Bank Card Tax Refunds Fail Consumers…. Read customers complaints from 2013

Consumers need clear and succinct information about all of the implications that exist for them regarding the use of PREPAID BANK CARDS by METABANK

The real problem is that the banks, especially METABANK the creator of NETSPEND and the partner of TURBOTAX, have created all the rules regarding how their product is applied….

What is most offensive is that METABANK and banks that operate using METABANK’s practices have retained the right to change all the rules at any time. This is hidden in the pages and pages of fine print that follow the parts of the agreement that have been designed, targeted to attract consumers.

If consumers actually had or understood fully the terms they were actually agreeing to, consumers wouldn’t opt into the products offered by METABANK, NETSPEND a subdivision of METABANK, banks that operate using METABANK’s practices, and any of their corporate partners such as TURBOTAX.

Read the recent online post to learn more about how PREPAID BANK CARDS are used to scam consumers. Consumers report the following problems


Recently myself and a few others have filed for our taxes via Turbo Tax which was great but at the end prior to submitting your taxes to the IRS you are ask to sign up for a Pre-paid card to have your taxes deposited on.

This is done if you don’t have a bank account.

Recently my friend received her taxes back on that card she has been waiting desperately to receive her funds in order to pay her bill.

Now that her funds were put on the NetSpend card they are refusing to let her withdraw funds she was told to make multiple withdraws in which she had to pay 6 withdraw fees in the amount of $3.00 each plus she is charged for each withdraw from NetSpend.

When she called and asked if she could go to a bank to withdraw funds from her card they replied with no.

She then asks if she could transfer the money from her NetSpend card to her other card that doesn’t have fee’s they refused.

They replied she could only transfer funds from one NetSpend card to another NetSpend card.

I even called because I was making to sign up for NetSpend myself to receive my taxes to pay my bill and they told me there is a charge to ask questions about funds, deposits, transactions.

This is very frustrating because we worked hard for our money and deserve it.

(This was also my major complaint as a former customer of METABANK. Bank reforms are needed that actually protect consumers. Banks seem to be self-regulating at this time and taking advantage of the chaos that seems to be present in our US Senate and US House of Representatives. Consumers must demand laws that protect us because METABANK and any bank that operates using the same or similar practices are creating misery for consumers. On the other hand if consumers all wrote to all of the proper authorities, we may be able to get the proper controls in place that actually protect us in this downturned economy. The writer of this complaint has been placed in a seriously dangerous economic  situation due to the practices of our banking system. If you think that this can’t happen to you, please think again. You are being studied and you will be marketed to, targeted at your achilles tendon by these banks. Trust us when we tell you that the CEOs of METABANK are making over $700,000.00 in income per year while they are abusing the most vulnerable people. There is absolutely nothing fair nor noble in what banks like METABANK are doing. Hardworking people are being bilked for every penny they have earned through their own labor by banks like METABANK.)

I face eviction, even losing my job if I am not able to withdraw my hard earned money.

Not one time did I read on Turbo Tax that we would be denied withdrawing our money or even transferring it to another card?

This is virtually robbery and we need your help.

I am one step away from losing everything.

How can people do this to another person?

 ( We have been wondering this too!!! How can METABANK,banks like METABANK, NETSPEND and TURBOTAX do this to hardworking  human beings…. American Citizens, you must do more than complain online.)

Response by zr700

  • 3 months ago ( i.e. March 1, 2013)
  • NetSpend doesn’t have a list of ATM’s that they are partnered with that has free withdrawls?

  Response by nextonever

  • 3 months ago ( i.e. March 1, 2013)

That’s my point their virtually robbing you of your money and denying you withdrawing your entire refund.

Every time you withdraw you have the atm fee plus NetSpends fee.

All atms  were I live will only allow you to withdraw $300 with a fee of $3.00 plus the added the cards fee.

You can’t go to a bank to get a cash advance on your card either.

( This is true!!! To get the money off of a prepaid card of some sort that is promoted as a gimmick to get you to opt in to this form of a refund, the bank issuing the prepaid card must do a direct deposit, i.e. that issuing bank has access to all of your very personal financial data…. This makes all of us very vulnerable to unscrupulous banking systems that have time and time again proven themselves to be PREDATORY by their very design.)

Other pre-paid cards allow you to.

( Not necessarily true. There are no laws in place to protect consumers and the banks no longer operate in the traditional sense that we have known banks to be protectors of consumers’ assets on behalf of the consumer.)

Next if you call NetSpend they will charge you .50 Cents for every question you ask about you funds.

(This has been one of our complaints. However, we were told that this had been resolved. Apparently, we were told this prematurely…. Consumers must speak up in important places to people who can change laws so that the laws actually protect us as consumers!!!!!!!)

(Please note that METABANK and the NETWORK BRANDED PREPAID CARD ASSOCIATION in 2009 paid lobbyists in DC more than any other entity in the country or the world, even more than health provider insurance companies paid to lobbyists, to get these prepaid cards on the open market. These prepaid cards are an interest free loan to the bank and awful for consumers. Consumers must contact their elected officials and lobby for themselves because we have been grossly abused for years and years.)

The laws governing banking at this time are inadequate to be able to protect consumers properly….. if you vote, you must also contact your elected officials

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