METABANK actually does do credit checks and shares your contact information with places, enterprises, with whom you simply don’t want to do business

META BANK may more actively be seeking to scam their customer base than even previously realized:

METABANK does have access to your complete credit history.

METABANK wants customers who have a poor credit history or who may already be in debt over their heads so they can charge you outrageous interest rates which they have rationalized as being appropriate for them to do.

METABANK really wants their customers to fail so they can profit from your misery.

METABANK gives your contact information to all sorts of vendors. As their customer you will begin to receive, actually be innundated, by advertisements enticing you to buy and to buy more….. This too is part of the METABANK DESIGN FOR THEIROWN SUCCESS AT THE EXPENSE AND MISERY OF THEIR CUSTOMER BASE.


METABANK has created a “Customer Loyality” Program that is yet another scam to get you to spend more at their partner companies

Two things bothered me about applying for the “no credit check” cards provided By METABANK

January 2013

Justin wrote:

I wanted to thank you so much for your page                                                             and information regarding Meta Bank. 

I am new to prepaid cards and I applied for the “up” card and one other card but I didn’t realize until after the fact that they are both offered by the same bank.

[Most of us are new to the PREPAID CARD and therefore very vulnerable. Also, META BANK indicates that they retain the right to change all of the rules governing your account with them at any time without prior notice….. This is also part of the design to scam consumers. We are all in this together as consumers; we must work to protect each other.]

Their fees are totally different. [The service is still METABANK!!!]

[METABANK has designed and marketed PREPAID CARDS to appear to be different. This is actually a design to distract consumers from the real problem. Consumers may be lulled into thinking they are being given a real choice, but quite the opposite is being done. Consumers are needed by METABANK, and a steady flow of new customers are needed so METABANK can do what it has always done… METABANK’s publicity is superbly crafted, but it is the first step in a very major scam of the consumer.] 

[METABANK, META PAYMENT SOLUTIONS/SYSTEM, META FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. is nothing but some glorified collections agency. By design, METABANK is looking for people of whom they intend to take advantage… “No Credit Check Necessary” as you have observed is all bogus. METABANK knows exactly what they are doing; it would be far too risky not to know these things. METABANK charges higher interest rates on customer’s they perceive to be riskier, and the consumer wants to use a bank that requires credit checks for their own protection. This would provide a healthy relationship between the consumer and the bank, but it is by design that METABANK wants the most financially vulnerable people as their customer base: 

#1 The most financially vulnerable are usually least able to speak up for themselves because they are already in survival mode.

#2 The most financially vulnerable are often caught between a rock and a hard place so they are taken in by METABANK and banks operating like it.

#3 Pushing blame off onto anyone and everyone but themselves for problems that consumers have complained about for many years now is a sign of some very sick and unhealthy dynamics being practiced internally by METABANK.

#4 The newness of the PREPAID BANK CARD has caught all of us consumers off guard and made us vulnerable. METABANK advertises for new employees who can work in a face-paced and rapidly changing setting, but never mentions the need for their employees to be honest and to have integrity…. METABANK is a collections agency, glorified into calling itself a “Bank” but it designs products so that META BANK can act as a collections agency which is its real focus and skill area… METABANK doesn’t care about consumers nor consumer’s welfare… They have an abundance of sources to be found in our ever growing population explosion upon which they can draw the next person to scam using the same old and well practiced formula for scamming consumers….. Oh yes! We are complaining all over the internet… Take a look!!

#5 METABANK began as a “THRIFT BANK” where they learned their basic skills needed on the most vulnerable as they sought to scam the “UNDERBANKED.” Then METABANK went after the middle class as they sought partner companies to promote their product for them with most likely promises of great financial opportunity for that partner company… The partner company lost me as their customer, even though I had been their customer for years… It was the CEOs of the Partner Company who most likely had been wined and dined by METABANK who then sold them a “Bill of Goods” or their horrible product for the partner company to market… How METABANK operates once they get access to a company is a huge proliferation of how the scam is achieved; it is all part of METABANK’s original plan which is to make METABANK really rich at the expense of the partner company’s customer base…. I could no longer trust any of the services provided by the Partner Company so I stopped doing business with them.]

Two things bothered me about applying for the “no credit check” cards.

They had to have ran my credit because these security questions popped up. identifying places I had lived before and asking things that tied me into my past credit history.

[ Yes, so much now is so easily accessible online and banks such as METABANK would most likely have purchased whatever is available out there for their own private use…. Yes, I have often felt that what METABANK is doing has been studied carefully so their needs are met over and over again, but with even more profit for their CEOs… I think that the tellers may make little more than what most of us would consider to be living from pay check to pay check… They just need a job and to keep that job, they need to follow company policy, even if that is just to lie and push blame back off onto their customer base]

I suddenly started getting bunches of spam emails for all kinds of credit cards and cell phone deals and I never asked for these emails and am very mindful about whom I give my info to (or so I thought).

