Here are excerpts from the University of Kent regarding Striving for Excellence in the workplace

“If we get the mindset right, it is more likely to lead to skills being developed as a consequence” said Reed

I am going to apply these guidelines to what I experienced at METABANK using their PREPAID CARD and from the experiences shared with me over the years by other META BANK customers:

Quality and professionalism

  • Check the quality of your own work.

[ After I was scammed, I found out that this was more of a pattern and METABANK’s on-going action plan to give poor and completely unsatisfactory customer service… METABANK is always pushing the blame for a problem off onto the customer and then anyone else they can think of. It simply isn’t METABANK’s intention to provide a quality product to their customers…. Yes, this mindset puts METABANK on the wrong path all of the time.]


  • Set out a clear vision of what is required for success.

[Whose success are we talking about here when it comes to METABANK? Normally what is good for the consumer is also good for the long term survival of any business or service provider…How odd that META BANK would take the completely opposite approach and set out to abuse their customers one after the other in the same way each time!!!! For now, METABANK seems to have gotten away with this prank, this scheme, this scam, but it is very difficult to believe that METABANK will continue to thrive using these practices]

  • Compare the risks and benefits. Take calculated risks

[ Compare the risks and the benefits? What is META BANK seeing that allows them to believe that scamming the public is acceptable and good for their business… Customers have been complaining about the awful treatment they have received from METABANK for years… Why hasn’t METABANK ever considered changing their action plan which is what is really needed?]

  • See the bigger picture.

[META BANK sees an opening for making money for themselves and only for themselves with a brief nod to their partner companies, but META BANK only knows how to operate like a collections agency. META BANK’s publicity is creative but all fiction so that what consumers are being told is nothing but empty and meaningless words… Nothing about META BANK’s PREPAID CARDS actually benefits the consumer, and then when their customers tell META BANK about all the problems they have encountered in using the META BANK PREPAID CARD, META BANK lies to the customer and tells the customer is at fault… really, this is a problem not only for the customers who have been scammed, but for the whole economy… METABANK is teaching their practices to other banks as if their policies, internal practices, quality of product being provided and their vision was actually something good. What METABANK does is spread misery so they can make lots of money!!! Really, the CEOs of METABANK belong behind bars and well supervised even there!!!]

  • Give priority to customers.

[ In their publicity META BANK gives the impression that they are meeting the needs of customers. In practice over and over again though, META BANK has kept their customer’s own money from them for META BANK’s own personal gain. Then META BANK lies to their customers and tries to push the blame for the problems they have encountered by using META BANK’s PREPAID CARD off on the consumer…. Giving priority to the needs of their customers hasn’t ever factored into META BANK customer service action plan…. In their publicity, it may appear that customers are being served, but in practice, META BANK’s actions show the reverse to be true. Simply stated: META BANK does not give priority to customers, and herein lies the essence of the problem at META BANK. META BANK only needs their customers money, but they don’t really want the customers who are bothersome to them, as they should be when they are so poorly treated by META BANK.]

Regarding Quality and Professionalism, META BANK fails horribly. For this reason, META BANK is unable to meet their customer’s actual needs. The University of KENT then talks about “NEGATIVE PERFORMERS”… these are the people no one would actually want to hire in most organizations. Let’s see how META BANK measures up in this category:


Negative performers

  • Are content to leave performance at existing levels: how little interest in developing their skills further.

[Meta Bank spends their timer pushing blame off onto their customers while continuing to scam their customer base. META BANK lies to their customers over and over again. Why META BANK thinks that this is acceptable is really unclear. However, it appears that the clerks who tend the phone lines have been instructed to lie and to push blame off onto the customer. META BANK never accepts responsibility because their real agenda is to get control of customer’s cash money; META BANK has no action plan to serve customers or to make any changes that would serve customers… Oh, in their publicity, META BANK still says they are there to help, but that is just words to get people to hand over their cash money to them. Because META BANK is called a bank, this would be like the reverse of a bank robbery; here META BANK is stealing from their customer base. It is a complete reversal from all that we have ever experienced before. Our bank regulatory system may not be able or ready to stop practices that are used by META BANK to scam ordinary people.  META BANK is a thrift bank that sought out the most vulnerable people, the underbanked to scam them and to make themselves rich in that process, and META BANK really works more like a collections agency/loan shark than what we know to be a traditional bank. META BANK wants to keep things as they are so they can keep up this same old scam.]

  • Disown responsibility for their own tasks.

[META BANK has always pushed the blame off onto their customer base while they kept that customer from being able to access their own cash money. META BANK’s plan is to get an interest free loan for themselves. META BANK lies to their customers and META BANK has been lying to customers for many years… META BANK fails to provide any kind of a quality customer service over and over again.]

  • Distance themselves from responsibility for the team’s performance.

[Meta Bank will only do business online and they charge customers who want to talk to them or a real live person by phone. META BANK doesn’t want face to face interaction with their customer base. I assume that is because META BANK’s CEOs actually know that they are scamming the public and lying to us… We would see it in their face if we interacted personally and face to face, but we don’t see META BANK’s operatives faces… They hide out in IOWA someplace giving the whole state a really bad name.]

  • Give up in the face of obstacles and don’t demonstrate a sense of personal responsibility for delivery.

[META BANK doesn’t accept responsibility, but pushes the blame for all problems off onto the customer, as if the customer was just some stupid dolt… the customers are not stupid… META BANK is manipulative and META BANK doesn’t demonstrate any kind of sense of personal responsibility for providing the services they imply to potential customers that they will offer by using META BANK’s services.]

