Misleading Publicity for



  1. Achieve financial freedom with an AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card or Prepaid MasterCard Card.
  2. An AccountNow Prepaid Card account can help to manage your money safer, easier, and cheaper.
  3. Learn about the other benefits of having an AccountNow Prepaid Card account.

This card will not help you to achieve financial freedom

This card takes the control of your money and hands it over to a bank that has proven themselves to be dishonest.

The more you read, the more misled you will become.

Empty promises designed to capture your most vulnerable places in your life is all that you will be reading.


Don’t bank with META BANK.

Save your money in a savings account. Don’t give up control of your hard earned money.

The Prepaid cards are one of the biggest scams ever foisted on the general public.

*         *        *

Here is the publicity that ACCOUNT NOW PREPAID DEBIT CARD posted:

Works similar to a checking account

(Nice idea, but META BANK-ACCOUNT NOW is at best inefficient. More likely, META BANK’s practices are a well designed scam against any and all customers. As a consumer, you want to have the most control over your own money possible. ACCOUNT NOW PREPAID DEBIT CARD only takes money away from you and gives it to META BANK-Account Now to use interest free. Don’t be taken in by this publicity gimmick!!!!)

AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card and Prepaid MasterCard Cards work similar to an online checking account. Keep your money safe in one of our prepaid card accounts instead of carrying it around in cash. Your deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

Our prepaid accounts all come with a prepaid card containing the debit identifier. Our prepaid cards are similar to a bank issued debit cards. Not only can you make purchases and withdraw cash with our prepaid card, but you never have to worry about overdrafts because you can only spend what is on your card.

Saves you lots of money.

(The only way that this can save you money is if you are paying money to get checks cashed. Get a savings account at a local bank where you can walk into the bank in person if you want to save money. This statement “Saves you lots of money” is misleading; it is designed to be misleading.)

Save hundreds of dollars a year using the AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card and Prepaid MasterCard Card instead of traditional checking accounts, credit cards, bill paying services, check cashing, or bill paying services.

There are never any late fees, finance charges or overdraft fees. You get unlimited bill paying – no need to pay for postage or money orders. Also, you’ll never have to pay to cash your benefits or payroll check when you use our free direct deposit service.

(Never any late fees because you have handed over full control of all of your money to META BANK-ACCOUNT NOW PREPAID DEBIT CARD – The gimmick is they want the debit card attached in some way to your salary check which must be direct deposited. However, this gives an unknown online source full control of and full access to all of your income. META BANK has lied before. What makes you think they will treat you fairly???)

Safer than cash.

(Safer than cash!!! That is nothing more than publicity. “Safer Than Cash” simply isn’t true.)

Your AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card or Prepaid MasterCard Card is protected against fraud with the Visa Zero Liability policy** and the MasterCard Zero Liability policy, conditions and exceptions apply (see cardholder agreement). This protects you from unauthorized charges made to your prepaid card in case your card is lost or stolen.

Your deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000. (Except it is META BANK-ACCOUNT NOW who will “confuse” the situation so much with empty verbiage and lingo that you as their customer will have no recourse. It will be ACCOUNT NOW PREPAID DEBIT CARD, itself who scams you so that all of these other protections are nothing but publicity.)

Everyone is accepted.

( This should be the first clue that you don’t want to do business with ACCOUNT NOW- META BANK – this means that the interest rates will be outrageous)

Getting an AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card or Prepaid MasterCard Card is just as easy as qualifying for a credit card or checking account. 100% approval* ensures you will qualify for one of our prepaid card accounts as long as you have valid identification. ( META BANK lied to me about the valid id part so they could take my money and use it interest free. If they did this to me, what makes you think they won’t do this to you?)

If you have bad credit history or no credit at all you can still get an AccountNow Prepaid Card because we never check your credit bureau report. Even if your banking history isn’t great or you are on ChexSystems, you are still eligible to get one of our prepaid cards.(No credit check means higher interest rates. Check out the life of Boesen and META BANK on line. What makes you think that after you die that META BANK-ACCOUNT NOW PREPAID DEBIT CARD will be kind to your survivors. META BANK took Mrs. Boesen for every penny they could squeeze out of her.)

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