META BANK ( ACCOUNT NOW) holds on to consumer’s money making it impossible for consumers to access their own money when they need it the most

Complaint Review: Account now Prepaid Visa

I complained to BBB, but basically META BANK must be one of the sponsors of the BBB in Des Moines, IA. Otherwise, why would BBB favor META BANK and only allow me a brief period of time to respond to META BANK’s written lies in response to my complaint.
  • Submitted: Friday, October 14, 2011
  • Last Posting: Friday, October 14, 2011
  • Reported By: Cindy — Cascade Idaho United States of America
Account now Prepaid Visa

San Ramon California U.S.A.Internet InternetUnited States of America

Account now Prepaid Visa Meta Bank ,

San Ramon California U.S.A.

Accountnow steals your Government Social Security checks via

Direct Deposit and freezes your money Internet, Internet

*Consumer Comment: An all too familiar tragedy…

Do not use Accountnow Prepaid Visa or Meta Bank in San Ramon Ca. they steal your money and use it while you strave and lose everything.
I have had a Accountnow Card since 2009 and even referred a couple of people uncluding my 2 kids, I never had any trouble but had heard about people who had.  I only used once in a while to travel or put money on my Childrens cards when they were out of the area as it was cheaper than using Western Union.Three years ago I became disabled and unable to work in jobs that I was use to doing and filed for SSD and at the time did not have a checking only Savings so while filling out papers for direct deposit in case I won my case  I used the Accountnow account.
STUPID Me finally after fighting for my Disability Insurance with Social Security I finally won my case and they started sending checks sooner than I thought.  Instead of changing my direct deposit I thought I would wait till next month I did not want to risk messing anything up.

I received a text message from Account now saying my deposit was made and would be available the next day for funds so I took my Husband 75 miles to see his doctor and they put him in the hospital and I needed to spend my Money for a motel and gas to stay in town.  The next day I went to my Bank to draw funds from Account now card to put in my bank and it was declined.
Turned out they thought my account was at risk after 3 years of me having it and decided I need to prove who I am and if that is my money. 

Meanwhile I am out of town used all my money up and expected my money to be used to get home when Husband was released, but instead I was on the phone for 3 hours calling them.
They told me the same story everyone one of them sounded the same just changed the name everytime I called and sent me to the risk department which says it has closed after 5 P.M Pacific time and it was 2 Mt. Time everytime I called back I told them don’t tranfer me there was no one there they said oh no they are open.
finally I went to a Friends House copied my Drivers License , SS card and Medicare Card to them and then they said they had reiceved them however now instead of lifting the restriction off right now it will be 7 to 10 days before they can review it but they knew it was there.
I told them this is my Disability check my Husband just had Surgery and I needed Gas to get him home 75 miles away and even then no money when I got there.
Nothing they could do, so I went back to my Friends house and borrowed her Credit Card to get home on other wise I don’t know what would have happened to my Husband and me.Today I am home waiting for tomorrow when my Husband will get paid so we can buy food since my check is in their hands.
I called SSD and fixed it so no more funds would never go in that account again and told them my problem.
She told me I should turn them in so I took her advise, I went to the Federal Attornney Gerenal Website and filled out a complaint put up some blogs and now putting my 2 Cents in here.  YES I AGREE WITH ALL OF YOU NOW!!! Accountnow is a rip off I will only Bad mouth them from now on and never ever refer anyone to them They Suck it hard.
Wow, slightly different details for the consumer in this report, but otherwise this is the exact problem that I encountered using a META BANK PREPAID VISA CARD. I gave META BANK $5,000.00 in cash to place on my prepaid bank card through AAA. During the reload process, AAA phoned META BANK and their representative had my computer file open. Oh yes, META BANK took my $5,000.00 … The META BANK Representative asked me where I was going and when …. I had saved up money for the trip of a life time and I was happy to tell that META BANK Representative about my planned trip. Once out of the country and in a place where another language was spoken, I first learned that  the META BANK PREPAID Bank Card is not formatted to work in the European Economic Union and that the card would not work. I went to an internet cafe before going out into the country side to email home asking my husband that he help me get the card fixed and workable through AAA who was promoting the card as being better than cash for travelers. I got an email back that the card had been fixed and properly loaded. Why hadn’t the META BANK Representative told us about any problem as I was trying to re-load the card?
META BANK lied to me in many ways about why the card was never properly re-loaded always pushing the blame off onto the consumer, which was me in this case.
For one month, I didn’t have any access to my own money which I had in cash one week before in my own hands but which I gave to META BANK to re-load the bank card.
META BANK’s GIMMICK is to hold onto consumer’s money and to use it interest free.
Then META BANK claims that everything has been fixed and that as a customer I really have nothing to complain about.
It is a scam of scale or of scope since META BANK does this to many people, it is profitable for them.
Also META BANK has created all of the rules for banking and kept the right to change all of them without warning.
The SCAM PART is where META BANK gets a free loan without having to pay any kind of interest at all. Using Many different names, META BANK operates the exact same scam over and over.
If I had borrowed $5,000.00 from META BANK for one month, there would have been lots of fees and interest charged.
This is why I must urge other consumers not to deal with META BANK no matter what name they are using; I need to protect others from experiencing what I experienced.
Without this kind of warning META BANK will only continue to push this same scam off onto others. META BANK will get rich off of this fraudulent scheme.
The saddest part is that any honestly operating bank will be the ones who suffer when further regulations must be put into place of necessity.
My greatest fear is that META BANK seems to be getting away with this scheme long after consumers have complained about
this problem over and over again.
What will it take to get the proper regulations in place that protect consumers?
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  1. R Ward

     /  January 28, 2012

    META BANK and the ACCOUNT NOW debit card.

    I have been a card holder since 2010 and never really had more than a couple hundred dollars in that account. I used it for online purchases. Recently, I accepted a $800 card to card transfer from another Account Now Visa card holder ( a feature that is perfectly legal and promoted by their web site). The fine folks at Account Now/ Meta Bank suspended the senders account as well as the my account. Then they required me to send all sorts of personal information to a nameless person at a remote department within their organization. They required much more information that I needed initially to open this account. It has been a few days now and no one has responded to my calls. When calling, I have waited on hold for 25 minutes only to find out that the department that I need to speak to is not available. They refuse a direct name, number, email or any way to communicate with their RISK department. Meanwhile, they have my funds as well as enough personal information to launch all sorts of accounts in my name.

    I feel like I was robbed. I plan to continue attempts to contact them until I can reach a decision maker. Once this matter is resolved, I will recoup my money, close out the account and never look back. This is exactly why people do not trust banks with their money.

    • This is a scam. Please report this to the Office of Thrift Supervision in Washington, D.C.
      Also please report this to everyone else you can think of.

      META BANK has no moral principles… META BANK has done nothing but scam the American people.

      You were robbed… However, META BANK isn’t about to provide you with any kind of customer satisfaction.

      Who sold you their card in the first place? Please bank only at a local bank where you can walk in the door and speak to real people.

      META BANK has “robbed” many innocent American people.

      All that I can do is to try to warn people away from META BANK.

      Avoid paying with plastic !!! Plastic is a double win situation for banks. The banks charge businesses for accepting the plastic and they charge huge interest rates and pull these kinds of shenanigans to scam an unsuspecting public. META BANK’s publicity is often disguised as educational and informational material, but it is nothing but publicity and lies.

      Do not bank on-line unless you can also bank in person in a local bank.


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