META BANK fails to address consumers’ complaints after years of identical complaints

“What most people need to learn in life is

how to love people

and use things

instead of using people and loving things.”

It seems as if the focus of META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. is to use people to fulfill their need to make huge amounts of profits for themselves.

META et al. does publicity, but their publicity is totally misleading customers so that customers are still being scammed by METABANK.

META FINANCIAL GROUP,INC./METABANK/META PAYMENT SYSTEMS could serve humanity, make a reasonable profit and not use/abuse their customer base, but the META conglomerate has failed to see how the two are actually interrelated.

META conglomerate could provide a real service for consumers, but their CEOs prefer to take advantage of their customer base.


The META conglomerate is making lots and lots of money for themselves at the expense of those who are the most financially vulnerable.

META et al. portrays this practice as being something noble and worthy of praise when it is actually despicable how they treat their customer base.

Because META et al. goals and values are all tied in exclusively to their their own need to make enormous amounts of money only for themselves, their partners and customer base don’t matter to them as long as that base brings META et al. more and more money

META et al. appears to be completely unable to see the misery that their on-going practices of holding customers cash money away from their own use and benefit.

During the times while META et al. is keeping customers’ own cash money from them, META et al. is getting what amounts to being an interest free loan from ordinary people who have been conned by META et al.’s publicity to hand their hard earned money over to META et al. who are total strangers to their customer base.

META et al. creates the problem for customers and then consistently blames anyone else, including their customers for finding the META PREPAID to be junk and fraudulent.

META et al. continues to lie to their customers after they get the customer’s cash money in their control. META et al. keeps customers’ money from customers while in their own publicity saying that the PREPAID CARDS are safer and more secure…. Safer and more secure for METABANK, but not the customer who opts in to the PREPAID CARD of META et al.

META et al is basically nothing more than a collections agency

META et al. exaggerates their services to get potential partner companies and new customers … some call this publicity, but the publicity is designed to mislead consumers to get them to hand over cash money to META et al.

META et al. appears to have absolutely no sympathy for the general welfare and well-being of their customer base and even for their partner companies.

METABANK is still not a friend to consumers. METABANK’s operational practices are by design to take unfair advantage of their customers. This is immoral and unscrupulous.

Had I not been scammed by META BANK myself,

Had I not been lied to by META BANK myself,

Had I not observed myself that META BANk repeatedly pushes the blame back off onto their consumers for why the consumer was scammed as an on-going practice so that all customers are abused by META BANK in this same way over a period of many years,

Had I not been taken advantage of in such a cruel and mean way by META BANK,

Had I not observed that META BANK was also abusing other customers and even their corporate partners as well,

Had I not observed that META BANK keeps repeating the exact same scam over and over again,

Had I not observed that even once ( and in their case obviously many times) informed, that META BANK still is continuing to scam the general public for their own financial gain

I wouldn’t be trying to warn other consumers that METABANK is an impossible business for consumers to do business with in any capacity and come out whole through this relationship. METABANK establishes all the rules and then retains the right to change those rules at any time without warning…. Consumers have absolutely no input into the agreement. The agreement is presented in a completely positive light, it is only in using the prepaid bank card that consumers find out what a scam METABANK PREPAID CARDS are.

METABANK is one huge nightmare for any and all of their customer base.

There is no indication that META BANK has an action plan of any kind to begin to even address the problems and the customer complaints they have created in how they manage the METABANK PREPAID CARD.

The METABANK PREPAID CARD is a real money maker for METABANK, but it is horrible for consumers.

I must forewarn any and all people who may consider doing business with METABANK that it would not be in their own best interest to associate or to do business with METABANK in any capacity.

What happened to me ( and to many others) by using a METABANK PREPAID CARD should never have happened, but METABANK has not yet shown any willingness to come up with an internal action plan that shows they have heard these very vocal complaints so I must continue to seek to forewarn everyone and anyone who may be the future victims of META BANK or of one of their conglomerates.

January 1, 2013

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