Netspend Meta Bank Incompetent Consumer Service


austin Texas 78768United States of America

Netspend Meta Bank Stole over $3,000 from me

Austin, Texas

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  • On August 9th, I received 4 texts showing transactions for my debit card, the first was a $1,670.34, second for $252.02 and the third was $1,115.64 and the fourth was for $4.58 back to back.  I immediately called and reported those charges as unauthorized and put a hold on my account.  Three of these charges were for Air France in Paris and the fourth was for Tropicanexp in the U.S.  I was told that the $4.58 charge was cancelled and would not be taken out of my account.  I have a copy of my bank statement for that afternoon showing all of these charges.  Now, those transactions that were showing as pending have disappeared and I have 6 charges to Air France in Paris, the first for $1,664.73, second $58.27, third $8.79, fourth $251.17, fifth $1,111.89 and the sixth for $38.92.  Note:  none of these amounts are the same as the original amounts and it caused an overdraft of $95.77 due to my $100.00 overdraft protection.
After the additional charges appeared, which I didn’t even receive a text message for, I immediately tried to call customer service but, they were already closed so, I sent them a message regarding the change of charges.  Something has not seemed right about any of this so, I started surfing the internet for complaints about Netspend and found that I am not the only one to have this issue.

Do not use Netspend!!!!

Thank you for sharing your experience. May this help to alert other consumers so that no one else has to experience the same thing ever again.
It has become clear that META BANK simply doesn’t have their customer’s interests in mind so that they can provide what might otherwise have been a valuable service.
Taking advantage of their customers and not protecting their customer base has become a pattern of behavior by METABANK ~ There is no good reason for any consumer to do business with META BANK
The unfortunate other concern is that METABANK has sought to teach other banking institutions how to practice in their manner as if it was something to be emulated. Bank reforms are needed.
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