Companion Cards: yet another spin to the scam of the PREPAID BANK CARD

Some banks charge for putting a second card onto the PREPAID BANK CARD. Others promote the second card as a feature that is unique to their prepaid card.

I took the card, the primary card to re-load it, but META BANK said they weren’t sure which card to reload.

METABANK had broken their own rules governing the account.

The primary card is the one that gets re-loaded, but the secondary card has equal access to the same money.

I gave METABANK the number of the primary card and cash money to re-load the card. The cards must be signed on the bank by the user. No one else can then use the card in theory, but no name appears on the front of the card.

METABANK said that they had reloaded the card that was at home in the drawer that didn’t have my signature on the back of it. They said that my husband and the branch representative had given them the wrong number of the card to re-load.

Let’s think about this: I presented the card and cash money and METABANK didn’t properly load that card.

Once out of the country and finding that the METABANK RELOADABLE BANK CARD wouldn’t work I had minimal cash with me. I did find an internet cafe and I carefully copied the number of the primary reloadable card into an email which I sent back to the USA.

My husband wasn’t the owner of the secondary card and he had no knowledge of where it was placed anyway. METABANK said that he had told them to load the secondary card, but the guidelines per METABANK under which we had signed the agreement with METABANK indicated that both cards would be reloaded at the same time. This was one of the marketing features of the PREPAID BANK CARD to us, but METABANK, and most banks that operate like METABANK retain the right to change the rules without notice. METABANK also indicated that they had changed the rules.

There actually were a lot of flaws in METABANK’s logic. Yes, they were lying to me.

All that I can do is to advise other banks not to imitate the practices of METABANK. These PREPAID BANK CARDS are a major scam being pushed off onto an unsuspecting public as something new and better. The PREPAID BANK CARDS are better for the banks, but not for consumers.

All that I can do is try to advise other consumers that they should use PREPAID BANK CARDS in any format.

I care about the prosperity of others, but not by allowing some of the people to be scammed by unscrupulous practices of banks like METABANK.


If a bank like METABANK must lie to their consumer base, what does that say about Storm Lake, Iowa?

Do the people of Storm Lake, Iowa perceive all the rest of the world to be those Others, people who can be scammed, but not one of us? It is the slippery slope of a form of negative self-talk that permits any entity to take advantage of another simply because they perceive those people to be Others, people just like them in reality, but as not worthy in their minds and their form of self-talk.

There is a lack of humanity and decency in the way that METABANK chooses to operate in the greater world.

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