METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC appears to have bought into their own lies

12 Ways To Spot A Liar At Work

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If only it were this easy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your boss tells you that “this change is for the best,” but as she speaks, you notice her stiff body posture and forced smile. Is she being honest with you?

METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC advertises that fast paced and rapid change is to be expected from all potential employees.

Your co-worker says he’d be happy to help you with your project, but he seems to pause a long time before answering – and while talking, his eyes stay focused on his computer monitor. Can you trust what he says?

“You can count on my support.”

“It wasn’t my fault.”

METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC appears to train their phone representatives  to always say  that it isn’t METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC fault and herein lies a major problem

“You’re next in line for a promotion.”


Wouldn’t it be great to know when we’re being lied to? And, wouldn’t it be nice if exposing falsehoods were as easy as it is portrayed on television shows like “Lie to Me” and “The Mentalist?”

But of course, those are entertaining fantasies. In real life, human beings are more complex than that. And, as commonplace as deception is, deception detection remains an inexact science.

METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC has been lying to their customer base over a period of years, using the same tactics. This has been well documented by consumers online and elsewhere. Not all of the customers of METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC can be at blame as METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC would wish them to believe. The shear number of complaints indicates that a real problem exists within METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC

For the vast majority of the individuals you work with, the act of lying triggers a heightened stress response. And these signs of stress and anxiety are obvious, if you know where to look. Basically, what we’re finding is that the mind has to work a lot harder to generate a false response. Wow! And if only METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC put that same energy into doing right by customers and telling the truth

One theory – posed by Daniel Langleben, a psychiatrist at the University of Pennsylvania – is that, in order to tell a lie, the brain first has to stop itself from telling the truth and then create the deception, and then deal with the accompanying emotions of guilt, anxiety, and the fear of being caught.

Spotting deception begins with observing a person’s baseline behavior under relaxed or generally stress-free conditions so that you can detect meaningful deviations.

METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC has designed their product so that  no actual personal contact is ever made directly with their customer base

One of the strategies that experienced police interrogators use is to ask a series of non-threatening questions while observing how the subject behaves when there is no reason to lie. Then, when the more difficult issues get addressed, the officers watch for changes in nonverbal behavior that indicate deception around key points.

Because METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC personnel are always encountered through a partner company who markets their product and because our only other contact may be with them online or via phone which is where we may first perceive the lie although the lie is part of the design, customers may be far too comfortable and have their guard down so they opt into the METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC scam.

In business dealings, the best way to understand someone’s baseline behavior is to observe her over an extended period of time.

The complaints about METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC have consistently complained about the same problems and awful customer service. These customer complaints have been posted online for many years. There you can find METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC real behavior over a period of time… Just look because that history is there.

Note her speech tone, gestures, blinking patterns, etc. Once you’ve assessed what is “normal” for a co-worker, you will be able to detect shifts, when her body language is “out of character.” Just remember (and this is key), that the atypical signals you detect may be signs of lying — or a state of heightened anxiety caused by many other factors.

Customers never have direct contact with METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC; this is by design.

One of the biggest body language myths about liars is that they avoid eye contact. In fact, many liars, especial the most brazen, may actually overcompensate (to prove that they are not lying) by making too much eye contact and holding it too long.


It promises consumers what we may be looking for but because it doesn’t deliver a decent product, even the publicity is a lie. Some of the formats used appear to be informational and unbiased when they are by design even there to get customers to sign on and help METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC begin their scam yet again. 

It is a scam that relies on their ability to get access to new customers, and so partner companies are brought in to push the METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC product which is nothing but a piece of garbage as far as consumers are concerned. 

My best advice is not to rely on any one signal.

You’ll be more successful if you look for clusters of behaviors (three or four body language cues that reinforce one another). To increase your chances of spotting a falsehood, watch for a cluster of body language cues that include:

METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC will not be physically available to customers directly, but they appear to be wining and dining potential corporate partners’ CEOs.

If those partners want to keep their own customer base, they must be alert for the physical clues.

They must insist on a personal contact with the personnel at METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC who are trying to get them to opt in as partners.

What follows then is for potential corporate partners to be very alert when forming alliances that will affect their own customer base:  

1. A fake smile. It’s hard for liars to give a real smile while seeking to deceive. (Real smiles crinkle the corners of the eyes and change the entire face. Faked smiles involve the mouth only.)

2. Unusual response time. When the lie is planned (and rehearsed), deceivers start their answers more quickly than truth-tellers. If taken by surprise, however, the liar takes longer to respond – as the process of inhibiting the truth and creating a lie takes extra time.

3. Verbal cues. When lying, a person’s vocal tone will rise to a higher pitch. Other verbal cues include rambling, selective wording (in which one avoids answering the question exactly as asked), stammering, and the use of qualifiers (“To the best of my knowledge.” “I could be wrong . . . “). It’s also been noted that liars use fewer contractions: “I did not have sex with that woman . . .” rather than “I didn’t . . . ”

4. Under or over production of saliva. Watch for sudden swallowing in gulps or the increased need to drink water or moisten lips.

5. Pupil dilation. One nonverbal signal that is almost impossible to fake is pupil dilation. The larger pupil size that most people experience when telling a lie can be attributed to an increased amount of tension and concentration.

6. Change in blink rate. A person’s blink rate slows down as she decides to lie and stays low through the lie. Then it increases rapidly (sometimes up to eight times normal rate) after the lie.

7.  Foot movements. When lying, people will often display nervousness and anxiety through increased foot movements. Feet will fidget, shuffle and wind around each other or around the furniture. They will stretch and curl to relieve tension, or even kick out in a miniaturized attempt to run away.

8. Face touching. A person’s nose may not grow when he tells a lie, but watch closely and you’ll notice that when someone is about to lie or make an outrageous statement, he’ll often unconsciously rub his nose. (This is most likely because a rush of adrenaline opens the capillaries and makes his nose itch.) Mouth covering is another common gesture of people who are being untruthful, as is covering the eyes.

9. Incongruence. When a person believes what she is saying her gestures and expressions are in alignment with her words. When you see a mismatch — where gestures contradict words – such as a side-to-side head shake while saying “yes” or a person frowning and staring at the ground while telling you she is happy, it’s a sign of deceit or at least an inner conflict between what that person is thinking and saying.

10. Changes in gestures. Often times, in the effort not to let their gestures “give away” the lie, deceivers will hold their bodies unnaturally still. At other times, especially after being asked a searching question, you may notice liars accelerate pacifying gestures — biting their lips, rubbing their hands together, fidgeting with jewelry, touching their hair.

11. Micro-expressions. Difficult to catch, but if you ever spot a fleeting expression that contradicts a verbal statement, believe what you see and not what you hear.

12. The quick-check glance. This may follow a less-than-truthful response: Liars will immediately look down and away, then back at you again in a brief glimpse to see if you bought the falsehood.

One final caveat: If a person really believes the lie, there is no way that can detect that falsehood.

But, unless you are dealing with a pathological liar or a superb actor, I know you can become better at spotting those who try to deceive you!

There is every indication that METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC  really believes their own lies.

So many consumers have complained about how they have been so poorly treated by METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC  over a period of many years that it seems that it is left up to corporate partners to filter out METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC  products from even being considered.

The other problem is that METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC  has operated using many different names and they are now offering training sessions to promote their awful practices as what should be the norm.

Many companies feel the need to stay competitive.

In this sense, METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC  is a pace setter, but because of the number of customer complaints about the same on-going problems and over a period of years, it is really in the best interest of other companies to seek a better pathway forward and not to follow the path that METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC  has created

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