METABANK, Steve King and Storm Lake, Iowa aren’t what they wish you to think they are:

There’s something special about Storm Lake…something that’s just not seen everywhere else.

It’s a small city with big sophistication.

It’s friendly people, an inviting community, a center for business and a favorite of travelers.

It’s a year-round destination with a fascinating history and a promising future.

[This is publicity, but is it true?]

Perched on the banks of a 3200-acre lake, Storm Lake is one of Iowa’s richest, most diverse communities.

It has positioned itself not only as one of Iowa’s premier vacation spots, but a city where business booms.

Small businesses and multinational corporations thrive in this Northwest Iowa city.      [And how is it that multinational corporations thrive there?]                                                          


Storm Lake United is committed to the continuing growth and economic prosperity

of the region. [ The focus is solely on their own growth, it would appear.]

committed to a sound, healthy business and industrial community.


As the single contact for most development projects in the Storm Lake area, we offer financial incentives and development assistance to both established and start-up businesses.

Storm Lake United acts as a clearinghouse for information and resources on development, redevelopment and expansion.

We also act as a liaison between members and State and Federal agencies.


Storm Lake United understands the unique needs of businesses.

We work with them – from project inception to completion –

to explore opportunities,

assemble and combine resources

and create innovative plans and solutions.

Leading Employers in Storm Lake:

Company / Employees / Products & Services

Tyson / 1850 / Pork Processing   [What do the employees of this company say about the quality of their life in Storm Lake, Iowa?]

Sara Lee / 640 /Turkey Processing [Is this the kind of corporate farming that has been heavily criticized by many of Iowa’s farmers?

BVRMC / 426 / Health Care Facility

SL Community School District / 365 / Public School System

Buena Vista University / 325 / Private University

Wal Mart / 300 / Discount Retailer  [Walmart has a long tradition of moving into small towns and of putting locally owned businesses completely out of business… Also the way that Walmart treats their employees has often been criticized.]

Meridian Manufacturing / 180 / Manufacturer of Grain Storage    [ Iowa is a grain producing state so perhaps this industry makes real sense.]

Rembrandt Enterprises / 175 / Egg Processing [ Is this one of those factory farms where the chickens never see the day of light?]

Faith Hope & Charity / 150 / Agency serving Children with Developmental Disabilities

Hy-Vee / 130 / Groceries [ What about the local farmer’s markets? Do they exist as well? Why aren’t they mentioned?   Hy-Vee is a well respected grocery chain: In 1995 Hy-Vee moved its corporate headquarters from Chariton to its current home in West Des Moines, Iowa, while shortening its name to Hy-Vee, Inc. The company still has its primary distribution center in Chariton; a second distribution center is located in Cherokee, Iowa.]

Methodist Manor / 125 / Retirement Community and Nursing Home

Buena Vista County / 130 / Municipal Administration [ Someone needs to maintain the roads.]

King’s Pount Waterpark Resort / 120 / Lodging and Recreation [ Only one hotel???]

City of Storm Lake / 120 / Municipal Administration [ City streets need to be maintained and snow needs to be removed.]

Fareway Stores / 95 / Groceries [Fareway Stores, Inc. is a retail grocery store chain based in Boone, Iowa.]

Resources And Fundings

Through Storm Lake United

The Storm Lake United Revolving Loan Fund offers financial assistance to be used in conjunction with the owner’s equity, commercial loans, and state assistance.

This fund may be used for purchase of land, buildings, construction, remodeling, machinery, and more. Awards may take the form of short term loans, guaranteeing a portion of the commercial financial package, and participation in a loan made by a commercial lender.

Storm Lake Area Development Corp is an Equal Opportunity Provider.


Through Buena Vista County

The County offers “Special Valuation Assessment for Wind Conversion Property” as allowed by Iowa Code Section 427B.26. The county assessor for property tax purposes will assess as follows:

  • For the first assessment year, at zero percent (0%) of the net acquisition cost.
  • For the second through sixth assessment years, at a percent of the net acquisition cost which rate increases by five percent (5%) each assessment year.
  • For the seventh and succeeding assessment years, at thirty percent (30%) of the net acquisition cost.

