Why MetaBlue VISA Prepaid Reloadable card is not a smart idea for consumers

As consumers who have been scammed previously by META BANK we cannot endorse nor encourage anyone from becoming a customer nor a partner with META BANK.

All that we, as a consumer advocate group, can do is to warn others telling them what we have experienced personally by using META BANK. In this way perhaps we can prevent others from being scammed as we were.

Over time, though we realize that the practices within META BANK are only self-serving so that they can make lots and lots of money from the most vulnerable people in our society along with ordinary people much like us.

No one is immune from what META BANK is doing to us, to our economy and to society. META BANK takes away all hope for a better future from ordinary people like us, and especially from the most vulnerable among us who would be classified as being underbanked. Because META BANK uses so many different names under which they offer up the same old scam time after time; they may be scamming you right now and you may  not yet know it. When it happens to you ( first META BANK will blame everyone else but themselves and if you fall for that then you will always be stuck and angry at all of the wrong people) you will most likely be shocked that you too have become a victim of this scam. No one is immune; META BANK is out to get money, more and more money from wherever they can get it and however they can get it. META BANK doesn’t care at all about the well-being or general well fare of anyone else but themselves; they have shown this over and over again.

Please help to stop this scam!!! META BANK has no interest in changing because they are doing financially very well at the expense and misery of others. META BANK’s publicity is only publicity; it does not actually reflect what will actually happen to you as their customer or partner company.

It is also beginning to appear that while META BANK gets huge amounts of income from ordinary people like us and especially from the underbanked who would be the most financially vulnerable people in society that META BANK then uses this money to

    • further promote their scam so that it becomes normalized in our society to the point that we must just accept it
    • and to further their practices on a much deeper or higher level that will cause great hardships for the majority of the people in the future

Had we not been scammed so horribly by META BANK, we would never have felt the need to create this blog!

However, we were treated so miserably by META BANK that we are compelled to forewarn others so that what happened to us will never happen again to another person… Yes, the customer service at META BANK was so awful that we must warn others.

Please share this message so that if anyone has also been scammed by META BANK or by any agency using similar tactics and gimmicks to take advantage of ordinary people that they will know they aren’t alone.

Please, if you have been scammed by METABANK or any of its partner companies, please complain to everyone and everywhere….. This is the only way that we believe at this time that we can put an end to this huge scam. Thank you for your help!!!

How METABANK does business isn’t beneficial for consumers… It is as simple as that, but the experience is far worse that that. Please find it in your heart to share your story with people who are in positions where they can promote changes and get consumers some real protections.

Meta Blue Visa Prepaid Reloadable

A Smart Way to Start!

is misleading

and untrue

However, this is where the scam begins

Account Features:

