Here’s your opportunity [ opportunity for METABANK to use innocent employees to do their dirtiest work]  to put your talents to work in the quickly changing [Why is this industry changing? How is it changing and for what reasons???] financial industry. MetaBank and Meta Payment Systems (a division of MetaBank) are seeking

        • talented, [ Really talented people should run fast and far away from METABANK]
        • self-motivated technology, [ self-motivated technology means what exactly??? Is this referring to DATA DRIVEN?]
        • information systems [ information systems… What does this really mean in a bank?]
        • and business professionals  [If only METABANK operated in a professional manner!!!! But they don’t.]

to become a part of our fast-growing team.

[One of METABANK’s employees was convicted for embezzlement, but it wasn’t METABANK through their annual audit or through the supervisor for that employee who discovered that she was embezzling. She said that she had been instructed to move funds from one CD into another CD. The other banks who had been selling the METABANK product discovered this problem… This problem is in many ways parallel to the customer serve we encountered using the METABANK prepaid card. METABANK appears to push the blame around and to have a need to find blame; that is how they have created their fast-paced, innovative system. Most of us would call this fraud, a “white collar crime”….. Fast growing team? Ha!!! METABANK should have been doing annual audits and that employee’s supervisor should have picked up on any embezzlement within their bank, but they didn’t… METABANK says they will change the rules without warning or notice to customers. The changes will happen and the customer will suffer while METABANK makes a lot of money off of an innocent person. This is by design, and there is nothing worthy of praise to be found in the way that METABANK actually does business… Fancy words that are empty of real meaning and that amount to being nothing but buzz words, without any genuine customer service that is really useful to customers. Customer complaints are abundant. How has METABANK stayed in business for so long????]

If you enjoy a challenge and thrive in a fast-paced, progressive, innovative culture with a company who is on the leading edge of the financial industry, we’d like to talk to you about joining our team.

[I question what the term progressive means to the CEOs of METABANK given their personal track history of awful customer service….

…… Also look at the term “innovative culture”.  This isn’t about “proven” and “tried and true” methods; customers complaints indicate that they have been scammed over and over again.

What makes the  need to be fast-paced and why does METABANK value fast-paced?

METABANK devotes far too much energy scamming their customer base and partner companies who METABANK uses to push their product.

“Innovative Culture” fails to indicate any awareness of the real needs of consumers; METABANK fails to indicate why they feel they need to be an “innovative culture”.

From a consumer’s perspective and based on our previous experience with METABANK’s product, we believe that the term “Innovative Culture” is nothing more than a buzz word. It sounds great. What are the real values behind the operation of METABANK? We have perceived that the CEOs of METABANK have a narcissistic personality disorder.

As consumers, we have found METABANK to be nothing more than a collections agency.

“Leading Edge of the Financial Industry” translates to the Narcissistic personality of the CEOs who think they are “all that and more”. METABANK puts out an awful product, but that product makes METABANK CEOs rich; they don’t care that their gain is at the expense of ordinary citizens.

METABANK is a bank that serves the underbanked, but this isn’t a noble pursuit; it is a gimmick to make the METABANK CEOs really rich and then even richer than really rich….

….The average employee of METABANK earns below the poverty level…. This is just publicity to get employees to do their dirty work.

Honesty and integrity as necessary  attributes for METABANK employees isn’t required. Who would want to work in a bank that didn’t require those two traits above all other traits… Investors, pay close attention!!!]

To learn more about career opportunites, click here.[ You would have to be desperate to seek employment at METABANK]

Meta Financial Group is an Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer


The Rise of the Data-Driven Economy:                                                     Implications for Growth and Policy

  • Economic impact of privacy regulations: What are the implications of the U.S. vs the European approach? Corporate responsibility and the data-driven economy: What is the importance of ethical data stewardship?
  • Internet freedom and governance in the data-driven economy: What are the economic and political implications? [METABANK has abused the data-driven economy. METABANK has distanced themselves from having direct contact with their customers. We believe that this enables them to depersonalize their customer base. ]Will changing the Internet governance structure have a negative economic impact? What is the link between Internet ‘free trade’ and Internet ‘free speech,’ if any? [METABANK markets primarily via the internet, but it is nothing but an abuse of consumers.]
  • Inequality and global competitiveness in the data driven economy: Does the data-driven economy increase or decrease global inequality? [METABANK CEOs are making huge annual incomes. Even their own entry level employees earn at the poverty level… METABANK by design was created to increase the gap  between the rich and the working poor… METABANK has no apparent moral compass that is genuine. Publicity sounds plausible, but there is nothing acceptable about METABANK’s internal practices.]
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