METABANK locks prepaid cards so customers can’t access their own money, but first METABANK takes the customers’ cash money which METABANK keeps from that customer: This practice is immoral

Metabank problems

I have been useing Upsidecards a Metabank Spinoff debit card supplier.
Well i used them the past year and 1 1/2 to 2 years and i have 7-9 debit cards with them that there fully aware of well i started useing them for and braing in about 2k in a 15 day periord and now all sudden they locked the cards and says its Potentially Fraudulent
so i call them and they then act like i can only have 1 card to my name even though it was’nt a problem in the past untill now i start makeing money and o its a huge deal now and they want me to fax a id and bill to them to unlock them then they will close all the cards besides one.
Luckly i had no money on them besides $16 so im not even going to bother with them i will keep them locked and use my other cards that i had for the past 3 years.
It gose to show when u start makeing money thats when all these b***h Co.s want to get in your bussiness i bet i could had 100 cards and never used them and never would they had a problem with how many one has and to top it off they charge 2.50 for each depiost on the card 2.50 for atm w/d .99 just to call them.

So if your useing metabank issued cards like Upside card and Netspend cards and u have more then one dont be shocked if they lock your cards when you start makeing money on them.

I had the same problem with another one of those debit prepaid cards.. they don’t like it when you buy a whole bunch of cards for whatever reason. I would do fine for a few months, but then when I bought 12 cards at a time.. they closed them all down. 😦

And I only got half my money back..

It should be noted that METABANK first takes the customer’s money and then decides after they have full control of their customers’ money to put a lock on the cards…. but always first METABANK takes the customers’ money and keeps the customer from being able to access their own money…. METABANK claims that they see fraudulent practices so that is why they put a lock on the debit cards.


Always, METABANK takes the cash money from their customer base first and then tries to blame the customer for something, whatever METABANK chooses to contrive to provide as a reason for why that customer can’t access their own money



I had a problem with netspend I transfered money from my paypal account to the netspend metabank card and the named didn’t match so they said they would hold my $4000 until I add the person name on my paypal account onto my debit card account so I did that then they said that they already returned it back to paypal all I have to say is F*** netspend and metabank and everyone else who uses them try to get a rush card yall they use chase bank

We wonder just how different the name was on one card from the other? How many times do institutions print out your name and choose how much of your full name should be included on that document?

If METABANK acknowledged their error and actually made the correction for the customer ( and by the way all the accounts would have an accompanying Social Security Number) we may have thought that METABANK’s underpaid phone customer representatives were basically just “under-skilled” for the position they have been given, but it appears that they are following directions from the CEOs of METABANK

“they didn’t refund the money back to your paypal account wihen they lock your card cause they is illegal to keep your money”

This is true. There is actually no law in the USA written by anyone at any time to allow an anonymous financial institution to hold a customers’ money from them…. How does METABANK keep doing this then???

… metabank screwed it

not going to use metabank again never i think in my opinion metabank should be closed down on this sub forum.

Netspend sucks. I transferred my from my PP acct one day a few days later checked and saw it was completed. Went to the atm a few hours later and it says NSF. Called customer service and they said they sent it back because my name didn’t match. I used a business name on my pp acct. Needless to say, paypal limited my acct.


We believe that METABANK is responsible for the problem… Actually we observed the same problem in Feb 2013 in a local restaurant… The METABANK PREPAID PRODUCT is everywhere and it is nothing but junk.

Ok relax and take a chill pill. Greendot cards are just re loadable debit cards that you can buy at many grocery store or walmart. You load them up with some money at first, plus the $4.95 fee they charge. You have to give your real SSN # to registor it cuz it is a real bank account.

Paypal and Greendot are in bed together so don’t have too many Greendot cards under your name or don’t withdraw too much money using those cards.

It only works for a start term fix and not a long term deal.
I would get a true bank account at a real bank for any long term success. Greendot cards are best used for the pimple faced kid working at McDonald making $8.50/hour and not $1k/week or more.

But good luck, glad to help


This is the best customer to customer advice given so far

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