PREPAID BANK CARDS AND THE INTERNET: FBI warning of extortion attempts through “malware” online: consumers helping each other

In this time and place in our shared history, it has become far too easy to be scammed. The over dependance on the computer has contributed to the rise in the forms of scams being perpetrated on Consumers.

The image of the website that the FBI shared of this scam looks so official, but it isn’t. It is a form of extortion.

Now, we are faced with banks that use fraudulent practices and those others who pretend to be government officials. It seems as if we, as consumers, are being attacked from within and from without.

The purpose of this website/blog has been to alert other consumers to fraudulent practices that I encountered using a PREPAID BANK CARD provided and monitored by METABANK. METABANK’s internal practices created a horrible experience, not just for me, but also for many, many other people.

METABANK is one of the creators, that is one of the major creators of the NETWORK BRANDED PREPAID CARD ASSOCIATION which has the status of being a non-profit. How they got that status, I have no idea. Through that NBPCA, METABANK paid Rupli and Associates, DC Lobbyists a great sum of money  to advocate  for the PREPAID BANK CARD.

The consumer puts their money on the prepaid card, after being told that it is safer and better than using cash, but all that it does for the consumer is to give free use of their hard earned money to a total stranger at an unknown bank. METABANK and the NETWORK BRANDED PREPAID CARD ASSOCIATION earn free interest from your money. Many small businesses are charged extra by the banks to accept plastic cards in lieu of money. On the other side of the coin, the PREPAID BANK CARD keeps consumer’s from earning interest from their own money. Some business establishments will not accept a prepaid bank card most likely because of previous problems that they have encountered trying to get their money when someone has paid using such a card. It is a doubly winning situation for the PREPAID CARD PROVIDER.

Now even the crooks of the world have figured out a way to use the PREPAID CARD to their advantage.


Please be forewarned of the following scam that has been able to evolve through our over dependance on the computer and the huge push by banks for these PREPAID BANK CARDS which are referred to below.

METABANK and its partner bank: PAYONEER sold prepaid bank cards to 26 assassins who presented false id’s. I question the moral scruples of METABANK and their practices. METABANK began by serving “the underbanked” or the “underserved in the banking community” – meaning those people who are in the most economically fragile state but who wish to improve their own status. Through misleading promises, METABANK gets them to buy into their PREPAID BANK CARD. It gets even worse when METABANK and any other bank that operates in the same way, when they instruct the customer/consumer to have their salary directly deposited or their government check directly deposited into a “related” checking account at the same bank with the promise that their new credit history will be reported.

METABANK has also courted large corporations in an effort to get them to push their METABANK sponsored PREPAID CARD so when you buy the card initially it may be from a place where you have done business for years. That corporate entity has also been scammed by METABANK because they will be losing customers forever.

The problem is at best an internal management issue for METABANK, but there is every indication that METABANK knows exactly how to make money fore themselves and then more money for themselves by pushing the limits.

The scam below uses a PREPAID BANK CARD. It seems that some kind of trace could and should be placed on the point of origin of the PREPAID BANK CARDS mentioned below:


The IC3 has been made aware of a new Citadel malware platform used to deliver ransomware, named Reveton.

The ransomware lures the victim to a drive-by download website, at which time the ransomware is installed on the user’s computer. Once installed, the computer freezes and a screen is displayed warning the user they have violated United States Federal Law. The message further declares the user’s IP address was identified by the Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section as visiting child pornography and other illegal content.

To unlock their computer the user is instructed to pay a $100 fine to the US Department of Justice, using prepaid money card services. The geographic location of the user’s IP address determines what payment services are offered. In addition to the ransomware, the Citadel malware continues to operate on the compromised computer and can be used to commit online banking and credit card fraud.


This is an attempt to extort money with the additional possibility of the victim’s computer being used to participate in online bank fraud. If you have received this or something similar do not follow payment instructions.

It is suggested that you;

Contact your banking institutions.
File a compaint at

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