METABANK is working behind the scenes to scam the general public through a partnership with a third party

Agent Banks

The Simplexes™ Suite

  • Gift Card
  • Travel Card
  • Reloadable Card
  • Youth Card
  • Large Order Service     ( Please avoid all of the things listed in the column at the left under the category of  “The Simplexes™ Suite”… this is where you hand over control of your company’s finances to an outside collections agency, METABANK, and they begin to abuse your customer base, most likely without your knowledge because METABANK will be feeding you an on-going sales pitch that sounds good. METABANK basically “wines and dines” the people who can push their product for them… Yeah, they make a sucker out of you.)

“Payment Solutions Made Simple” is coded wording that MetaBank is nothing more than a collection agency….

… METABANK doesn’t understand customer service

nor the principles behind banking

nor the concept of real customer service

nor how to treat others, especially a customer base with respect that will allow an entity that uses METABANK to grow and to succeed.

Please be warned!!!! Do not partner with METABANK.

METABANK will run your company into the ground.

Payment Solutions Made Simple

Our Simplexes™ prepaid product suite gives you the opportunity to offer advanced Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover® branded payment solutions to your customers, reach non-customers and significantly increase foot traffic. Plus we’ll give you the tools and support to manage and market them.  (This is publicity and publicity is what METABANK is best at doing.)

Fast and flexible. Reach your market and expand your offering by adding prepaid without a costly and time-consuming investment in infrastructure. We’ll have your program up and running in as little as 21 days. (It is the same program that has been used and brought customer complaints for years. Why would any company that wishes to thrive use a program that has proven itself to do nothing more than scam the partner company’s customer base and run off long standing customers.)

Your financial institution will be able to offer Gift, Reloadable, Travel and Youth Card solutions to your customers. We also offer a Large Order Gift Card solution that’s ideal for commercial customers for holiday, bonus, and incentive programs. (Gift Cards are a nightmare for consumers. Certainly what is bad for the customer base will only drive away customers from the partner company.)


We understand your business needs may be unique. We have the experience to tailor a program to your size, location and demographics. (But what METABANK is offering is a collections agency that has been used to drive away the customer base. Because METABANK only understands collections, they will not build your customer base. METABANK will drive off your customer base.)


We focus on compliance and legislation so you can focus on your business. (It is true!!! METABANK has gained a financial stronghold and money stockpile from their beginnings as a bank for the underbanked. The most financially vulnerable people in our society have provided their life savings to make METABANK a money power. METABANK has hired RUPLI, D.C. Lobbyists, to push legislation that allows METABANK to continue and increase their scam and huge financial gain on the general public… What META BANK does is immoral, but they have made themselves rich and powerful to get their way… This doesn’t make them a company anyone would want to be associated with. On the contrary, META BANK should be avoided both by partner companies and by consumers.)

Our company is completely PCI compliant and our commitment to security sets the standard. Rest easy and see why our Simplexes suite is so easy to operate.  (PCI = Security Standards Council… Most likely, Meta Bank also controls the guidelines of the PCI. Still, META BANK is not consumer friendly. META BANK lies to their customer base. This lying will drive away quality customers.)

Serving You

Our proprietary web-based platform makes it easy for you to order plastics, activate and reload cards, and manage your inventory from any computer with Internet access. The program website includes user-friendly tools that make it easy to manage your program, whether you have one location, 100 locations, or more.

We also provide one-stop online access to a wide variety of seasonal and year-round marketing materials, many of which can be customized with your logo. Choose from eye-catching card carriers, posters, countertop displays, window clings, statement stuffers, web banner ads and media kits. We update the selection frequently, so it’s easy to keep your marketing campaigns fresh. Media kit templates are available so you can easily create and customize your own marketing materials.(As the partner company for METABANK this may seem like a dream come true, but what METABANK will not simplify your life. META BANK will take over your financial control and you will be losing customers and your customer base while METABANK lies to you too. META BANK will give the appearance of serving you, but all that they want is control of your customer accounts and then they will worry and badger your customer base until you lose all of them. You won’t know it because you will be given a similar looking product that works, but your customer base will get cards with a different series of numbers that METABANK will use “to put the screws on” and drive away your customer base.)

Meta’s Business Resource Team provides program support that starts with our step-by-step Full Circle Training implementation process that includes a welcome kit and live webinar training for your program administrator. We also include extensive online resources, ongoing support via email and a toll-free telephone line.(Your customer base will not be treated well though because METABANK is a collections Agency without scruples. All that METABANK wants is their profit from this partnership with you. You will be left without a customer base; your good name will be ruined.)

We have one of the most reliable networks in the industry moving over a billion dollars seamlessly every month. Even during high traffic times like holidays, we use only a fraction of our network capacity. So when your customer needs to activate a card, make a transaction, check a balance, or get other information, you can be sure it works, every time. (It really won’t make your life easier to partner with METABANK)

We combine our expanding lineup of innovative products with reliable knowledge, personalized assistance and flexible retail pricing, creating a simple way to build customer loyalty and reach new prospects.

(Innovative Products is pretty much “being one step ahead of the law” if you are thinking of partnering with METABANK. METABANK simply changes the names of their product line, but offers only the same identical service they always have to your customer base. The personalized assistance means that the partner company will be treated one way and your customer base will be abused for METABANK’s profit, not  yours because your customers will be driven away. “Customer Loyalty” in the case of METABANK is not based on a real and genuine service oriented that grows from better customer service; it is a form of forcing the customer to come bank through empty promises. METABANK is best at doing publicity and this is what you see above in the black print, but METABANK is nothing but a collections agency without scruples.)

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