META BANK is DUPLICITOUS = deceptive in words and actions

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 Free ID Protection …Read More: [ We have previously examined that link and found that the offer isn’t free, it is a promotional, not free. It is nothing more than a way to hook in customers on false pretenses.]

Personal Banking

We’re the bank that’s actually putting ‘personal’ back into Personal Banking. That’s because we’ve taken the time to ask customers about their personal banking needs and then designed our products to match them. If you’ve got suggestions, let us know by clicking here. [ If any thing, META BANK has studied their customer base, but not so they can better serve them. META BANK is looking for all the gimmicks they can work to get full control of your money.]

In the meantime, let’s get personal. [ The cutesy friendly tone is a form of a customer hook. META BANK isn’t a friendly bank  and META BANK is definitely not customer friendly. The tone being used here is nothing more than a “hook ’em in…hook, line and sinker.”]


Are you ‘interested’ or not? We’ve got both interest – and non-interest bearing accounts – plus one of the best free checking accounts you’ll find—anywhere!  [Are you ‘interested’ or not? Personally, I don’t find this statement to be clever since I know that META BANK treated me in a duplicitous manner. This cutesy stuff is just a form of a hook to be able to reel in customers so META BANK can take advantage of the ordinary people like you and me. META BANK is in a league of their own and  it isn’t one any of us wish to join. META BANK would scam your grandmother. Is that who you want to do business with???  You know that there is no free checking account without some serious terms and conditions.]


Traditional to interest-bearing savings accounts and more – including a way to save without even trying!  [Including a way to save without even trying???? That sounds rather fishy to me. As a consumer you want to retain full control of all of your money. Please be very wary of META BANK’s promises. They are worded so that they are duplicitous.]


It’s the space between the money you have and the things you want. Some people call it a gap – we call it an opportunity. Let us help create an opportunity for you. [Is this an opportunity for you, the customer, or “you” the META BANK CEO? I have only observed the Haahrs and Brad Hansen getting richer and richer off of the money of the average hardworking citizen. They make more money a year than most of us can even imagine.  Driven by greed and being rather incompetent, META BANK can’t provide a genuine service for their potential customer base.  Read about what happened to Boesen and if that doesn’t  convince you that META BANK is not a friend when they offer to lend you money, I don’t know what will.]


Ranging from the typical – credit and cash – to the not-so-typical – reloadable, Visa® gift, travel cards and more – we’ve got your needs covered!  [Reloadable? Travel Cards and More??? The reload didn’t work. META BANK took my money but never loaded the card. Once I got to another country I tried to use the “RELOADABLE TRAVEL CARD” only to find that all that I had was a piece of plastic in my hand and that META BANK had all of my cash money…. Yup, META BANK was holding all of my hard earned money so that I couldn’t access my own money to use it for a trip of a lifetime.  …. META BANK is operating a scam… If they weren’t then why did they lie to me at every turn and then do the same thing to yet another traveler I would meet later that year. … I was so sad that META BANK was doing the same thing to another person, and I vowed to alert everyone to how META BANK actually operates.]


Solid returns without the risk. [Without the risk!!! META BANK lost a major lawsuit in 2009 due to CD fraud within META BANK. META BANK was selling fake CD’s through other banks to their customer base.  This bank would be the riskiest place to get a CD!!!]

Change Kit

Our online change kit can help you move all of your banking to MetaBank- and you won’t need to talk to your old bank to do it! We handle everything for you. [ Every bank would do that. META BANK Just wants to have control of your money so they can work the deal to their best advantage. Do not give up control of your own money. This is not the offer that it appears to be. It is nothing more than publicity. Bank at a locally owned bank. Don’t bank at META BANK for your own good and well being!!!!! A Change KIT is the most bogus scam I have heard of yet.]

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