Scammed, Bad Credit History – avoid getting into further debt, don’t take on more debt in anyway

Consumer Protection is needed

      • Bank at a bank you have known for a long time
      • Check out your local extension office for ideas for how to stay out of debt
      • Pursue another legal way to make income
      • If you have a bad credit history, you only want to deal with a local bank.
      • Take public transportation to help to save the environment


Submitted on 2011/11/24 at 1:33 am

bad credit car loans auto financing kansas city…

Even with inferior credit, you’ll still get good Kansas City auto financing rates if you are doing your research and understand where to look. Obtaining a auto loan is less complicated with poor credit than most other types of loans, and is an excellent method to restore your credit to what it once was. Just keep looking until you find the simplest auto financing rates you are looking for, as there are plenty of unscrupulous corporations that might cheat you if they could. No matter that, there are still lots of reputable places that will be happy to work with you, irrespective of your credit, and can offer you a fair deal on financing for your truck to get your credit back on course


Not sure that this is a reliable source for protecting your hard earned money in item above.

If you don’t personally know the banker and it isn’t a locally owned bank, steer clear of them.

This doesn’t appear to be a real solution, but yet another scam, and there seem to be many ways to be scammed out there.

Find other ways to survive these times.

“Kansas City auto financing ” sounds like yet another scam being pushed off onto the consumer.

Consumers Beware!!!!

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