What is going on here????

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ADS by Google:     Green Dot Visa   Gift Card         Prepaid Visa            Bank Account


Curious!!! So Very Curious!!!

On the same page where one woman wrote to complain about the service, really a lack of service and inhumane treatment, the same bank, META BANK, in its other forms and names, places an ad for their services, the very services that had just boldly scammed the complainant with on that same page..

Many Questions arise out of this practice!!!!!

What is META BANK doing here on the same page where they are being complained about, but using another one of their operation names?

Is this an effort to gain control of the entire market at each level? The advertisement seems to be directed at the consumer who has just been scammed by them.

Is META BANK thinking that the consumer will simply shift from one META BANK product to another?

META BANK has preyed on the unbanked and given them a long list of false and misleading promises.

Simply getting a consumer who is having difficulty with their services to switch to yet another one of their services by using another brand name is misleading that consumer in perhaps the worst and most offensive way…. This amounts to predatory practices….

” Green Dot Visa           Gift Card         Prepaid Visa            Bank Account”  …. These are all META BANK products, former associates of META BANK, or trained by META BANK



Does Meta Bank set up a complaint page, allow consumers to complain and then offer them the same service over and over again with “NEW WRAPPING” so that the customer/consumer is unaware that they are “just jumping out of the frying pan and  into the fire.”

The situation seems hopeless for consumers.

We simply can’t  trust any lender..

We should not be putting money onto bank cards, prepaid cards ….

It will be for consumers to create the solutions for themselves

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