money to LIFE.

[Payment Solutions???? Meta Bank creates problems that bring in more money for them. This is a scam!!! All of your long standing customers will be driven away.]

Whether it is prepaid, debit, credit, ATM sponsorship or agent bank products, Meta’s flexible, scalable payment solutions are backed by industry leadership and unmatched expertise.

[Unmatched expertise??? Meta Bank, which began as a “Thrift Bank” is expert only in scamming customers. Your customers know when they are being lied to and being given the run around so don’t partner with Meta Bank if you want to keep your current customer base….. Meta Bank needs your customer base for their new list of clients to scam and to whom they will lie.]


Meta offers payment options to help you increase your speed-to-market, reach untapped segments and build customer loyalty.

[Build Customer Loyalty used to pertain to being able to provide customers with good customer service. Meta Bank abuses your customers so that in the long run, you will lose all of your current customers…. Meta Bank has nothing new to offer. Meta Bank uses partner companies to gain their own customers. Meta Bank will bring down partner companies and then move onto the next partner company.]


And top to bottom, we dedicate more resources over the life of your program to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your business successfully.

[Meta Bank will take over all of the collections and manage the product they get you and your employees to market for them. The fact that they have no oversight from you or by you of how they manage the product they provide to your existing customer base is how they try to appear to be of service to you as their corporate partner,  but Meta Bank manipulates the data so they can act as an unscrupulous collections agency.]

Key Facts for Meta Payment Systems (MetaBank)

Major Clients: Confidential

Year Founded: 1954

Full Time Employees:     Above 100

Revenue:        Over $100 million

Core Service Areas: Merchant Cash Advance, Automated Clearing House (ACH) Software [i.e collections!!!!]

Key People at Meta Payment Systems (MetaBank)

Company Representative
Brad Hanson     Contact This Meta Payment Systems (MetaBank) Executive

[NOTE that you are dealing with Meta Payment Systems, not a bank…. there is no real intention here to provide you as a corporate partner with a better service. Meta Payment Systems needs access to your customer base so they can use a new source of people to begin their same old scam. It is an immoral crime of scale. Meta Bank simply needs access to your customer base and using the reputation you spent years to build with those customers, Meta Bank will cause you to loose those long standing customers. As a corporate partner, you are simply one of the tools that META BANK will use for their CEOs to get richer and richer.]

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