Have you ever wondered what prompted you to get a PREPAID DEBIT BANK CARD?
Then found out that they are filled with empty promises. METABANK is great at doing publicity, but the publicity promises a product that METABANK has no intention of actually providing.
Those promises that were so clouded, but filled with promises of what you thought you were seeking. Those METABANK PREPAID CARDS gave you a sense that by using a METABANK PREPAID CARD that your hard earned cash money would be safer and more secure… After all, that is one of the first things listed on the METABANK Website.
The promise of protecting our cash money is usurped by banks like METABANK and by METABANK when we get their card.
Just the opposite happens.
We end up giving up all the control of our own money to an anonymous entity such as METABANK.
METABANK keeps their customers at a distance. Phone calls cost the customer money. Phone calls, if you can get through, result in no form of problem solving. Phone calls may be your first experience with METABANK where you perceive what METABANK actually is all about.
METABANK is nothing more than a collections agency.
METABANK uses a third party to promote and sell their product for them.
PREPAIDCARDS are an interest free loan to METABANK, but you as their customer are charged an added fee to activate the card. The card has an expiration date; this means that all of the money you put on the card will be totally absorbed by the bank.
METABANK issues two cards per an account, but this is part of their scam. Both cards are to be re-loaded simultaneously. When  I re-loaded my METABANK CARD, METABANK took my money and didn’t load either card. They said they had loaded the other card because I hadn’t been clear. Trust me, I had been clear about which card was to be re-loaded. Per the original terms of the card, the one I was trying to re-load was the loadable card.
Banks limit how much a customer can spend in one day from their PREPAID BANK CARDS. This also removes from the customer all of the control of their own assets…. so that the customers’ money serve METABANK and banks like it, but not the customer.
Keep all the control of your own cash money for yourself.
The Prepaid Card may have some components that could be okay, but because METABANK chose to scam and to abuse us so voraciously while we were their customer, we cannot recommend PREPAID BANK CARDS, the NBPCA, or any product put out and managed by METABANK.
Partner companies that promote the METABANK PREPAID CARDS will lose all of their customer base.
Investors, have you really made the money from your investment you think you have? If you went to sell your shares of METABANK Stock, we wonder what that experience would be like?
METABANK wants to keep themselves separated from having a face to face encounter with their customer base. They know they are scamming their customers and that it will be easier to do via phone…. Don’t bank with METABANK.
METABANK isn’t a bank in the conventional sense. METABANK intends to scam their customer base for their own personal gain. However, those entry level employees of METABANK don’t even make a salary that would put them above the poverty level. They are being asked to do the dirty work for METABANK while the METABANK CEOs make annual salaries of over $700,000.00…. Yes, that is income for one CEO at METABANK per year.
The CEOs have “a winner take all” mentality along with a thought process that “All is fair in love and war, we lick them or we trick them” so that METABANK creates their own rules and retains the right to change the rules at anytime without notice to their customers. Driven by a thought process which prompts METABANK CEOs to believe that competitiveness to the extent that “they must win no matter what” is the driving force behind all that they do as a financial system or as a payment system, METABANK fails in the area of being able to serve humanity.
Say “No” to METABANK
Keep all of your own cash money in your control. METABANK isn’t a friend to consumers.
METABANK created an entity that gave them an award for their customer service…. How sick is that??? It is really sick.
All that we can do is to ask for better bank regulations and better enforcement of those bank regulations. METABANK calls themselves a “Thrift Bank” and pats themselves on the back for serving the underbanked or un-banked. Really METABANK operates like a loan shark that preys on the most financially vulnerable people in society. This isn’t a service; METABANK is the biggest scam of our time.
This is a cautionary alert.
Don’t deal with METABANK in any capacity if you really want to protect your assets.
There is nothing noble about METABANK.
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