J. Tyler Haahr – a letter to you with the truth

J. Tyler Haahr

Welcome to Meta Financial Group, the holding company for MetaBank. In addition to our extensive array of traditional banking products and services, Meta Financial Group includes the dynamic Meta Payment Systems, our industry-leading electronic payment systems division of MetaBank.

We hope you will explore our website and gain an increased appreciation for the growth prospects we are supporting on behalf of our organization and our shareholder owners.

J. Tyler Haahr
Chairman of the Board, President and CEO

Dear Mr. Haahr,

As a former customer of METABANK, I made the unfortunate decision to buy one of your prepaid travel cards. When the card failed, I reported this internal problem that had I found by using METABANK’s product to METABANK immediately.

Your customer service representatives lied to me. METABANK lied to me about why the problem happened. It became clear that the METABANK customer service representatives had been instructed to lie to customers, and that the METABANK employees had been instructed to push the blame back onto the customer or anyone else they could but off of what METABANK actually did. They hadn’t been given any other task than to lie to customers; this has become very obvious then and in the years that followed when others found the same experience.

After that experience, I met other people who also were finding the METABANK Prepaid Travel Card to be useless. They were also unable to get in touch with METABANK in any kind of satisfactory way while overseas which seems incredible if the card is issued as a travel card. Upon return to the USA, this highly educated college official was told that he had used the card improperly and that is why none of the clerks in Europe would even accept the METABANK product. We can only surmise that those businesses in Europe had also been previously scammed by METABANK.

I began an online search to see if others had encountered any problems. I was amazed that so many people had been so horribly scammed by the way that METABANK actually operates. This practice is a gross miscarriage of justice at a very basic level.

It sends up all sorts of red flags when a company lies, so boldly lies, to their own customers, and when that company shows an on-going indifference to their own customer base. METABANK has been sending all sorts of red flags up to consumers for a period of years.

Reading the METABANK web site, we see that METABANK is working harder at the appearance of providing adequate and satisfactory customer service than actually doing that. Time and time again METABANK customers indicate that they are kept from accessing their own money. This is a dishonest and unscrupulous practice on the part of METABANK. It isn’t enough to appear to provide an honest service. A real quality product must also be present.

On your website, I read examples of phishing scams that promise customers that they will receive $50 deposited into their account by doing the online survey. We believe that the fast-paced innovative approach being used by METABANK may be back-firing and not thought out well enough so that these phishing scams can exist.

Because METABANK indicates on your web site that you provide a quality service to many satisfied customers, while, at the same time, the reports online of the  experiences of many  METABANK customers over a period of many years indicates quite the opposite. The publicity, although creative and well crafted, on METABANK’s website is nothing more than a lie. Customers’ lives have been made miserable and they are still complaining regularly. Why hasn’t this been corrected after all these years?

We have observed that METABANK is seeking:

“MetaBank and Meta Payment Systems (a division of MetaBank) are seeking talented, self-motivated technology, information systems and business professionals to become a part of our fast-growing team.

If you enjoy a challenge and thrive in a fast-paced, progressive, innovative culture with a company who is on the leading edge of the financial industry, we’d like to talk to you about joining our team.”

We also see that METABANK is seeking “talented, self-motivated technology, information systems and business professionals.” While that may seem like a reasonable request, but we don’t see anywhere on any of METABANK’s web site pages a request for employees who are honest, hard working and who have integrity.

It seems that “talented, self-motivated technology, information systems and business professionals” is  similar to a code requesting highly talented computer “hackers.”

Recent in-put indicates that one of your hirelings, one of those computer whiz/wise guys, has used your in house technology to perpetrate obscenities on behalf of METABANK. Is this really the path that you are choosing? Have you actually thought about who these computer technology, information systems professionals may be?

We kindly ask that METABANK actually address consumers’ complaints and now in addition to to meeting consumers’ real needs, we must ask that you screen your employees to ascertain their mental state. 

We find it implausible that a normal person would be able to lie, and yet that is what customers have found repeatedly when trying to remedy the problems they have found in trying to use the METABANK products.  We believe that hirelings are given some kind of a pep-talk and a list of lies to read off from and no other authority to record nor to find a resolution for the real problems that customers have complained about for years.

Something is very wrong. It is most transparent to many METABANK customers who have experienced extremely poor customer service that the way that METABANK operates is wrong, unscrupulous and ill-conceived.

