Consumer’s Complain about the Services they received from PrePaid Cards and METABANK

METABANK sells….

It is sold on line and in impersonal ways to

customers so there is never anyone with whom

the customer ever has a personal rapport

Here are some customer’s complaints about META BANK’s yet another one of META BANK’s names/aliases by which it operates.

Let’s read about these consumers’ complaints:

I put $20 on the card, which along with the $7 fee for the card itself, comes to almost $30 after tax. I tried to use the card after that, and it claimed it was unauthorized. I then noticed I needed to activate the card. I called for activation and reached a tech support place in India. After activation, I again tried to use the card, and again received the unauthorized message. I called again, this time reaching South-East Asia. She claimed that I had registered the card instead of activating it, and that I would need to fax her my Drivers License as well as my Social Security card – Which I refused to do. They also claimed it was impossible for them to unregister the card. [ However, this customer was right that basically they would be giving all of their personal data to at best an incompetent company that can’t get anything straight.]

I was just recently restricted then dropped all together from my Western Union Moneywise prepaid card (META BANK) account because i was recieving Western Union payments and spending that money on what i saw fit. This apparently is a no no. Im not allowed to spend my own money. I was told it was suspicious because the money was being sent to me from all parts of the world and i was withdrawing it all in one shot. I explained that i am a musician and i get paid to write songs, lyrics, music, beats for kids all over the world who enjoy my music. That i am a published ASCAP member, a business owner and no parts of what i am doing are illegal or go against any term of conduct they may have.. he said he believes me and is closing my account. He explained that this “looks” like “money laundering”.. he said because im spending it all in one shot.. i explained that this is how i make a living and i need to pay rent and such.. he said he would refund me and they are still closing my account. Essentially because i dont use ATMs daily, or “Swipe” my card to make purchases, giving them the ability to charge me per transaction, i am an unfit customer.. or a terrorist or something.. We are being used..robbed.. abused and enslaved by our Government and Banking organizations.. wake up people.. [I agree]

RED FLAG!!!! Consumers need to research how these “prepaid card” companies operate prior to purchasing any card. MasterCard & Visa do NOT recognize Netspend, Metabank, as clients, therefore it is NOT a Visa or Mastercard at all. [META BANK simply uses VISA or MASTERCARD’s names to be a part of the hook in for unsuspecting consumers. Those names no longer mean any kind of guarantee for consumers.]

USE COMMON SENSE!!!! – Never give out social security numbers.
– Do not buy “debit” cards at retail stores. Use a trusted bank.
– Large transactions require FDIC banking safeguards or you will
never see that money again.

It’s 2010. Protect your personal information, money, and dignity because there are e-scams worldwide. [ And META BANK is one of the biggest and meanest of them all.]


My wife received a $50 debit MasterCard gift card issued by MetaBank from our daughter. Despite several attempts at various places we have been unable to get the card accepted anywhere. [This happened to me too] On the back of the card are 2 phone numbers, one for Live agent support and one for Account information. I have called both numbers several times. After entering all the data they ask for a voice comes on and says “Thanks for calling” and hangs up on me. [ I found that when META BANK ever does respond that they lied to me. Neither approach is satisfactory. META BANK simply keeps opening up a newly named but the same old scam over and over again. All that we can do as consumers is to try to warn each other and to protect others who are just like us and just as vulnerable as we were. ] I tried going to their website “” and they wanted my social security number which I refused to give out. It is obvious this is a scam and these people should be put out of business. [ I agree]


META BANK was in on the Dubai assassination [ (in 2010?). Payoneer, META BANK’s partner in Israel, has the best equipment in the world to detect if false identifications are being used to buy their product per their website at the time of the assassination. The assassination was done by Moussad operatives; one man was denied his right to a fair trial, the man who was assassinated. The potential repercussions for the American people are extremely high because META BANK is incompetent and greedy at the same time. Consumers must complain every time they are scammed because it is now a question of scale. How many people does META BANK have to scam in one day to make lots and lots of money? It used to be that heists of this magnitude were being done in one fell swoop. Here is a reversal, the all powerful and rich, are far too greedy and they commit a crime of scale, many rather small crimes on many, many people so that META BANK makes a real fortune very quickly. META BANK has in house attorneys and they can prolong any court case for as long as they wish. The average person doesn’t have the ability to keep up especially if they have already been financially scammed by such predators.]  Meta Bank said that they didn’t know that the Moussad operatives were using false identifications. META BANK sent out a newly hired employee to talk to the press. Since she, Lisa Binder, was so new in the company, she would not be able to provide any more information and she could say that with a straight face because  for her it would be true. [I hold The Haahr Family of Storm Lake, Iowa and Brad Hansen, a META BANK President, responsible for the death of that man in Dubai who was killed without ever having the benefit of an impartial trial.]

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