Save Money; Reduce Stress in Your Life, and Live a Happier and Healthier Life

How To Save Money While Avoiding Debt

By Guyvenson Francois


The alarming levels of debt today is due to what once was an economic boom in the 90s.

Today almost in every town, country whether developed or not, cities, and people are drowning in massive debts. People are so accustomed to that culture when banks made it easy to apply for loans. Although banks are now trying to put on the brakes on that culture, I am afraid it is too late. The problem with debts is that it’s easy getting them but difficult to get out of them.

Debt can cause stress, unhappiness in one’s life, and anxiety. Having too many debts can limit and restrict a person’s options. Having too many debts can also ruin families’ relationships and cause someone to work longer hours and further contribute to all types of health issues.

One reason to avoid debt is that it limits your options. Debts can force you to work long hours in a job you don’t like and limit the amount of quality time you spend with your family. Debts and too many of them can lead to divorce. In fact, expert agrees that the number one reason for divorce is too much debt. Another reason to avoid personal debts is the stringing interest banks are charging you. Too much debt can lead you to file bankruptcy.

Strain of debt usually results in breakups or divorces. (Boesen committed suicide. )

In fact, experts cite debt as the number one cause of divorce today. Another reason why we should avoid debt is that it can send us in a never-ending debt cycle that is complicated to get out off.

 Any type of debt or credit option is stringed with an interest increasing at high rates. (This is a consumer nightmare!!!) If you are unable to act immediately, your finances will be engulfed for long-term, which may result in bankruptcy.

The solution to debt is to save money and do it fast.

Another solution is to earn money while saving.

You can save money by

1.      cutting down on expenses,

2.      live within or below your means,

3.      and managing a budget.

The third solution to debt is avoid personal loans altogether because they come with high interest rates and don’t appreciate in value. If you don’t need that new car, boat, sofas, or furniture then don’t buy it. If you must purchase then use cash.

Working long hours in order to pay down your debts may leave you with no time to exercise and that can cause some health issues.

Bank lenders are looking for people to scam. Once in debt, you are in a state of economic slavery to work to pay off the bankers who are already making obscenely huge annual incomes.

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