Corporations will not accept Prepaid Debit Cards in payment.

“A fellow traveler told us that when he was in Europe that no one would accept his METABANK issued “Travel Card” with a VISA logo on it.”

Just before his trip to Europe, he had been urged by one of METABANK’s corporate partner’s clerks to try out the METABANK “Travel Card”. That clerk also encouraged him as a travel promoter for his university to get others to buy the METABANK Travel.

  1. It is obvious that the clerk was naive and being used to push the METABANK Travel Card.
  2. Most likely she had been given a METABANK prepaid card as part of a corporate gift.
      • This was most likely followed by a form of an incentive to get those clerks to market the METABANK “Travel Card” by promising a small monetary gift, as in yet another gift card.
      • Please note that any money left on those prepaid cards are an interest free loan to an anonymous and unknown corporate entity, in this case METABANK, but that clerk had been the victim of a hard sell strategy.

The traveler mentioned above tried to phone METABANK from Europe using the number at the back of his card. He was unable to get any response while in Europe. Upon his return to the U.S.A., META BANK phone representatives told him that “He had used the card wrong.”

Of course, this is a lie. No company would accept the METABANK TRAVEL CARD in Europe.

Also a “RED FLAG” should go up when a company tries to push blame for problems that customers find in using their service back off onto the customer. METABANK by design holds onto their customers money and takes full control of their money. How much money that can be spent in any given day is limited so that METABANK, and any bank that operates like it, can get an interest free loan from that customer. This is a violation of a good faith relationship. Customers are being abused by METABANK.

If we hadn’t been so shamefully and unabashedly by METABANK, we wouldn’t be writing this blog to warn other consumers, but we were so grossly taken advantage of and lied to by METABANK that we must speak up against the practices used by METABANK.

Had only someone else warned us ahead of time, we may have been spared….

Corporations Will Not Accept the PREPAID Debit Cards….. Here is why:


Debit Card Policies


This location does accept bank debit cards with the MasterCard or Visa logo at the time of rental if you have arrived by air into the metro area. The renter must present a return airline ticket with a return date at the time of rental.  The renter must be at least 25 years of age.  You will be subject to a credit check to determine and ensure credit worthiness before releasing the car to you.


(Car Rental Company Name) reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to seek a Debit Card authorization hold in excess of the estimated rental charges. We will place a hold on your account of $200 plus the estimated rental charges. THESE FUNDS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR YOUR USE. When the rental is over we will process the reversal but the bank may take time to post it back to the account.


If you fail to return the vehicle as agreed, (Car Rental Company Name) will obtain additional authorizations from your account to cover the rental charges.


(Car Rental Company Name) is not responsible for any returned checks or over-drafts based on this policy.


Positive identification in addition to your driver’s license may be required.


In the United States, Debit, Cash or Check cards can be used at the end for payment of rental charges. For acceptable credit identification and payment methods in countries outside of the United States, please consult the Renter’s Guide and search for the specific location.


Note: Prepaid Debit/Gift cards are not acceptable methods of credit identification to pick up a car at any location. One of the above mentioned cards must be presented. Prepaid Debit/Gift cards are accepted at time of return only.

PAYING USING A PREPAID CARD ISN’T EASIER NOR IS IT SAFER FOR CUSTOMERS and yet this phrasing and empty promise is one of the primary focuses of the advertising used by METABANK to attract wary customers.

The truth of the arrangement is quite the opposite: PREPAID CARD/DEBIT CARD USERS will find their money is now out of their control. These customers will not have access to their own cash money; METABANK will not accept any kind of deposit on their prepaid cards except for cash money. Once METABANK has a customer’s cash money, the customer has given over control of their own money to an anonymous and unscrupulous entity. METABANK’s publicity is a form of false advertising. The PREPAID Bank Cards are a great money making deal for METABANK, and any other bank that follows their example and practices. For consumers, the prepaid bank cards, the debit cards, the gift cards are a nightmare. You are being cautioned not to enter into any kind of an agreement with METABANK because they have lied to so many other customers, including us, and they have kept us from having access to our own money when we needed it the most. Customer after customer have complained about the same identical problem when using DEBIT CARDS, PREPAID CARDS, TRAVEL PREPAID CARDS managed by METABANK.

Because METABANK uses other corporate entities to market their PREPAID CARDS, and because METABANK operates using so many different names, you may already be using a METABANK product without knowing it. Some customers have indicated that the PREPAID Card by METABANK worked as expected for a period of time and then they got scammed big time by METABANK and lied to by METABANK.


METABANK is first and foremost a collections agency and not a bank, especially not a bank in the sense that most people understand the term “BANK.”

METABANK got its start by catering to the underbanked and unbanked citizens in our community…. When you think about this, this means those people all around us who must live from pay check to paycheck. They are the working poor who are most targeted by METABANK. METABANK encourages them to have their salary check directly deposited into an affiliated account with their debit card. This gives METABANK far too much control over their customers’ assets and economic livelihood. If METABANK lied to others, as their customer, you will not be spared. Eventually, it will become your turn to be scammed too.


Customers are only an economic tool for METABANK. METABANK is not designed to provide a genuine customer service to their customer base. METABANK will only move onto to the net person, tell them what they want to hear as a way to hook them into using METABANK. METABANK is taking advantage of the rapid population growth that the world is experiencing.

METABANK is training other banks to follow their practices in annual seminars. Just because METABANK scams the general public and they can get others to do the same thing, this will never make METABANK’s practices moral, scrupulous or of any kind of genuine service to humanity.

Please do not do business with METABANK.

Please do not use PREPAID BANK CARDS.

METABANK will always push the blame for any problems that customers may encounter using their prepaid card back off onto the customer. METABANK Phone Representatives have been given a script, a list of lies to spew back to customers. Partner corporations who have been enticed to use the METABANK Prepaid Cards are give cards with different contact phone numbers on them and they are treated politely. These partner companies are often in disbelief when their customer complain about how they have been so grossly abused by METABANK.

Be forewarned to simply not do business with METABANK.

Don’t use PREPAID BANK CARDS ( they are only a money making deal for the banks, but awful for consumers)

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