  • 100% Account acceptance with Identification [META BANK lies though. They said that they had no contact information for me so they couldn’t notify me or warn me. META BANK by law is required to ask for identification before loading prepaid cards, but then tells consumers that the consumer failed to provide this information. Why would META BANK take a customer’s money who can’t give them their address or show them a government issued ID?]
  • No credit check required [ Actually, the credit check is the consumer’s assurance and by not requiring this META BANK will begin their plan of action to scam you… Pay close attention to what happened to BOESEN and the Assassination in DUBAI by 26 people using META BANK PREPAID CARDS… META BANK is far more actively involved in promoting this scam that they want consumers to believe…META BANK was basically responsible for the death of two people. One man was apparently so harassed by META BANK that he committed suicide and the other man was assassinated… he wasn’t given a fair and impartial trial… How do you think his friends and family are going to feel about how he died? Don’t you think that they may choose to respond in some way at some point? META BANK set up this scenario…. META BANK is talking out of both sides of their mouth, and they cannot be trusted… Do not do business with META BANK no matter what name they may be using at any given time or place.]
  • Convenient – Cards accepted everywhere Visa is accepted [ However, META BANK may suddenly and without warning close off all of your access to your own money… This is not a wise choice for consumers. You are better off paying in cash and keeping full control of your own money. Because META BANK manages the VISA PREPAID CARD you are given, the fact that it says VISA on the front will not help you. You will still be handing a fully cash money loaded card to clerks who will try to run the card through their reader over and over again only to have it rejected as being in valid or without your money on it…. Lots of money in my case…. META BANK sets us up as their customers to appear as if we are trying to pull the scam on those merchants, but we are the ones who have been scammed.]
  • Safe and secure – lost/stolen protection* [Meta Bank Representatives have lied about lost/stolen cards using this as an excuse not to reload or load prepaid cards or to suddenly put a hold on your prepaid card so that you can’t access your own cash money when you need it the most….. This plan is really safe and really secure for META BANK because it guarantees them free use of your cash money… At the same time, you are being misled by the statement “Safe and Secure” because their is absolutely nothing safe and secure for you. As a consumer using a META BANK PREPAID CARD, you will only become far more vulnerable for getting into debt than ever before in your life…. This  explains how and why we consider META BANK and how they do business to be an immoral scam, a criminal act designed to gain access to unsuspecting consumers hard earned money….. It is far beyond “SHAME ON YOU, META BANK” because so many innocent people have been affected for years and years by the META BANK system and actions.]
  • Shop & pay bills online, cash access, manage spending [As a consumer using the META BANK PREPAID CARD, you will never be sure how much money is still available to you. You may go to pay a bill and find that the META BANK PREPAID CARD will not allow you to pay that bill…. The control and management of your spending is all being done by META BANK. META BANK has free use of your money and gives you a sense of false security by telling you that you will be able to better manage your money… META BANK caters to the underbanked, those people who live from paycheck to paycheck. Actually, they can and do manage their very limited funds quite well… META BANK’s publicity indicates that their money on the META BANK PREPAID CARD is safer and more secure, but this is very misleading. It is a gimmick for META BANK to gain the control of your assets and then to abuse you in the process… META BANK wants to grab the underbanked population because they will not be able to afford attorneys to fight META BANK’s scam practices…. Protect yourselves in a real way by not doing business with META BANK…. META BANK leaves a path of misery wherever they exist.]
  • Direct deposit   [The direct deposit gives META BANK full access to all of your assets and it is just about impossible to be able to extricate yourself from such a contract. The DIRECT DEPOSIT has often been pushed as a way to help people be able to improve their credit score; this will be impossible though given how META BANK lies and fails, completely fails to address the real needs of their customer base and the customer base of any partner company]
  • Low monthly fee: No Fee with direct deposit or $3.00 per month without direct deposit [ META BANK charges you $3.00 per month x 12 = $36 a year so that they can hold onto your cash money and earn interest on your cash money…. This dynamic and design makes using such prepaid cards one of the biggest scams of our time.]
  • In Branch reload fee: $3.00 [META BANK charges you money to take control of your money on the prepaid card…. Why would anyone consider such a card? This is a scam.]
  • ATM Usage – Balance inquiry Fee: $.50, Withdraw Fee $1.50 Domestic and $3.00 International [Is this for all ATM machines or just some? Wait a minute, META BANK has your cash money and they are charging you to have access to it?? This isn’t a public service this is a way to make more and more money for META BANK. Remember that META BANK has your cash money for a period of time, that META BANK controls how often you can use your own money or even if you can access your money at all… This concept is great for META BANK, but it doesn’t address consumer needs… META BANK’s publicity says that “This is the smart way to start.” That is pure crap]
  • Point-of-Sale Pin Fee $.50   [ If you use you money to buy something and a pin, which is most likely required just so you can get the card to work, you will be charged each time you buy something…. Meanwhile, META BANK has full control of your money and you don’t…. Why would any consumer choose to use a META BANK PREPAID CARD????  It has all sorts of fees and a huge number of customers have complained that even META BANK doesn’t follow these rules, that META BANK keeps your own cash money from you, gives you the run around, Lies to you and tries to push the blame on anyone and everyone else but themselves so that META BANK keeps repeating the same scam over and over again as they are constantly seeking out new unsuspecting sources with idyllic and misleading promises.]
  • No fee for Point-of-Sale signature transaction  [What is a signature transaction? Where is it applied? This sound so nebulous that I find it difficult to believe that it isn’t just another aspect of the same old scam. META BANK lies to their customers once they have full control of your money. I have not seen honest and honorable actions at or within METABANK… What about the META BANK CD SCAM? Why hadn’t internal audits at META BANK uncovered this scam? One employee was forced to take all of the blame. A woman had to take all of the blame. Pickhinkle said that she was following the directions of her supervisors, and you know what, I believe her. If she was embezzling money, why hadn’t META BANK supervisors picked up on this? Why hadn’t internal audits discovered this before other banks? Why didn’t META BANK try to settle out of court? META BANK has apparently used the vast sums that they made by serving the underbanked to “buy off” someone or many some places where they need them the most. It sure looks that way to us. The fact that META BANK keeps doing this scam on us the ordinary citizens is appalling. What META BANK does; they real actions are criminal.]
  • Cash Advance Fee $5.00, $500.00 daily cash advance maximum [So here META BANK lists all the fees they can think of to charge you…. However, because META BANK has a long history of lying to their customers so they can hold onto those customers/consumers’ money and get free interest from it. The elaborating of these fees may appear to be clear and straight forward, but how META BANK acts once they have your cash money is what matters the most…. Customers are still complaining about the way that META BANK abuses them in 2012… This needs to stop.]
  • Foreign exchange markup – Additional 3% [ A standard charge so this may be extraneous information.]
  • Lost/Stolen replacement fee – $5.00 [META BANK refused to load my card because it may have been lost or stolen, they told me. I hadn’t reported it as being lost or stolen. I was being lied to so that META BANK could hold onto my cash money, use it as an interest free loan for them… META BANK time and time again has proven not to be a reputable bank to deal with.]

*The Visa Zero Liability policy covers U.S. – issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions or PIN transactions not processed by Visa. Cardholder must notify issuer promptly of any unauthorized use.[ How would that consumer know? It may be that META BANK is the one doing the unauthorized transactions. Once again META BANK excuses themselves from all responsibility and pushes it off on the consumer.]

Consult issuer for additional details or visit http://www.visa.com/security Issued by MetaBank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. [ I contacted the brand name on the card that META BANK Issued to me and which they also didn’t load with my $5,000.00 in cash money, and I was told that all of the control of the card was by the bank that issued it…. I am not sure then why we use the names such as VISA or MASTERCARD….. as it is being used now, it is a gimmick to defraud consumers. Whomever at VISA is allowing META BANK to use their name on their cards needs to stop selling their name to META BANK because it is the fact that it is a VISA or MASTERCARD product that also gives consumers an added sense of security. This is only a false sense of security though to carry a VISA or MASTERCARD issued by METABANK because it is still META BANK in action carrying out their longstanding scam of ordinary citizens like you and me.]

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