PayPower Visa Prepaid Card, a Creation by META FINANCIAL SYSTEM/CASH to be avoided

Testing a New Prepaid Card: PayPower VISA

June 28th, 2012

I am now the owner of a PayPower Visa prepaid card. For the next few weeks I am going to test it out and see how much it actually costs to operate the card.  [ What did you find out????]

The card is issued by MetaBank. It loads through the ReLoadit network. [Reloadit network is yet another part of META FINANCIAL SERVICES.]

In North Carolina, that generally means that reloads are purchased for $3.95 at any local Food Lion grocery store. [ You are charged money so that you can give META FINANCIAL SYSTEMS full control of your cash money. Why would you do this?] There are five Food Lions within five miles of my house. I purchased the card at the original Food Lion Number One on Mahaley Avenue in Salisbury, North Carolina. Incidentally, that Food Lion is now a North Carolina State Landmark. [ Landmark location at Food Lion… Is Meta Bank an owner of the Food Lion Grocery Store Chain now?]

This card fits within the “regular use” category. While it has a monthly maintenance fee of $5.95, it does not impose any charges for any point-of-sale transaction.[ Monthly maintenance fee so that META FINANCIAL SERVICES – CASH can hold onto your money interest free and they also hold whatever control they may wish over your money… for the consumer, there is little to no real benefit in having a prepaid card. They are not as good as cash.]

There is no replacement fee – which is highly unusual – and there is no charge to speak with a human being through their customer service program. [ How will you be treated when you need to phone? Put on hold? Told lies? Passed from one representative to another without getting your problem in using META FINANCIAL SYSTEMS resolved is the experience that I encountered… Difficult to believe that META would change who they are just for me…. oh, yeah, they didn’t change anything for me. META kept lying to me…. Biggest scam ever. Consumers be warned to steer clear of this bank, payment systems, financial service.]

It does have high fees for the use of ATMs. [ All ATM’s???] Each ATM withdrawal costs $1.95 and each balance inquiry is another fifty cents. Additionally, it will be likely that most ATM owners will levy their own fee. The card does not charge for an online purchase or for an electronic bill payment. Notably,  neither of those free services would be disclosed in the standard CFSI disclosure box.

I like the card’s handy ReLoadit network store locator. [ But in practice does this work and is it helpful?] That function is offered through the PayPower web site. [ PayPower Website created by META BANK?]

I do not like that there is no indication of where I can use a surcharge-free ATM. Perhaps that means that there is no such network. If that is the case, then this could be very expensive card. Moreover, there seems to be no communication on the website or on the card packaging to indicate if there is no relationship  offered to a surcharge-free ATM network.[ So these cards are confusing from the start. META BANK has always kept the right to change the rules at any time with out notifying customers… The way that METABANK/META FINANCIAL SERVICES does business is that of being a major scam of the consumer base.]

My customer service agent was helpful. “That information about the ATM network is not available on the card packaging,” he said. [ How will this information become available to you as a customer then?]


PayPower Visa
June 28, 2012

Thank you for sharing! Let us know if there is something that we can assist you with.

September 17, 2012

The advantage really lies on how quickly the application can be given a turnover to you. [ How does that work?]

Paypower VISA is ideal for visitors based with us visa application.

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