Meta Bank’s home base is in Storm Lake, Iowa, and Iowa is still part of the USA… yeah it really is!


Is it true that Meta Bank is not getting federal bailout money because it is not based in the U.S.?

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[Then there appear 5 advertisements for METABANK products immediately after that question]
META BANK is sponsoring the page located at ASKVILLE  in order to confuse the general public about people who have made complaints about their service and their product.
Why? So METABANK can keep taking advantage of consumers.
Online, there has been over a period of years, all sorts of “heads up” indicating that META BANK didn’t deal fairly nor squarely with their customer base… yes, META BANK lied to consumers. There were many websites where consumers wrote in to complain about how poorly they had been treated by META BANK.
META BANK has its home base in Storm Lake, Iowa which is still a state in the USA.
Answer from newuser61695631 [ It would appear that newuser61695631 is META BANK itself.]
Meta Bank is not getting federal bailout money because it is not based in the U.S.
(That can’t be the reason for some very obvious facts. The main one being that Iowa is within the U.S.)
Hello People Of MetaBank And iAdance *** You Know The Office of Thrift Supervision, MetaBank’s bank regulator, has directed MetaBank to discontinue its iAdvance Line of Credit program effective.(Oops!)
This has messed up a lot of us as for me i got to pay $270 An unable to get a new advance. so that makes it where i can’t pay bills or rent. (No, it was all METABANK who decided to cut their own losses and who then withheld your money from you!!!)

[Did you put cash money on a prepaid card at Meta Bank and then Meta Bank held onto your money after October 13? I do not understand why if there was money on your card, why your bills weren’t paid before Meta Bank was allowed to extract any interest income for themselves. Follow who is making money from the transaction, and this will show you who is at fault. Are you telling us that, Meta Bank put a hold on your money without any warning as their existing customer. Then Meta Bank blamed this on the OTS.] 

(It would seem that I am being quoted here and why I believe that the source for this misinformation is METABANK itself)And it is misinformation. It would seem that whomever wrote this post doesn’t have a healthy outlook

So My Question is how many people have called The Office of Thrift Supervision? To give them your thought about not giving any warnings about them doing this and messing up a lot of family’s. (Wow, do you have all the incorrect data. However, it is METABANK’s practice to bully any agency that serves to protect the consumer so I believe that this post originated within METABANK itself. This is my own observation.)  


This is a form of intimidation or well, at least, an effort at intimidation by METABANK it would appear. The truth must be told and what is at the post at is not the truth. It is a rant.)

I left them a message you should to. [ Let us know what you found out after you phoned]


( So the writer at the link is asking you to phone up some agency and complain about something that isn’t true? Why? What is the deal with that? METABANK’s practices are inherently misleading; they are excellent at obfuscating/confusing what is simple in order to gain an advantage… what META BANK does should become illegal… because it is looking like only consumers can work to protect themselves.)

 This  post appears to have been posted by META BANK itself, especially given the positioning of their own ads on the same page. META BANK sets up their own regulations; there is no one regulating the banking system or it is a rather free market form of regulation. 
WHY ? You may ask. I know that I often ask why METABANK must lie to the general public.
META BANK hires expensive DC Lobbyists and trains their “hirees” /employees to act the way they do to META BANK’s own customer base. METABANK has a winner take all mentality. There are no genuine solutions for consumers to be found by using any of METABANK’s services.
In 2010, (see the link below) IAdvance was very much in action. Complaints abounded all over the place online. It is unfathomable that had anyone been looking for references online that they wouldn’t have seen problems in, that is within, how METABANK operated back in 2010 or even before that. Any regulatory action against METABANK came after years and years of warning and complaints by many people.
Anyone and everyone could have found those complaints easily. In fact, it also appeared even back then that META BANK was placing advertisements on the pages where people were being invited to complain about them, and they complained voraciously.

The only people keeping you from your own money would be META BANK itself; METABANK is the only one who has the motive to do that.