As the CEO of all of the META BANK operations, we implore you to make the proper changes within METABANK so that customers’ real  needs can be met, and get rid of the “hackers” who appear to have originated within METABANK/METAPAYMENT SYSTEMS itself. They are just adding another level to what is already a very sick operation. It would seem that it would be in METABANK’s best interest to reverse their direction, and to get rid of all of the internal negative aspects that are dragging you down.

Certainly, we continue to hold a very poor opinion of METABANK’s service and product reliability.

Some of the METABANK concepts may actually have potential, but until we hear from real customers ,and not those paid testimonials found on the METABANK web site, we cannot endorse any of the METABANK products. Our own negative experience may never be able to be forgotten; the damage was so traumatic and the deaf ear that METABANK’s employees turned to us only hightened how negative that whole episode had been. We do not wish another person to have to experience what we experienced that was so traumatic by using the METABANK PREPAID CARD.

It seems that METABANK may say they are responding to their customers, but it actuality METABANK may be polling a bunch of “yes men” and you need to address the real truth.

If we hadn’t been taken advantage of and abused so badly by METABANK with empty and false promises of safety and security, we wouldn’t have created this blog. The regular channels that customers encounter at METABANK failed us. It is unfortunate that METABANK perceives their role as they do and to be far most positive than it is for customers.

Other areas of your web site where you request employee applications, we see that METABANK anticipates their role as a processor, that is as a collections agency over customer service. The emphasis is skewed and needs to be changed. Bank Customers need a safe place to keep their hard earned money secure and available when they need it the most; METABANK has never been able to do this for us as customers.

Multi-tasking is required while this has already been proven as the source of inferior products and faulty work out-put.

Working in “a fast-paced environment “seems in appropriate for a place where people would put their money to be kept safe for them. We want a product that has been well-thought our that serves our real needs, and so far METABANK has failed us as consumers in this regard.

The phrasing “contributing to building a positive team spirit and inspiring and motivating others to perform well” also doesn’t address customers real and expressed needs. This appears to be a form of making what METABANK does to be normative when what METABANK has been doing for years is to ruin customers’ lives and to traumatize us. Bringing this to METABANK’s attention only produced more of a push back from METABANK, more lies by METABANK and a show of moneyed power as the process went on. Nothing was resolved nor changed internally at METABANK because METABANK chose to turn a deaf ear.

METABANK expects difficult and emotional customer service situations when they request hirelings who are required  to possess the following attributes: “Demonstrates customer service by managing difficult or emotional customer service situations”

What are the negative situations that METABANK expects?

From a customer’s perspective, we have observed that METABANK used our cash money as an interest free loan and that they kept us from being able to access our own cash money.

This practice makes the METABANK PREPAID CARD useless.

METABANK regularly gets the same complaints from customers about the same problems indicating that it is by design that METABANK encounters “negative situations.” METABANK advertises for employees who have the following skills: “Employees must speak clearly and persuasively in positive and negative situations.”

METABANK’s customer representatives politely lied to us, but METABANK had full control of our money so they could.

What is being asked of the METABANK hirelings who have the high school diplomas or GEDs is to treat others in an immoral way. This needs to be changed.

We would not be asking you to change if we had not experienced this kind of customer abuse ourselves, followed by learning that this is a METABANK Pattern for  how they treat all customers. Why this continues puzzles and concerns us.

Now the added dimension of METABANK’s own personal “hackers” who abuse the customers takes the METABANK experience to  a whole new level. METABANK has hired perverted males to phone other males to say gross and filthy things. What is that all about?

Consumers are asking for a quality product, to be treated with dignity, and to be told the truth.

METABANK could continue to exist within these guidelines listed just above, but it will be METABANK’s own choice ultimately.

Abraham Lincoln said: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” 

METABANK has created the parameters within which they are choosing to operate. Only METABANK can seek to create and to provide a quality and  sustainable product. Everything on the METABANK website is publicity, but it doesn’t adequately describe the real experience that consumers/customers will encounter at this time and which they have been complaining about for years.

It will be for METABANK to provide a genuinely positive customer experience and to get rid of those perverted computer “hackers” you have been hiring so that can happen. The biggest problem is inside of METABANK in regard to customer service, and the choice is yours to correct your internal problems.

How many consumer /customers will it take to complain before you are willing to look internally and to make the necessary changes? It is in the best interest of everyone for METABANK to create proper reforms immediately ( and so far we have only seen steps in all the wrong directions.)       ~Mrnd5


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