What is Meta Bank?

I received a MetaBank Reward Card. What is MetaBank?

  •  Jon Jon asked 
Today I received a Prepaid Reward Card from a bank called Metabank and the address reads “Programs Headquarters, P.O. Box 117, Lemont, IL 60439.” I have never in my entire life associated with this bank. Is this a scam or something?
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  • Michelle answered 
MetaBank is a complete scam, stay well away from them. See this website for more information on this scam. This website is one of 10 I came across, all saying the same thing.


We have no further information that indicates that METABANK has improved their product in any way as to be considered consumer friendly. Consumers are urged to stay far away from all METABANK products, but METABANK operates using many different card names so you may already be using METABANK and not know it.

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