No regulatory agency would tell a bank to keep people from using their own money to pay their bills. What are you asking the public to believe??? You can fool some of the people all of the time; all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.
As a former customer of METABANK, I am trying to prevent others from having the same horrible experience that I had to endure by using METABANK’s services. METABANK has been biting the hand that feeds it, so why try to blame that on any other agency? METABANK wouldn’t listen to me and they were part of the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.
METABANK wants full control of your money.
The writer of this link is most likely affiliated with METABANK ,and there is a not so hidden threat contained within that post for both OTS and anyone who may try to make a real complaint to anyone and to everyone.  

Threats are a form of control. 

What consumers need is clear and genuine information.

Banks make up all their own rules and METABANK retains the right to change those rules without warning.

The rule changes will be of benefit to METABANK, why else would META BANK make those changes?

Pushing the blame off on someone else which is how METABANK operates toward their customer base is a dysfunctional dynamic that is not problem solving.

In the message posted at  and which is copied above, this is what I am seeing… The writer is blaming everyone else but METABANK for how they did business.

Because of the tone of the post at, it may have even been written by someone at the management level within METABANK.
The threat within it indicates that METABANK wants to continue to do business as they always have done it, and as their customer base, we are saying we don’t want to be tricked and scammed anymore.
Certainly new practices could be developed within the bank that would actually serve the best interests of any potential consumer base. It appears that METABANK may then only be a “One Trick Pony”… METABANK keeps doing the same old scam over and over again using a new card name, I have observed for a number of years.
MetaBank is once again pushing the blame or trying to push the blame off onto someone else, just to get the focus off of them and their own self-created internal problems. METABANK is acting in away that serves only what they perceive to be their own best interests.

Once again, I must ask, why lie?

Known fact that METABANK is headquartered in Storm Lake, Iowa.. and Iowa is still part of the USA.

As a METABANK customer, I found that METABANK wanted to blame me for whatever transpired that they had initiated themselves. They out and out lied to me.
Why would they lie? That was a red flag for me and it should be for any other real customer (not a pretender)
However, this link  is a creation of and by METABANK itself.
 “[ Let us know what you found out after you phoned]”  
“Us” is plural and the writer  must be  working for METABANK.
We must ask then  because there is some gross misinformation within the message posted at where did that  originate? Who would be motivated to promote a misleading concept?  The source is far more transparent than they may realize.
 Also this indicates that METABANK has  been “putting the screws on” … that is META BANK most likely has been using force or threats to make someone do what METABANK wants, and they have already most likely made some threats to the OTS, probably to a clerk who answers the phone unless it is a machine that answers.
Then the writer at feels the need to confuse the general public with some blatant misinformation.
The origins of the post indicates that it is METABANK itself because it mimics the very policy and practices that I am complaining about.
As a consumer, I didn’t like being abused and taken advantage of. Then, I saw that I wasn’t METABANK’s first; they had done the same thing to people over and over again. METABANK kept me from my own money… and this is why I believe that METABANK is the originator of the post at
Because of that I believe that the person who may have posted it is the one who actually created the faulty internal structures at METABANK which are the real source of the problem for consumers. So someone at the director or management level appears to have written this post at
This is a threat (by META BANK),and  a dare… This isn’t the kind of place that I want to do business… not if all they know how to do is to try to intimidate people and to lie to their own customer base
The purpose is to confuse the public about who is working to protect consumers by explaining what they don’t like about what they see METABANK doing

It would have been META BANK who no doubt would have created a non-friendly  consumer scenario mentioned in the post at Typical of METABANK is to lie and to try to push the blame around.

Perhaps one consumer actually believed the lie that same old tired out lie that METABANK has been using all along that they didn’t cause this problem. Yeah, METABANK did cause this problem.

META BANK’s modus operandi is to do business in the manner  used by the Mafia, I have experienced. Except that the Mafia may have some kind of an honor code by which they operate… METABANK is simply stated not consumer friendly.


Or perhaps META BANK’s customer service is more like that of a “Bookie” that we thought only existed in those old B&W movies?

A bookie is “A person who will take your money off of you, and encourage you to come back for more.” That sure describes META BANK tactics.


And METABANK seems to be at it again…

…Iowa is in the USA. Was that intended to be a joke? It isn’t funny. Game playing also isn’t getting problems solved. Consumers want and need genuine solutions… What is it that METABANK doesn’t get about that???????

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