META BANK misleads partner companies

What We Do

We work with select groups of partners to deliver ground-breaking financial products and services. Our experience, history of innovation and values help us to connect with partners like you to create unique, market-changing solutions.(Flattery!!!)

We work with program managers and together, we take advantage of our industry-leading expertise to transform smart ideas into high-performing card programs. (But this is a form of a scam on the general public in practice. META BANK does publicity well, very well.)

We also work with ATM ISOs to extend network sponsorship through successful partnerships and an extensive set of tools to help navigate the changing regulatory and legislative landscape. (Changing regulatory and legislative landscape = keeping one step ahead of the law)

Our prepaid product suite for financial institutions is a welcome response to a complex market. We deliver payment solutions made simple. (“Made Simple, a simple payment solution” sounds too good to be true… the product offered by METABANK is abusive of your customer base. METABANK is a collections Agency that will drive off all of your loyal customers.)

We welcome discussions regarding strategic alliances with like-minded business partners – people who, like us, prefer to shape the future rather than wait for it.

(“Prefer to shape the future” = METABANK is looking out for number one, themselves. As their partner, you will only be a tool for METABANK to get rich. METABANK doesn’t really care about your success; they just want control of your financial records and customer base… This is a major scam; the concept is based on misleading information.)

(Major Flattery is used to gain partnerships.

This is publicity for METABANK:)

About You

Enough about us. Let’s talk about you. Our business is to help your business. ( Right! This is how METABANK gets their foot in the door and access to your business)

When we ask our partners about the challenges they face, we see some common themes:

  • Compliance – Staying ahead of policy and understanding changes and regulations
  • Data Security – Protecting your customers’ financial and personal information, and understanding the ever-evolving threats
  • Communication – A solid relationship that keeps you informed
  • Flexibility – Products and solutions that fit your needs
  • Values – A partner you can trust

Do these sound familiar for your organization? (I have said it many times that META BANK studies their market base, not really to serve that market base, but to make money for themselves. Sure META BANK listens and then turns what they hear into publicity to get you to opt into  their product which is COLLECTIONS.)

It takes two to tango

(Right!!! and METABANK needs access to your customer base so that they can enact their scam.)

Relationships are a two-way street. Our partners are a select group who are experienced, well-funded and compliance-centric. (But METABANK is “into changing the rules” for their benefit and not for yours nor for your customer base. META BANK needs partner companies to bring them their customer base. META BANK needs the partner company far more than the partner company needs METABANK. METABANK will do a hard sell of their product on those who can push it, but it will always be METABANK and their same old scam. Be warned if you wish to keep your customer base to stay away from partnering with METABANK or any institution that operates in a similar manner.)

We expect a high level of quality from ourselves and from our partners with an ability to operate in a complex environment. Our commitment to excellent partner relationships is our first step in serving you.

(Oh, META BANK will wine and dine their partner or potential partner, but if META BANK lies to consumers, they must make a greater effort to lie to you as their customer base source.)

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