BANKMETA/METABANK progressive, fast-paced, innovative culture and consumers



Here’s your opportunity to put your talents to work in the quickly changing financial industry.

Quickly changing!!!?? So fast that the rules given to the customers when they open an account will never be applied to their account. This is based on our own experience having used METABANK and found their customer service to be unacceptable.  Quickly changing??? Why? To keep one step ahead of the law? It sure  looks that way to consumers.
MetaBank and Meta Payment Systems (a division of MetaBank) are seeking talented, self-motivated technology, information systems and business professionals to become a part of our fast-growing team.
Fast-growing team…. what does this mean? Technology and information systems skills seem appropriate, but our experience using METABANK found their operation to be anything but appropriate.If you enjoy a challenge and thrive in a fast-paced, progressive, innovative culture with a company who is on the leading edge of the financial industry, we’d like to talk to you about joining our team. 



The term “Progressive” is a

Part of Speech: adjective
METABANK Definition for the way they do business is being “PROGRESSIVE:: liberal;growing
Here are some of the Synonyms for PROGRESSIVE, a.k.a. liberal; growing: accelerating,advanced,advancing,avant-garde*,

















left of center,














Here are some “Antonyms” for the way that METABANK describes how they do business: conservative, moderate

Personally, I would rather have a conservative and moderate bank holding my money on my behalf.           METABANK is the opposite of what I expect and need from a bank. METABANK indicates that what they do will be radical. How radical and will what METABANK offers suit your needs as a consumer as a radical banking service…. Sorry, customers, I know that what you received from METABANK was anything but service.

Ok, so, METABANK is one huge ‘pain in the neck’ for consumers. So many consumers have complained about how poorly they were treated by METABANK over now a period of many years, far too many years. It is almost that METABANK perceives the number of complaints they get from their customers as one of the signs of their standard and/or guidelines for what constitutes success.

We would prefer to use a bank that is conservative and moderate in the way they are handling our cash money for us on our behalf.

The only thing that METABANK is on the leading edge of is taking the US over the edge…

… The way that METABANK does business is not acceptable!!!

Inspired by their early success in scamming the underbanked, METABANK never could be satiated and moved out to seek other targets to scam. You could be holding a METABANK card now and not even know it. METABANK gets a partner company…. METABANK wines and dines and courts the CEOs of partner companies to get them to market the METABANK PREPAID CARD for them, and you may not know that you have been sold a METABANK PREPAID CARD…

… METABANK has found a get rich quick scheme that works for them. METABANK fails in the area of proper and appropriate customer service in spite of some organizations solely created for the single purpose of giving out customer service awards to METABANK. METABANK, itself, created the organization that gives METABANK the award for outstanding customer service.

It is part of the scam by METABANK CEOs who have a greedy and narcissistic view of the world. METABANK doesn’t care at all about quality customer service. If they did, customers wouldn’t be complaining over and over again about them.

Intensifying applies to how METABANK ramps up their scam through the way they do publicity. Escalating also describes how the METABANK scam of consumers has affected our economy in general.

METABANK’s definition of success is inappropriate, greedy, self-centered and contrived to stack the cards in their favor and to the great disadvantage of anyone who is unfortunate enough to have become their customer. The rules change in METABANK’s “FAST PACED MIND SET” of success.

innovative culture

The adjective ‘innovative’ is defined as creative
Synonyms for           innovative  include: avant-garde,breaking new ground,contemporary,cutting-edge,






just out,







As consumers, we must ask ourselves if these attributes listed above are what we really want from the bank where we choose to bank.

‘Device’ means an explosive contrivance; a bomb.

Synonyms for ‘device’ are appliance, gadget, contrivance, apparatus, gear.

Deviceful means ‘Full of devices’ – Consumers have complained that they feel tricked by METABANK and that they would never have agreed to the terms of the agreement in the way that they are and have been applied repeatedly to newly attained customers. However, as customers of METABANK we feel used and abused. Our faith in banks has been destroyed.

Deviceful and innovative are therefore negative attributes that we have found to be consistently present in the way that METABANK operates.


Antonyms: customary, habitual, old, traditional, uncreative,unimaginative

Within the antonyms for INNOVATIVE, we find included: customary, and traditional. Old is there too. Old isn’t a negative; Old can be the tried and true ways of doing things. In a bank, as their customer base, we want security, but we haven’t found it through our experience using METABANK.

METABANK may perceive themselves as being at the cutting-edge. Cutting-edge is a noun that refers to the ‘edge of a tools’ blade.’

When  ‘cutting-edge’ is used as an adjective it may mean “At the latest or most advanced stage of development; innovative or pioneering.” The synonyms given for ‘cutting-edge’ are: edge, blade.

As former customers of METABANK, we were taken advantage of and abused by the way that METABANK does business. METABANK is off on the edge, but not in any kind of positive or fruitful way for humanity. As a blade, METABANK mows down their customers and then just moves onto the next targeted sucker to make them a METABANK customer.

Innovative Culture as far as METABANK is concerned only refers to being ‘way out there’ and not being in touch with their customers real and expressed needs. METABANK lies to their customers and treats them/us like dirt once they have the customers money and full control of that customer’s cash money.

Why does METABANK feel the need to lie to their customers while they have scammed them?

Why does METABANK create awards for their customer service given the number of customer complaints that are readily available online?

METABANK is some ‘newfangled’ use of the term bank. METABANK really is nothing more than a collections agency. To get customers to opt into selecting the services of a collections agency, METABANK uses lies in their skillfully written publicity. Unfortunately what is written in their publicity isn’t accurate in the way it describes how customers will be treated once they opt in; METABANK simply needs to get as many people to opt in as possible.