  • Take a narrow focus, taking decisions in the interest of their own team or self

[META BANK has consistently acted in ways that are of benefit to their own financial gain, but which jeopardize the economic well being of their customer base… Then adding further to their customer’s misery, META BANK has consistently blamed their customers for any difficulty they may have encountered with META BANK’s service. When it reality, META BANK has designed their service to serve their own financial gain and to take advantage of their customer base… META BANK has consistently preyed upon the “Underbanked” for their own personal financial gain…. This kind of thinking is really, really sick on META BANK’s part.]

  • Are risk adverse: undermine confidence by focusing on difficulties, problems and obstacles.

[META BANK pushes all blame and responsibility off onto their customer base. META BANK has no intention of making life better or easier by providing a real service to customers. META BANK’s actions over a period of many years have consistently demonstrated  their indifference to the suffering that META BANK causes for their customers so they can use their customer’s cash money as an interest free loan for themselves. This is immoral. META BANK creates all the operating rules that are designed to make them rich, but at the expense of ordinary people… Because META BANK retains the right to change the terms of the agreement between them and their customer base at any time without notice, there is absolutely no way that customers will be treated equitably by META BANK.]

  • Act as if ‘knowledge is power’: reluctant to pass on their skills to others

[META BANK gives potential customers misleading information about what services they will be receiving from META BANK. META BANK retains the right to change all the rules of the original agreement at any time and without notification to their customer base…  How is that fair to consumers? The plan offered by META BANK is by designed to make their customer base suffer.]

  • Don’t involve team members where appropriate.

[META BANK seeks partner companies to push their PREPAID CARDS for them. It is obvious that META BANK more or less wines and dines the CEOs of those partner companies. Look at META BANK’s line of corporate gift cards. META BANK also runs competitions as they pretty much take over the operational aspects to make the META BANK PREPAID CARD work in that partner company. The problem is that META BANK’s real intention is to scam the customer base of the partner company. META BANK needs access to that Partner Company’s client list. META BANK has the CEO’s and even the clerks of the partner company use their PREPAID BANK CARD and for them it works well, but customers will be given look alike cards that have different numbers and different contact information on them from what was given to the partner company CEOs and even the clerks who will push the cards. At first, the partner company may actually see some profits by using the cards, but little by little, their customer base will fall away because they now perceive they can’t trust the partner company, a company where they have been treated well for years. The partner company in some cases has been completely run into the ground. It is all about making a big profit for META BANK and the welfare of everyone else simply doesn’t matter to META BANK…. This is almost like a computer game for them. In real life, if your customer base goes away, you go out of business… META BANK is not a good company to partner with if you really want to protect your business.]

  • React to symptoms rather than trying to understand the underlying causes.

[Well, META BANK trains their customer representatives to lie to their customers and to push the blame for their problems back onto the customer or someone else. META BANK may actually understand the scam they are perpetrating and exactly what they are doing. Because META BANK has offered the same scam over and over again and often changing product names while really giving the exact same product, and because META BANK has never presented any kind of an action plan to address the many clearly stated complaints about their awful customer service, we must believe then that META BANK has no intention of making any changes in what they do…. It is and always has been only about how to make META BANK really, really rich fast. This is the boldest scam I have ever encountered. It is the mindset of the METABANK CEOs that sets the tone for all that happens. META BANK simply isn’t a place that I would knowingly seek to do business with because all that they do for customers is to create misery and that isn’t what I want… I don’t want META BANK teaching other banks that what they are doing is a good idea… META BANK is destroying our economy; they are getting rich, but the rest of the citizens are suffering and META BANK has no empathy for the conditions of misery they have left people with…. I am appalled by what META BANK does!!!]

  • Are resistant to change

[META BANK has been pushing blame off onto their customers for years and keeping customer’s money away from them. META BANK lies to customers…. WHY? META BANK CEOs are making huge amounts of money… It is greed so they have no desire to change things that are highly favorable to them even if it is causing pain and suffering for others… This makes META BANK immoral.]

  • Avoid difficult conversations and confrontation

[Customers have complained that they are put on hold and passed around from customer representative to another. Each one lies to them and nothing gets resolved fort the customer. This is a gimmick used by META BANK to distance themselves from the people they scam. It appears that META BANK doesn’t wish to see their customers as their fellow human beings; META BANK keeps an emotional distance between them and their customers who they may never see in person… In their publicity, META BANK has boasted about how people can do all their banking with META BANK from the convenience of their own homes online… The reality for consumers is that we need to all feel connected with the rest of humanity to be healthy, but the design of META BANK’s PREPAID BANK CARD is an impersonalization which allows META BANK to continue to be indifferent to their customer’s real needs…. most of their customers work from pay check to pay check and they would be the people we see working around us everywhere we go. They are the ordinary people of our world who work really hard just to survive and META BANK wants to bilk these people for their own personal gain…. There is nothing honorable about METABANK’s PREPAID CARD.]

META BANK is a “negative performer” in every sense of the term.

Instead of Striving for Excellence in the Workplace, META BANK takes the path of  a negative performer. Most companies wouldn’t tolerate META BANK’s mindset. As consumers how can we let META BANK keep doing the same scam over and over again to ordinary people like us???

Please tell everyone everywhere that META BANK fails in the are of proper customer service because it is true.

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