[ Thank you for this information. Most of us are currently being bombarded by phone calls although we are on National “NO Call” Lists and garbage printed materials seem to have increased exponentially in the US MAIL… Our landfills and re-cycling centers have to be suffering. The goal is to confuse the American public by overwhelming us in one way or another]

I haven’t received the cards in the mail yet but my gut was telling me something fishy is going on and I think you hit it right on the head,,,,,, I think they are essentially operating as a collection agency as well as an old school Mafia which manipulates the consumer in order to use their hard earned money for their own financial gain. [ I have read the complaints of others over the years and I have my own experience to go by… It was so awful that I had to warn others. If only someone had warned me first, I could have been spared. All that I can do is try to protect others.]

I have been unemployed for almost 2 years and I just got a part time job (thank goodness! ) but my gut is telling me I am going to deposit money and they are going to swoop in and grab it from my old debts from being unemployed.

[From what you have just indicated: I think you may need some financial counseling. Please ask at your county extension office or at your local public library to seek out and to find genuinely cost free advice that is also valid.]

Thank you for your page and for speaking up because now,, I am going to write “return to sender” on the envelopes and NOT use these prepaid cards.

What I did instead was go online and sign up for the new (Name removed by Mrnd5) card from (Name removed by Mrnd5) and it will be shipped out tomorrow.

[I was so scammed by one bank, METABANK!!! Research indicated to me that I didn’t want to get any kind of “card” through an online source. METABANK sold me a prepaid card, took my cash money, held my own money from me so I couldn’t use it, but they could  use my cash money as an interest free loan to them. I had not planned to give them an interest free loan. Then they lied to me repeatedly once they had my hard earned cash money in their possession. METABANK had and has contracts with VISA and MASTERCARD to be able to use those names on their cards. VISA and MASTERCARD have international recognition, but METABANK administers the cards even though you may be lulled into thinking that you are opting into using a reputable brand like VISA and MASTERCARD, you are just signing up to become the abused victim of METABANK…. METABANK appears to have formed an organization that has recently given them an award for their best customer service for PREPAID CARDS. It has to be a creation of METABANK to promote and to continue their scam as they have always done it. The award is nothing but a publicity stunt by METABANK and a nasty joke for the rest of us.]

[I cannot advocate for the purchase of any card offered by what amounts to being an un-known entity found on-line.  METABANK also charges for their customers to phone them. I want a place where I can go in to talk to a real person… A friend was being scammed by a bank with a physical facility. She wanted to cash out and close her account. They said to her that they couldn’t do that… She started to yell and scream in the bank…. Yes, all the customers were in there…. and sure enough she got her cash money back…. I haven’t had to try this, when I have banked at a local bank with a real building and real people inside of it with whom I can speak…… However, I have observed that part of the scam that METABANK uses is to distance themselves from the people they scam, their customer base yes, but given how METABANK intends to scam that customer base, it is to their advantage to make it impossible for their customers to come into real physical proximity to employees of METABANK…. You see, it would be then that METABANK  employees would observe you as a real person, a real flesh and blood person like them and it would be far more difficult for METABANK to scam you… as it is designed, you are nothing more significant than those images seen on the computer screen in a computer video game…. Those games create a clearly defined set of “Good Guys versus the Bad Guys” and a “SHOOT ‘EM UP” based on the mentality of US VERSUS THEM…. I cannot advocate for any card, and especially one with which I have not had any experience…. We need far better regulations and oversight of our banking system… The Office of Thrift Spending/OTS failed in its duties to serve the ordinary citizens…People who understand banking most often are found within the banking system; the OTS was operated by bankers. METABANK could choose which of the regulatory services they wanted to serve them and to oversee their operating policies… The bankers operating the OTS catered to METABANK and perhaps others like it so as consumers we were let down doubly… Well, actually the BBB of Des Moines, IOWA is also peopled, funded and controlled by the businesses themselves. METABANK has to be leveraging  to gain power and control in whatever ways they can….. Until I feel confident that proper bank regulations are in place, I can’t advocate for any prepaid bank card, especially those purchased from an unknown entity found through online sources or even promoted by a partner company that doesn’t fully control all aspects for how the card they are offering is managed…. This is the state of our economy as I have found it at this time.]
Thank you!

[You are most welcome. Best wishes to you, May I have spared just one person from the pain that I experienced at METABANK. However, other banks may be operating in a similar manner as METABANK now.]

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