“I received a call today from a collections agency….” Who is protecting consumers????

I received a call today from a collections agent about a possible loan I took in July of 2010.I asked if there was a way to get everything in writing so I may verify with my own records if this was true or not.

Because a possible $200.00 loan has now become an astounding $635.35 if I pay by the end of July (2012) which is In the next -3 weeks.

Or I could choose to pay $946.76 within the next two months.

Something doesn’t seem right and the attempt at intimidation was just more frustrating then anything.

I do know I will be contacting OTS to see what all is going on.

The OTS wasn’t doing their job properly and they were shut down. Please contact the Attorney General and evry one else you can think of to report this kind of scam. It is a scam.

If you feel like “they” are coming at you from every angle, they are and this is why as consumers we must speak up!!!

By the way, your response was appropriate. Keep up the good work!!!!

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