“DD” gets an “F” Grade for META BANK

AccountNow Metabank Don’t bank

much less direct deposit with this company Internet


I have had this account for close to a year, never had a problem with this company until now. I had my federal refund direct deposited into this account because the web site stated in so many words ” Have your refund faster by direct deposit” they also sent information to my home address.


On the date of my deposit January 30, 2009 I checked with the IRS and they stated that they deposited my check on that day. Well, as I proceeded to check my balance it stated that I didn’t have anything in my account and no deposits were pending. [Wow, that is really bad on the part of the bank.]


By this time I was extremely mad, I call AccountNow and they stated that the system rejected the deposit because it was too much and it was electronically sent back to the IRS... Who have heard of such. I proceeded to call the IRS to see if they have received my money, they stated no. When and if they receive it I would be issued a paper check.[They sent this person’s money back to the IRS without contacting the customer!!! That is awful!!! It is also really stupid.]


It is now Feb 10,2009 11 days, 7 business days and no one knows where my money is. I am so upset right now I have bills that need to be paid and medicine to get. This company has truly mess me up, I will tell this every where I go If you know of anyone who is trying to get an account with this company tell them NO,NO, NO.

[This is just like the experience of so many other people. META BANK lost this person’s $6,000.00    – That is really bad customer service, really, really bad!!!]

I wish someone had told me that. This company needs to be put out of business I will be contacting the FTC, BBB, and the Attorney General for this company.






#1 Employee

i apologize [ The letter that follows indicates that the employee doesn’t understand what an apology actually is.]

AUTHOR: Itsasecret – San Ramon (U.S.A.)

SUBMITTED: Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i apologize about the issue you are having.In our terms and conditions it states the dd limit is $6000 .If your refund was kicked back it was because your refund was over the limit.


I re-read this response several times. “It states that the DD limit is $6,000. If your refund was kicked back it was because your REFUND was over the limit.”


Basically, the customer was prevented from getting their IRS TAX REFUND DEPOSITED DIRECTLY  into their own account. They had over paid their taxes and they were entitled to  the IRS REFUND. NETSPEND/META BANK/ACCOUNT NOW in their own publicity indicate that customers will get their TAX REFUND quicker by using their services  and their PREPAID BANK CARD which gives META BANK an interest free loan of their client’s money. The problems often seem to suddenly come up when the amounts of cash deposited are larger, such as $6,000.00 in this case.


Then META BANK/NETSPEND/ACCOUNT NOW hunts out every rule they can find to make it apply to their advantage.


I have never seen that in the terms about the “DD limit for large deposits”, but the bank’s pages of regulations go on and on for pages and pages. Then one page links the consumer to another page and it is impossible to know what is genuinely significant and what isn’t. The META BANK pages are filled with extraneous and misleading information that is no more than publicity dressed up to look like real information. The bottom line is that META BANK isn’t reputable in they way they choose to conduct their business. 


Notice the use of the term “dd” and that the author of the bank’s response has chosen the name “itsasecret”… Customers have to pay to talk to META BANK using this service many times.


How many people in their everyday lives use the term “dd”? If they don’t work in a bank that encourages direct deposits.


I still suspect that RIPPED OFF has been created or paid for by META BANK itself.

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