The County has established a Tax Increment Financing District located in the unincorporated area (Section 7, Providence Twp) adjacent to the Storm Lake Industrial Park.

If a project is approved, taxes pledged by the County could be used for the payment of the principal and interest on loans, advances, bonds issued under the authority of Section 403.9(1) of the Code of Iowa, or indebtedness incurred by the County to finance or refinance in whole or in part projects in the Urban Renewal Area.



Storm Lake, IOWA:


Local Financial Institutions

Citizen’s First National Bank

East Fifth and Lake Avenue
PO Box 1227
Storm Lake, IA 50588


Central Bank

600 Lake Avenue
PO Box 578
Storm Lake, IA 50588


Heritage Bank

215 E. 5th Street
Storm Lake, IA 50588



Fifth and Erie
PO Box 1307
Storm Lake, IA 50588


Northwest Bank

730 Lake Avenue
Storm Lake, IA 50588


Security Trust & Savings Bank

601 Lake Avenue
PO Box 429
Storm Lake, IA 50588



The entrepreneur is tremendously important to the local economy, and Storm Lake United recognizes their role in today’s challenging business climate.

We offer numerous resources – tax incentives, job-training programs and revolving loan funds – to entrepreneurs as they start out.

The Storm Lake United staff can help navigate the often rough waters encountered by start-up businesses, and the membership is an invaluable resource, sharing their experience and expertise with new members.


Contact Angelique with Storm Lake United to discuss the opportunities tailored to start-up business and entrepreneurs.


Storm Lake and Buena Vista County offer a strong, motivated workforce that is enhanced by local 2 and 4 year colleges.

Quality of Life factors are a real plus for your staff as demonstrated in our selection as one of the Nation’s 100 Best Communities for Young People by America’s Promise Alliance in 2008. Lake related activities and other seasonal recreational opportunities abound. Housing costs are modest. Throughout the county, schools utilize the latest technology, enjoy small class sizes, and participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.


Steve King
Steven Arnold “Steve” King is the U.S. Representative for Iowa’s 5th congressional district, serving since 2003.
He is a member of the Republican Party. 
Born: May 28, 1949 (age 63), Storm Lake

Office: Representative (R-IA 4th District) since 2013 ( Steve King has been in office longer than that. He was just re-elected)

Education: Northwest Missouri State University

Spouse: Marilyn King

Steve King: GOP Shouldn’t Try To Win Latino Vote

Because Dems Will Just Give Them ‘Great Big Checks’

The Huffington Post  |  By Nick Wing Posted: 11/29/2012 5:03 pm EST Updated: 11/29/2012 6:25 pm EST

Steve King Gop Latino

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) maintained his hardline immigration stance this week in the face of disconcerting signs for Republicans regarding their recent failure to resonate among Latino voters.

Speaking to radio host Janet Mefferd on Wednesday, King argued that post-election efforts by top Republicans to shift the discussion on immigration reform and Latino outreach were misguided. He said their party could never appeal to Latinos more effectively than Democrats, whom he said would simply be willing to counter them by handing out massive gifts in return for support.

“Whatever we might say we are going to do, reduce the enforcement of the rule of law, waive the rule of law, Democrats will find a way to hand deliver citizenship papers along with a great big check from money borrowed from the Chinese,” King told Mefferd in response to a question about running on a less extreme immigration platform.

(Right Wing Watch first flagged the exchange.)

Earlier in the program, King suggested that Republicans shouldn’t be concerned by the lack of support among Latinos, only 27 percent of whom voted for former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. He claimed instead that Romney lost because of a lack of enthusiasm among white conservatives, and noted that previous Republican candidates had received lower levels of support from Latino voters (though he didn’t mention that they’d lost as well). King also didn’t say anything about demographic trends that show the Latino electorate likely to double in the next 20 years.

King’s remarks resemble those made by Romney earlier this month in diagnosing his own loss. During a call with top donors after the election, he declared that President Barack Obama had achieved victory on a strategy of “giving targeted groups a big gift.” Romney’s comments were largely panned by fellow Republicans.

