METABANK’s Customer Service is lacking: Help Consumers To Get In Place Necessary Changes In Banking That Actually Help Consumers

Account Now Meta Bank

False advertising STAY AWAY

San Ramon, California


  • STAY AWAY from Account Now, they’re LIARS and MORONS, I have a prepaid account with them. They WILL NOT give me my $80 that’s left from $100 I had transferred in to the account from paypal, I have the Account now card Classic card. It states in their info there’s no monthly fee and the Account Now Gold card theirs a $9.95 monthly fee, I get charged that $9.95 monthly fee when their info says monthly fee is free. 

    I have miss placed 2 cards, recently I have found both but they blocked both and WILL NOT unblock them nor will they send me my $80 which I urgently need. 

    They told me despite needing the $80 IMMEDIATELY that I have to wait the 7-10 business days til my 3rd and new card comes, they’re NOT willing to help it ANY way. 

    I can’t close my account with Account now for 7-10 days when this new card comes and I can withdraw the $80, So the $100 I had transferred from paypal to there went down cus of the Monthly fees and $10 charge each time I have had to get a new card because they WILL NOT unblock my card I managed to find. 

    They “CLAIM” they’re better than a bank well I can tell you that’s BS because my bank will send me emergency funds Western Union as long as the funds are in my account, so that tells you right there they’re not better than banks. 

    I figured I’d give them a try a while back, and I wasn’t able to link my paypal account to my bank so I linked it to Account now. 

    My bank doesn’t charge monthly fees, yes they do charge for a new card but WILL NOT block it unless you tell them to.

 Meta Bank makes money when you leave money on those prepaid cards and lose them. To them prevent a consumer from using their prepaid card when it is found is rather bizarre.
Who is making up the rules? It is METABANK who makes and changes the account’s rules without warning, but always to their advantage. METABANK makes money by holding onto consumer’s money and by keeping consumer’s money from them.
Putting consumer’s into an overdraft situation through METABANK’s internal practices is yet another way they seek  to increase their income.
The promise that by using METABANK is safer than using cash is not true for consumers. It is a real money maker for META BANK. This is false advertising. 
There is a definite need for better enforcement and regulations to protect consumer’s from these kinds of unscrupulous treatment by banks using METABANK practices. METABANK regularly sets up training sessions to promote their banking practices to other banks. This also needs to be stopped.
Only you as the consumer can work to get the necessary changes in place. Please contact your elected officials in Washington, D.C. to ask that they work for you and your interests. Real change is needed.
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