“Easy Payment Plan!?” -“You just leave your checkbook and we take care of the rest!”

METABANK’s Modus Operandi is summed up in the cartoon below:


Ziggy sees the situation that I have found as a consumer in using the services of METABANK/METAPAYMENT Systems

Monday, November 19

And this is what the prepaid bank cards are all about. You hand your cash money over to some anonymous entity and often online with METABANK… they never see your face nor you theirs… (This lack of face to face contact makes it easier for them to depersonalize you as their customer base, i.e. ponzi scheme… in fact that is how METABANK got into so much trouble with their CD’s. They only took money out of one CD to put it into another… It was a ponzi scheme in the true sense of being a ponzi scheme.)

Then METABANK uses your cash money to earn interest for themselves. (The CEOs of METABANK have assets that go far beyond the range of a normal income, I have observed.)

Now METABANK puts a spin on their practices. As the customer, you have been told that these prepaid cards are better than cash… that is nothing but a gimmick to get you to give them your hard earned cash. METABANK limits and has been limiting how much money customers can access in any given time period…

..So by using a PREPAID BANK CARD, you are giving up all control of your own money to a total stranger who already has more money than God… As the consumer of METABANK’s prepaid bank card, you have been duped, tricked into using METABANK’s services through a series of false promises.

Given that they never can come through in any kind of a consistent way and that Meta Bank is abusive of their customer base, I question whether what METABANK is doing is legal within the current guidelines/laws that already exist. What METABANK is doing with those prepaid cards is to scam the average person out of their own hard earned money; this is usury and a form of predatory practice. METABANK customers aren’t given clear and accurate information in a usable format, i.e “Read the fine print, all 50 pages of it” may be a scam in and of itself for the general customer who is not versed in any kind of legal language

As their customer you will be put on hold forever and then passed from person to person. The METABANK representatives spend an inordinate amount of effort in not making their customer base happy and in not meeting their own customer’s needs.

Why? There is far more going on within METABANK than what may seem to be  when one views their online advertisements. METABANK is only out to serve their own needs to obtain more money.

When will they ( METABANK’s CEOs) ever be satisfied? The income of the METABANK’s CEOs is outrageously high, especially when you consider that they established themselves to “serve” the underbanked or unbanked which would be the most economically vulnerable citizens anywhere and everywhere. Misleading promises and lying to your own customer base! Why would anyone bank with METABANK?


Yesterday while having lunch with some friends, we discussed banking in the United States. These would be ordinary people just like me. They are so tired of the way that we are being treated by banks like METABANK.

That cartoon published on November 19, 2012 only reflects what all of us are seeing going on in our world. None of us are rocket scientists nor Rhodes Scholars, but the scam is obvious to the general public and we don’t like it. My friends explained the actions they had already taken to ameliorate the situation for themselves… this may explain why METABANK tries to remain faceless  and hidden in Iowa someplace… trust me you would respond and make changes if those people could actually meet you face to face.

Although, I wonder if you would lie so boldly in person? …. most likely you may not even recognize that you are lying to your customers if you have done this all of your life and have surrounded yourself with people who also buy into the practice of tricking consumers as being the only way to succeed…

…. but if you could only see the misery that you have caused hard-working people… The METABANK prepaid card system is designed to be anonymous so you have already taken that into consideration, it would seem, and you are avoiding any genuine personal and real contact with humanity… It would be two faced to appear in Storm Lake as one person and in your actions with those others on line to be another person. The good guy and the bad guy sides of the same person that is what we are observing in the way that you treat and have treated us.

The average person needs some genuine reforms in the banking industry…It would be in METABANK’s best interest if they sought to find another way of doing business.. and if METABANK created the real reforms within the banking industry themselves.

Having been badly scammed by METABANK in the past to the point that I feel compelled to warn and to try to protect others, it will be so difficult to be able to ever convince me that any change within METABANK is real or genuine and that it will actually serve their customer base in any real and positive way.

METABANK, the ball is in your court. All that you do leads to your own success or failure; the choice is yours. Speaking on behalf of the general public and someone who saw through those lies that METABANK was telling me and observed that METABANK was only lying to try to push the blame back onto me as the consumer is the place where METABANK needs to start. These are the most offensive practices.

It would be better for you to make these changes because both sides will benefit. The concept that there must be a winner and that the winner takes all, which is the premise that seems to be the basis for all of METABANK’s actions cannot continue if you wish to stay in banking at all. Yes, we, as consumers have observed that METABANK moves on to the next patsy using a new card name, but that it is the same old product, and that METABANK has done this with regularity as if knowing that they must keep two steps ahead of the law.

“Fast paced and evolving” are the adjectives that you use for how you go about hiring bank employees. The terms honest and with integrity, I noted, never appeared anywhere in that request for job applications. And yet, this is what I need as a customer anywhere. Repeat business should be coaxed out of customers with gimmicks of all sorts, but because we as the customer feel that our needs have been treated with respect, honesty, integrity and quality service that actually meets our needs.

You are really good at doing publicity, but when it is done as a con or a scam by a flimflammer then it is an immoral act. Perhaps you should leave the banking side behind and simply do the advertisements.

Can you make the necessary changes so you don’t feel you need to hide out in the Mid-west someplace, way off the beaten path? Only you know if you can make the necessary changes, and having been scammed by METABANK previously, it will be impossible for me to believe METABANK’s motives or ability to change,and yet if METABANK wishes to continue even as an advertisement agency you need to make those changes now. These changes will be of benefit to all!


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