Steve King wins reelection in Iowa

By Bernie Becker – 11/07/12 12:18 AM ET

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), a conservative firebrand, defeated his Democratic opponent, Christie Vilsack, to punch his ticket back to Washington. King has won 55 percent of the vote with more than 80 percent reporting, CNN says, in a district that leans Republican.

The Iowa congressman has long been one of the more outspoken House Republicans, and is known for his socially conservative stands on issues like abortion and being a hardliner on immigration.
King also strongly opposed the Democratic healthcare overhaul.
But after four terms representing the conservative western part of Iowa, King faced his toughest Democratic challenge this year in Vilsack, whose husband, Tom Vilsack, is President Obama’s Agriculture secretary and was a popular Iowa governor.
Republicans spent money to boost King after Iowa lost a seat in the House and King’s seat became a lighter shade of red in the redistricting process.King also had to beat back criticism from Vilsack over the farm bill after the most recent five-year farm bill expired at the end of September. [What has Steve King done to help new farmers get started?]
The Senate passed a farm bill earlier this year, but the House has yet to pass a measure of its own, and the two chambers have sparred over how to bring relief to farms stricken by drought. [Is Steve King actually looking out for the interests of farmers adequately? Many farmers are aging. So there will be new farmers stepping in to farm in the next 20 years or less. What has Steve KIng done to protect farmland from urban sprawl?]
With a rural district that leans right, Vilsack also avoided some of the social issues, like abortion, that appear to have helped Democrats in more suburban and urban areas.
[I don’t see Steve King being aware of the needs of women in agriculture nor do I see him addressing their needs. And none of us want to deal with one of his biggest campaign contributors:METABANK of Storm Lake, IOWA. META BANK has put their tentacles out far and wide, but as we have experienced their operational design is not customer friendly]



GOP Congressman Warns Of Hurricane Sandy Relief

Aid Going Towards ‘Gucci Bags’

By Adam Peck on Oct 31, 2012 at 9:13 am

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), the tea party darling with a history of anti-minority rhetoric, responded to a question about disaster relief for the estimated 10 million victims of Hurricane Sandy by suggesting that any federal money be carefully disbursed to ensure none of it is spent on “Gucci bags and massage parlors.”

The comment, first flagged by The Huffington Post, came during a debate with his Democratic opponent Christie Vilsack on Tuesday night, as New York City, New Jersey and other communities along the East Coast struggled to put out devastating fires,remove boats and trees from train tracks and rescue hundreds of critical care patients from hospitals that lost power. Radio Iowa provided some context for the remark:

When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in 2005, King voted to immediately send $10.5 billion to the disaster zone, but King balked at a second installment of nearly $52 billion for things like temporary trailer homes and preparing for future disasters.

“Can you imagine in the middle of a disaster to ask for appropriations for mitigating future disasters?” King says. “That’s why I said no on that second round of appropriations for Katrina…because they spent it on Gucci bags and massage parlors and everything you can think of— in addition to what was necessary.”

[Is this kind of a comment believable? I find it very difficult to believe that anyone whose house has been destroyed would go out to buy Gucci bags etc…… This is an inflammatory comment to gain votes. It promotes an environment of fear of the stranger, but it seems to get Steve King re-elected based on a series of lies….. Something may be very wrong in the Iowa Town of Storm Lake. Paranoia seems to be very high and encouraged for the personal gain of some at the expense of reason and common decency toward fellow human beings.]

King was one of just 11 congresspeople to vote against the second round of funding for the city of New Orleans.[So Steve King was afraid of people buying Gucci bags when they had no place to live, no source of income and no way to find food to eat…. This represents a complete lack of empathy for the most vulnerable people in society.]

Early estimates of the damage caused by the storm are as high as $20 billion, and as much as half of that figure may not be covered by insurance companies, leaving states, local municipalities and the federal government responsible for a significant percentage of the cleanup costs.

Since the tea party swept into Congress in 2010, Republicans have repeatedlyattempted to block federal disaster aid unless Democrats agree to spending cuts elsewhere in the federal budget. And Rep. King defended his vote against Katrina relief, calling it one of his proudest votes in Congress.

