More Reasons to stop paying using “Plastic Cards”- Don’t Bank With MetaBank

Part 1: Protecting the Environment

USD currency is made out of a mixture of linen and cotton. Both of these materials are natural and sustainable.

On the other hand debit cards and credit cards are made out of …. Credit cards are made of many plastic layers, that are laminated together. The center of the credit card is made from a plastic resin that is known as polyvinyl chloride acetate. The resin is mixed together with other materials, like dyes, and plasticizers to give it the appropriate look and feel. There are many inks and dyes that are used just for the making of credit cards. After all the lamination is done then comes the embossing and the cutting.


Plastic is made of monomers

Organic plastics are polymers, composed of monomers (repeating units). A polymer is a chain of molecules repeated again and again
these monomers will become plastic by addition polymerisation and the monomers are held by weak intramolecular forces and the forces may align themselves in a linear chain or a simple branched chain

Where do monomers come from?

Most monomers come from oil.

Carbon and Hydrogen

Different kinds of monomers produce different kinds of plastics.
All organic plastics include a long backbone of carbon.
Some plastics, such as polystyrene, are composed of monomers that contain only carbon and hydrogen.

Other kinds of plastics are “functionalized” with a wide variety of other kinds of atoms either present in the original monomer, or added later after polymerization.

Most amino acids can be composed entirely from carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen (CHON).
All the other amino acids can be composed of CHON and sulfur.


Today most plastics are made from petrochemicals (crude oil and natural gas), although they can also be produced from corn and other biomasses.
  1. In manufacture from petrochemicals, refineries process crude oil to produce, first, fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, and a number of different lubricants.
  2. Then they spin off a wide variety of other petrochemicals. Some of these other petrochemicals are then used by chemical plants to make a wide variety of products such as fertilizers and plastic resins.
  3. Plastic resins are, in turn, used to produce many different types of plastic.

The majority of what we know as plastic today is made from materials that are extracted from crude oil. Often the same type of crude oil that is used to produce the fuels for cars.

  • There are many other types of polymer, both natural and synthetic: cellulose, starch, silicones, teflon, PVC, etc.
  • Elementally, plastics can contain carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), but also nitrogen (N), chlorine (Cl), fluorine (F), silicon (Si), sulphur (S), and phosphorus (P). The term plastic merely refers to the property of being flexible but firm
Cotton and linen are so eco-friendly and sustainable that using them when made into dollar bills is an ec0-friendly act.
Part 2: Paying using dollar bills is a social activity.
The buyer and seller meet face to face. Many times a bond of mutual respect can be forged from this most basic of human interaction.
Interacting socially on a regular basis is good for keeping perspective and for living a balanced life.
Simply socializing face to face is good for human beings. It is good for our emotional health.
Also it is harder to lie when standing face to face. I said harder, but not impossible.
Part 3 Paying With Cash is better for managing your own money.
#1 You have full control over your own money and how and where it is spent.
#2  As you spend cash money, and as the supply is depleted, you are far more likely to have a much better awareness of your spending patterns
People who need to have “whatever” right now and for whatever reason need instant gratification.
Delayed gratification requires forethought.
You have the power to improve your financial situation
Part 4: METABANK who helped to promote the use of Prepaid Bank Cards abused customers. All you need to do is to read the many, many complaints by former METABANK customers.
Had METABANK treated me fairly and honestly, I never would have noticed the inherent problems with using PREPAID BANK CARDS. Once I was lied to, I wondered about what had happened to other people. I searched on line and I found that many, many people had experienced almost identically horrible treatment at the hands of METABANK.
METABANK calls themselves “fast paced” and “innovative” but this is simply code talk for being “one step ahead of the law.”
METABANK doesn’t care if they get repeat customers or not because there are so many people in the world of whom they can take advantage. METABANK simply moves onto the next unsuspecting bank customer and partner company who will push their faulty cards on their own client base. The METABANK System has nothing to do with improved client/customer service; it has the completely opposite approach


METABANK hasn’t acted a friend.
METABANK has kept former customer’s money from them, their own money by lying to their customers.
All that is left is for me to warn the general public.
Real life experiences are shared through out this blog site. How many do you need to read in order to be convinced that METABANK and their style of banking is  nothing to be admired, copied or imitated by scrupulous banks. METABANK does a lot of patting themselves on the back, but you need to look at what other customers, mostly former customers, tell about their experiences using METABANK.
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