Newfangled is an adjective meaning “Different from what one is used to; objectionably new.” This is how consumers found the METABANK product …METABANK’s PREPAID CARD/DEBIT CARD is objectionable and METABANK doesn’t care that their product doesn’t actually provide a genuine service for customers. They just need more and more people as customers so they can scam them and get even richer. It is a disgusting trait for a business to have. The new technology has allowed METABANK to flourish using this scam. It is a scam of scale; that is the only way that METABANK is innovative in the sense that most of us would consider the term.

Why should a bank be fast-paced????

METABANK prides itself on having a fast-paced work environment.

METABANK seeks out multi-taskers, but research has shown that multi-tasking isn’t a desirable quality. Texting and driving are the clearest example we have been given. As customers of any entity, we want to be treated in a fair and just manner. We want the full attention and full focus of those we have contracted to serve us.

METABANK has this concept backwards and views their approach as some big deal approach. Time and time again we have told METABANK that they have failed to serve us.

METABANK wasn’t established to serve us as consumers/customers. NO, NO, NO, customers are only considered to be a tool by which METABANK gets rich and then richer. Well, their CEOs get rich. Those hirelings who have been instructed to lie to the customers barely make a living wage and many bank employees in Storm Lake, IOWA make below a living wage.

As consumers, we need well thought out services that actually meet our needs and that help us to achieve our goals. METABANK presents customers with a preconceived contract that from the start is abusive. It is all in the fine print, and it is a contract. Customers are mislead into believing that they will be receiving a real service in return. The truth is that METABANK is all over the place; METABANK changes the name they operate using to market the same piece of crap over and over again to new targeted customers and the scam begins anew.

“Fast paced” instead of well thought out traditional and conservative drives METABANK and fails to provide consumers with an acceptable product.

There is a reaction to this “Fast-paced” mindset coming about at this time. Americans no longer want to feel so driven. “Fast-paced” is a gimmick created by employers who thought they could get their employees to work harder and longer for less money. We are all beginning to see the light. METABANK has failed to listen to their customers time and time again. We want to receive a real service and not be lied to repeatedly. We see the scam that is METABANK….. All that we can do is to caution others so they don’t have to experience what we did by being a METABANK customer

The Slow Movement

For fast acting relief, try slowing down.
~ Lily Tomlin, Comedienne

Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly.

                                                ~ Mae West, Actress

We are living the fast life, instead of the good life.

                                        ~ Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slowness


METABANK, the way METABANK operates is life-draining

Organizing your personal finances, and spending well within your means to grow a financial cushion for the future.

For our part, we are one of the growing number of businesses that is interested in offering services as part of a gift economy. We offer our clients the option of paying–it–forward such that each client is offering a gift to the next. This allows us to work with our clients according to their need, and not based on financial standing.

Like all aspects of the Slow Movement, Slow Money is a work in progress that draws upon many ideas from sustainability. The goal, as always, is to apply our creativity and develop life–affirming practices for the benefit of ourselves, our communities, and where we live.

May this serve as a cautionary treatise that elaborates for the general public that METABANK only perceives themselves to be out in the forefront of innovative banking practices. METABANK’s perception of reality and the way that things should be is limited by a self-serving and self-centered view of how the world should be. We do not share the same goals as METABANK.

METABANK doesn’t create nor build community in a positive and nurturing way. Quite the opposite, METABANK is a destructive force for all that we as a community of humanity need to become sustainable. METABANK is out to beat out the competition and to destroy the customer base; METABANK relies on a scale of numbers. Population numbers provide METABANBK with more and more people to scam every day.

Please be forewarned and stay far away from doing any kind of business with METABANK!!!!

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  1. You have copied a lot of text above directly from a couple of our webpages at without crediting the source. This is a violation of copyright laws, even if you intersperse some of your own comments. While there is a single link to one of our pages, we request that you credit us with having written this material. I imagine that honesty and integrity are prime values in your company, and so I trust you will take care of this, Thank you.

    • Thank you for your email, Eric. There apparently had been enough information on the page at one time so that you could find it via a google search, but not enough to satisfy you. You apparently found the site easily enough though. We believed that we had given credit to the source well enough that anyone could have found you. It was a form of free advertisement for you, but we agree that you should have responsibility for all of your own advertising. We have now removed all information from your site that had been quoted on our blog site as being yours previously.

      We also want to thank you for bringing the nature of your enterprise to our attention. We have deleted all of your information. Although we liked your information, your email highlights the fact that your website is really an advertisement for a commercial venture.

      Free financial planning is available all across the USA at the county extension office and these offices are in every county. Furthermore, it is essentially the same or very similar to what you have posted as part of your advertisement. The county extension offices are part of the state universities and they serve the general public by giving them/us the information we need for free or for minimal printing costs. On the other hand, your website is an advertisement to get paying customers.

      This blog site was established for people who have been scammed by banks, a specific bank,or by the current economic climate so that we can share our stories. We are not asking for any money of any kind which differentiates your blog site from ours. Our blog site was created for sharing information so that what happened to us (being scammed by a US Bank of all of our hard earned money) will never happen again to another person.

      Expecting someone to put out more cash when they are already in an economic or financial tough spot is contrary to our goals.

      As a moral question, and I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention, we cannot inadvertently refer our readers to yet another entity that will expect money from them, especially since they have been so horribly scammed already.

      We believe that we had adequately linked to your site information that we put in quotes on our webpage. You found our blog site apparently quite easily. However, we have removed all of that material because it was really an advertisement for your program or something that would require people to lay out cash to pay for services.

      Because the readers of this blog site have recently been horribly scammed out of their hard earned money, we can’t in good conscience suggest the use of the paid services provided by the
      Your site appeared to be a sharing site too, but as you have stated so clearly, it is not.

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We believe that we have addressed your concerns.
      Best wishes from


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