Vilsack responded to King’s comment, calling it “heartless.”



GOP Congressman Relied On Millions In Government

Contracts To Build His Company

By Aviva Shen on Oct 23, 2012 at 5:32 pm

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has enthusiastically embraced the Romney campaign myth that Obama attributes businesses’ success to government, exemplified by the RNC slogan “We Built It.” When it comes to his own construction business, however, it seems that King did not in fact build it. Salon reports that the construction company King prides himself on building “up from one bulldozer” was in fact sustained by more than $1.66 million in government contracts between 1994 and 2011:

But, as King now acknowledges, government contracts were a key part of his business going back some time. In 1987, he sued a client who had not paid him. An affidavit King filed includes a letter the future congressman sent to a customer in 1985 requesting payment. Explaining his urgency, King wrote at the time, “as you are aware, we are in a very depressed farm economy and my only other market for my works is contract work from various government agencies.” [Here it is from out of Steve King’s own mouth…. then later he denies he used or even asked for these funds… or he perceives that he is entitled but others aren’t.]

Documents show that King’s company worked regularly for various local governments throughout the 1990s and 2000s. In 1994, he demolished a firehouse for the City of Odebolt for $15,500. In 1998, he took about $82,000 from the same city for a memorial walk. In 2002, the company made $64,000 from Crawford County to stabilize a building, followed a few months later by a $141,000 contract with the City of Battle Creek for wastewater treatment improvements.

The next year, King was elected to Congress and his son took over the company, taking in at least 10 other municipal contracts through 2011 worth up to $200,000 each for everything from road construction to water treatment improvements.

Altogether, from the firehouse demolition in 1994 to through a grading job for a local utility last year, King Construction made at least $1,665,000 in government contracts.

When asked about his company and its substantial government assistance, King told Salon, “I built it. I built it on low-bid — both private and public — contracts. I created jobs and saved the taxpayers money on every road I built.”

[King is misrepresenting where his income came from. This is lying so that he can get votes. It is all about his need to win at all costs and without regard to the truth.]

King is just the latest Republican whose anti-government rhetoric is tripped up by a personal experience of how important government assistance can be to business owners.

Even vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) family business reliedon government contracts, while almost every small business featured by the Romney campaign has had some financial help from the government.


Storm Lake, Iowa wants your business: ” Storm Lake United is committed to the continuing growth and economic prosperity of the region.”  Not the USA

The mindset that I am reading above is erroneous because if the US Economy is bad, then their local economy will also ultimately fail. Iowa has some of the best farmland in the USA and perhaps the world. Why isn’t Storm Lake working to promote agriculture and opportunities for entry level farmers who may not have been brought up as farmers?

If a community surrounds themselves with powerful but ego-centric movers and shakers, even that community will eventually discover that those ego-centric movers and shakers are out to make money, more and more money at the expense of the community.

Storm Lake, IOWA boasts that they have some of the wealthiest people living there. We have discovered that META BANK has gained vast sums based on the misery they have caused others, innocent people they have duped.

Steve King seems to be “talking out of both sides of his mouth.” Since Steve King is  saying different things to different people about the same subject at different times, contradicting himself, exposing his own lies, how can we trust him when we know he talks out of both sides of his mouth?

I do not find in practice much that is wholesome about what I have seen coming out of Storm Lake, IOWA.

METABANK fails to serve their customers even in a humane way.

Customers have complained about METABANK over a period of years

and METABANK has completely failed to create a new action plan.

METABANK appears to believe that they can only be successful by taking

advantage of others, by misleading potential business partners who they

will get to provide METABANK with a new customer base just so they can

do the same old scam on a new batch of sucker customers.

Trust me, no one likes to be the sucker, and to succeed in business, it isn’t necessary to take advantage of others. Genuine success that is sustainable will only happen when what is practiced serves both sides in the agreement, and META BANK has failed to comprehend this.

Steve King, who received a large campaign donation from METABANK,  

misleads his constituent voters by giving them random thoughts to

provoke a sense of fear…. Gucci bags, please spare us from such blatant

misrepresentations and character defamations for ordinary people who

were in great need.


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