MetaBank and METABANK and METAPAYMENT SYSTEMS and META FINANCIAL GROUP are all one in the same


‎”Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”

                                                                                                                       ~ Frederick Douglass


Had we not been taken advantage of,  placed in a very precarious position  and not able to access any of our own money, our own cash money that is, by METABANK, then lied to by METABANK phone representatives who were our only link to the bank, have those same METABANK employees try to push the blame back onto us as one of METABANK’s customers, and been so abused by METABANK, there wouldn’t be any need to create a blog where we warn other consumers about how and in what ways METABANK took advantage of us and abused us.

Had we not observed many other complaints from other customers of METABANK, we might have considered this to be an isolated incidence. After all, when METABANK is doing their dirty deed on customers, the customers are kept at an arms length via only an internet contact or a phone contact. The customers upon whom METABANK seeks to do these dirty horrible acts do not live in the same neighborhood as any of the METABANK CEOs. Those METABANK CEOs live in a rather isolated little town in Iowa. Storm Lake, Iowa isn’t on any kind of major interstate.

METABANK by choice keeps themselves away from any and all interpersonal contact with their customers by design. This part of the design may be the only indication that METABANK CEOs actually understand the pain they are causing to those who can least afford to have their access to their own cash money denied.

It is by design that METABANK keeps customers’ from being able to access their own cash money when they need to pay bills. METABANK hopes that customers will need to take out a loan to pay off normal bills; bills that the customer had planned to pay for using their own cash money which they loaded onto a METABANK PREPAID CARD can’t be paid because METABANK holds that customer’s money away from them. That is just evil!!!!

Partner companies appear to have been wined and dined at their CEO level by METABANK and given the promise of the opportunity to make more money than what they are making now. The offer sounds too good to be true. It appears that initially the partner company may do better with METABANK’s collection agency going after their customers.

That old saying, ‘You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time’ applies here too.

METABANK CEOs are enormously wealthy; they got that way by being a “Thrift Bank” one that seeks out the poorest and charges those people higher interest rates because they are a bigger risk… Yeah, we know.. that whole line of thinking is skewed and perverted.

METABANK intentionally clouds the real plan from both their customers and the partner companies who will be required to push the METABANK PREPAID CARD for them. METABANK has hired Rupli and Associates, the D.C. Lobbyists, to advocate hard and heavy so that their PREPAID CARD is now sold almost everywhere you turn. Those partner entities believe they are keeping up with the Joneses, but with time their customer base will fall away.

We lost all confidence in the partner company that sold us a METABANK PREPAID CARD. After we had been scammed so horribly by METABANK, we couldn’t trust that partner company, with whom we had done business for many years, anymore. Although we recognize that METABANK most likely mislead that partner company to take on the METABANK PREPAID CARD and the METABANK customer service that accompanied it using the same promotional materials that they used to sell the PREPAID CARD to us that initially got them to opt into to offering and to promoting the METABANK product for them, we have lost all confidence in that partner company, especially in their CEOs, to be able to adequately screen and filter out problematic financial systems like METABANK. We have severed all ties with a company that we had been customers of for many years because they had partnered with METABANK.  This is why we feel the need to warn the partner companies and investors of METABANK. You will actually lose your customer base even if you may initially get some kind of an increase in income.

METABANK was taken to court over their CD fraud that they were doing to other banks.  All that METABANK was doing was shifting funds from one CD to another. Other banks picked up on this scam, but METABANK’s internal operations hadn’t picked up on it first. How did that happen?!!!!! What were the supervisors doing within METABANK? Why hadn’t the bank examiners picked up on the CD fraud? Why did the other banks have to be the first ones to find the CD fraud? Something is very fishy within METABANK. As a result of that CD Fraud court case, one of METABANK’s former employees was convicted of embezzlement. Why hadn’t her supervisors  picked up on that earlier? Why hadn’t the bank examiners picked up on it? Why hadn’t the independent auditors picked up on the embezzlement, if there really was an issue of embezzlement that brought about the METABANK CD Fraud Court Case?  That whole story is fishy….. We believe that the CEOs, the highest ranking CEOs, actually instructed that employee to shift the funds from one CD to another as she reported in court. One woman was blamed for that whole mess, but it is odd and most unusual that the problem hadn’t been corrected internally long before other banks picked up on the METABANK CD SCAM.

We perceive the whole scenario that surrounded the METABANK CD Fraud on other banks to be METABANK’s normative way of doing business and why you would best be warned to stay far away from using any of METABANK’s services.

Customers and even employees are given the prepaid cards by the partner company on behalf of METABANK. The employees of the partner company have been given bonuses on the cards. This is good for the partner company because until the money is spent, the partner company is still getting interest from the gift after it is given.

PREPAID BANK CARDS are an interest free loan for METABANK. Ironically, METABANK doesn’t give out any interest free loans to their customer base, but they demand an interest free loan for themselves.

Is that fair? None of us think so!!!!

The numbers on the PREPAID CARDS are different so that customers will be treated “like dirt.” The partner company will most likely be in a state of disbelief when customers complain. The numbers on their PREPAID CARDS bring them to a whole different set of METABANK Phone representatives and the partner company’s employees for the most part will be treated better than any of  the customers on whom they are being asked to push the METABANK PREPAID CARD.

The reality is that PREPAID CARDS don’t begin to serve customers’ needs.

Customers are told that the PREPAID CARDS are safer and more secure than if they were to pay in cash. The PREPAID CARDS are a “CASH COW” for METABANK all of the time. METABANK is poised as a collections agency and they operate far more like a loan shark and a collections agency than a bank.

Only after you begin to have the problems with METABANK will you as a METABANK customer see them for who they are and how they operate.

The partner companies will only perceive the problem after

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